TR, or not TR – the UKIP headache.

The present question which is vexing the would-be UKIP successors to the Blues, is:

‘Do we admit into our ranks a man with a background history which we do not like, nor approve of, or do we allow ourselves to remain ‘pigeonholed’ by the ‘elite’ as a ‘fringe’ party?’

                ‘Let him who is without sin among you cast the first stone’

We all of us recognize that party politics is dead in the water, that it’s high time someone came along and gave it a shot just beneath the Plimsoll line.

So, if anyone wants my two-pennyworth, get the man on board, accept that he will likely bring with him 800,000 ordinary men and women, (thinking of the revenue?) who are fed up with lily-livered leadership. If he becomes so obnoxious, then you’ll have to fire him, won’t you? Then, you’ll simply have  proved that you were never out of the ‘elite’ pigeon hole in the first place.

If, with him on board, UKIP obtains for this country what its citizens so badly need, independence of thought and action, then he may just have succeeded where Wat Tyler failed. Who knows, future men/women good and true may even raise a bronze effigy in Parliament Square, or have we forgotten that even Winston Churchill didn’t do it all by himself? ..

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