‘By their fruits you shall know them’ – Matt 7:15-20

I first posted this comment 12 months ago to the day; much of it remains relevant now, as our new ‘super-hero’ [Boris Alexander de Pfeffel Johnson] continues to shuffle the same cards as his predecessor, albeit now with the grudging ‘support’ of many thousands of erstwhile ‘Red Flag’ adherents who have somehow gritted their teeth and put their ‘X’ in the BLUE box.

I take the liberty of posting an exceptional piece by ‘Democracy 17.4’ [WJ] on the total duplicitous mismanagement of our domestic affairs since 23.06.16 –

‘The humbling of a British Prime Minister (Teresa May) continues apace: a sorry chapter in our island story. The myriad excursions to Brussels, cap in hand, are somewhat redolent of the final journey of Caractacus being brought in chains to Rome.

‘The British electorate will never forget or forgive this wretched, ignominious Parliament for such humiliations, as fealty is sworn to the Brussels bureaucrats. And the reckoning at the next General Election will be fearsome to behold.

‘As we at Democracy17.4 have pointed out repeatedly, the EU is our enemy, not our friend. All our representatives were obliged to do was to repeal the 1972 European Communities Act, and sever our subsequent Treaty obligations by serving notice under the Vienna Convention of Treaties. This work was capable of accomplishment on a summer afternoon, after the 2016 referendum, thereby honouring the result to Leave unilaterally.

‘Then, of course, the EU, with a £90 billion trade advantage at stake, would have begged for a trade deal with the U.K. shortly afterwards, as indeed they are likely to do after the 29th March deadline expires. Elementary.

‘The root cause of such endless procrastination has been a fundamental misconception about the nature of the EU. They are empire builders, and Brexit remains a threat to their imperial ambitions; hence their spurious ‘backstop’ idea to lock us into the EU in perpetuity. But they have overplayed their hand, and will no doubt offer a sweetheart deal at the last moment, a sucker’s punch to lock the U.K. in by other means. Certainly, the EU regard our parliamentarians with contempt, as indeed do the British people.

‘The EU, remember, sought to annex the Ukraine by toppling the then Russian President, offering a bribe of 18 billion Euros to join their club; and imposing sanctions on Russia after a peaceful referendum to decide the political future of the Crimea. If Khrushchev, not Putin had been in power, we would have landed in World War III. As it stands today, the EU desire to build its own Army undermines NATO. And who could blame the US if they decided to pull out because other EU countries fail to make adequate contributions?
The EU is an evil force, with its roots in fascism (= control without authority), funded by a Fourth Reich; a source of instability in an unstable world. At Democracy17.4, we will welcome its destruction, paving the way for bilateral trade with individual European countries.

‘Meanwhile, life is getting tougher for our European friends, particularly in France, where civilians are now being shot indiscriminately by police with guns loaded with rubber bullets.’

And people want to REMAIN – tied to a system like that??

(With thanks to Alexander Knox Wylie for a timely reminder)

What’s in a name?

Here’s a controversial one. A leaflet arrived through my letter box this morning – from the ‘Billy Graham Evangelistic Association UK’. It’s addressed to me as their ‘Friend‘, although they DID have my postal address code to get it here, so, I’m assuming they already know what name I go under.

Briefly, the text is rejoicing in the recent development that has allowed ‘them’ [BGEA] to hold a two-day ‘Love Phnom Penh’ festival in that great city. This after the mass genocide which happened in the years between 1975 and 1979. Featured strongly is the theme they promote – “Sharing the truth of the Gospel and the hope found in Jesus Christ is the best ‘gift’ (aha!) you (that’s me) could give to anyone.” Now, whilst I have nothing personally against Franklin Graham, (indeed, I was present at the old Wembley stadium in 1973 when his father Dr Billy, a fine-living man, got very upset with two C & W singers, who wrecked a spirit-filled convention for 73,000 of us by singing a carnal song) I find myself examining true motive here.

The Jewish Carpenter prophesied to his myriad followers [Matt 7:15-24] that there would be many who would go around doing wonderfully persuasive things using his ‘name’ as their ‘authority’, but that these sincere souls would not make Graduation Day, because they ‘never KNEW’ him; they would simply have been working lawlessly. Now, think for a moment, what language did the carpenter speak? If you think it doesn’t matter, then,(not wishing to be offensive, but on the other hand not wanting to remain inoffensive either), you are probably a victim of Vatican Marketing Unlimited and where you attend every week on a Sunday morning is nothing more than a social club.

The carpenter’s name was very effective [Acts 3:6] when his agents used it to help the poor cripple lad who sat outside the ‘social club?’ entrance, and I’m sure THEY didn’t use the wrong NAME. ” Silver and gold have I none, but, in the name of ‘the resurrected Jewish Carpenter’ get up and walk!”

I shall NOT be sending any contribution to Buckhurst Hill IG9 5EX, but I WILL keep going around doing good and helping all the oppressed [Acts 10:38] with the Author’s authority.

“Belay there, Cap’n!!”

The forecast looks set fair, there is much euphoria floating on a fair breeze, the waters seem calmer now, and tickets are selling fast to celebrate a great pleasure cruise.

Departure is planned for a week today, and you will be sailing in a vessel named ‘Britannia’. True, she has been mothballed for a generation, but now she is being refitted as preparations are made for a ‘once in a lifetime’ voyage, and it looks as if the vessel will be heading WEST.

However, a word of caution: I do hope that Captain Johnson ensures that all the holes have been caulked in our vessel, after all, it IS relying on deal (dictionary definition – ‘pine timber, sawn into boards of a standard size’); I seem to remember that the SS Great Britain was towed from the Falkland Islands after she had lain unused for a long time. She made the trip, but then, she was made out of cast iron..

We’ve given the Cap’n some strong stuff to work with, but we wouldn’t want our vessel to discover any leaks on her maiden voyage, would we? If she ain’t caulked, it may be 15th April 1912 all over again.


Keep your eyeball peeled!

It seems that constant change is here to stay: thankfully, these islands have been blessed with a heritage which is the envy of many countries in the wider world. As we have now hesitantly placed our trust in  Boris Alexander de Pfeffel Johnson to finally prise ourselves away from the Brussels EU and all it has surreptitiously led us into, let’s not forget that it is the ‘people’ not the ‘parliament’ which holds sovereignty. Any failure after three + years of dithering and frustrating, will bring about serious repercussions on a par with those in Kennington and Peterloo..

This is a well-used document: the message is as pertinent as ever. Read it, digest it, save it and SHARE it.


Beware the BoJo Bluster

There were hundreds of pages in the Withdrawal Bill which Teresa May attempted to foist off onto us earlier this year. Happily, there were enough MPs sufficiently wide awake to stop the cursed thing in its tracks; indeed, for Ann Widdecombe MP, some 55 years a True Blue, this was her watershed moment, “when the Prime Minister stood up and lied to the House about its content, I knew I had to leave the Party

Whether we are brexhausted or not after three plus years of vacuous vacillating, it does not make it suddenly acceptable for the nation to be bullied into swallowing BoJo’s tarted-up version, just to get some peace and quiet. For, trust me friends, this is the very same deal with a little lipstick added.

As we go to the polls on Thursday, let’s remember – only the Truth will make us FREE. Take a little time to read through the Brexit Party (soon to be renamed ‘The Reform Party’s) Contract with the People, copy attached in pdf below. You will see that this is the only position which makes sense, which makes sure that we can ‘Change Politics for GOOD’

08.12.19 – TBP – Contract – Complete

A Question of Trust

Sunday 8th December 2019

Yesterday was spent on the main street of the local town, talking to passersby, to a backdrop of ‘TO LET’ placards in most of the retail shop premises.

It is clear that our townsfolk, like our nation, are deeply divided and by now very fed up that the greatest ‘democratic’ mandate in UK political history is being subverted.

Sadly, the recurring comment was that “all politicians are liars”, our local representative on the Westminster green leather benches had done very little for the town, and that a radical change must come.

Which is why many up ‘ere in’t north’ are coming to the conclusion that, like him or loathe him, only Nigel Paul Farage is talking any sense. I expect many of us have watched the various ‘leaders’ squirming under the belligerent questioning of television presenters and journalists, you know, the ones who have spent many hours preparing their scripts, ready to tear holes in the prospective ‘johnny-come-lately’ types, whilst keeping their finger on said script – in case they should lose their thread.

How refreshing, then, to hear a man speak who has for 20+ years faced down the Brussels EU and their sycophantic hordes – no notes required. Their is no substitute for experience. As he keeps on telling us ‘Boris’s ‘deal’ is NOT Brexit’

Feel free to download, copy and SHARE the Brexit Party’s Contract with the People below:

08.12.19 – TBP – Contract – Complete

Against the Name

How many times in recent interviews has the leader of the Labour Party dodged the opportunity to make it clear that his doctrine is not against the Jew?

In a nutshell, he won’t say it because such a statement would run plain contrary to what his sponsors believe (or did you think him capable of plotting the overthrow of our democracy single-handedly?)

We should point out to him that, if he is against the Name (Shem = shemitic), then he is also against the bulk of UK voters who respect the Christian faith, which is based on a Jewish Carpenter’s teaching.

Try this one for size:

  • “He is not a Jew who is one (merely) outwardly, neither is true circumcision the one done in the flesh; he/she is a Jew who is one inwardly, and true circumcision is that in the heart – in the spirit, not the law [Romans 2:28-29]

Which also puts a stop to the modern PC nonsense, considering that the one who brings out new life from her body is a ‘wombMAN. For that reason alone I am glad I was trained to stand up when a lady speaks to me, needs a seat on public transport or needs to ‘powder her nose’ halfway through dinner.

Maybe we should be remembering this when we’re at the Ballot Box next Thursday..