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Over the three years from 2016 to 2019, our present UK government has wasted time and achieved nothing. The Tories can never again be trusted. The whole country  can see that corruption, sexual misconduct and self-interest have taken root in the hearts and minds of those who were sent by their voting public to the privileged green benches to speak for them. They are killing democracy.

Happily, there is a better way, at LIVINGSTONES we are fully committed to working in association with the ‘Commonlaw Court‘ – The Harrogate Agenda‘ – and ‘The Brexit Party’. We recommend that you take the time to digest what is being set out in these websites. What you will find is a ‘grown-up’ conversation about actually achieving Brexit, as opposed to just talking about it.

Exposing and removing the cancers of deceit and fraud, repealing legal  trickery and re-establishing a true LOCAL democracy, under Common Law, for freemen/women will, of course, be side benefits once the shackles of European ‘Union’ conspiracy are finally smashed.

Those of you who know this to be common sense will do well to join us here, by writing to:

Us at ‘info@livingstones.uk’ for further details of our work,

THA via ‘info@theharrogateagenda.org.uk’

Common Law Court at https://www.commonlawcourt.com

The Brexit Party (who, once we are free of the EU, has a great deal more to do for the UK), at https://www.thebrexitparty.org/

Thank you for your interest: we look forward to working together!