29.08.19 - EU v Bradbury

           The Great Awakening – hat-tip to Peter Bray for this timely statement

The year 2016 will probably be remembered as the year that changed the world. It started with the British people voting to LEAVE the European Union and finished with the election of Donald. J. Trump. Since then we have witnessed the beginning of what Trump calls “The Great Awakening”. In short, the past four years have seen the deep state establishment doing all it can to overturn the decisions of “we the people” on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Everything from fake news to constitutional buggery most foul; all the antagonists acting under the guise of standing up for democracy when they are trying to do the exact opposite. It can be summed up in the words of Lady Macbeth.    “Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent beneath it.”

Simply put, the deep state/woke establishment’s strategy of project fear, divide and rule, and outright lies has now been laid bare. The idea that our countries (UK and USA) were “democratic” in any meaningful sense of the word was being questioned. It became increasingly clear that the ‘establishment’ has been working against the people. The evil  corruption that has been hidden in the darkness for so long, has been exposed to the light in which it is now being destroyed – as highlighted by the recent UK general election. For the same reason Boris won an epic victory in December, I expect the same for Trump in the presidential election later this year. You cannot condescend to your people and expect to get voted in. The people will reassert their democratic rights in America – as we in Britain did.

We are now entering this so-called ‘transition’ period. I, like many, would have loved to have left the EU on March 29th, 2019 with no-deal; however, in hindsight I think that it would have been folly. It is very easy to get lost in our own hype and ideology, without necessarily seeing the full picture.

On my blog and my YouTube channel, I have written and talked extensively on the incompetence of the civil service and our institutions. If the last four years are anything to go by, they have been working against us every step of the way. Boris had every opportunity upon his election to get Britain out of the EU by the 31st of October. He could have conceded Robin Tilbrook’s case – he didn’t. He could have advised the Queen to withhold Royal Assent from the constitutional abomination that was the ‘Benn Act’ – he didn’t. I therefore believe we are now in this transition period which is important for the public sector. As we retake our place in the world, our institutions do need to be reformed, renewed and restored.

Enjoy the moment, may the blessings of G-d be upon us all. I pray that we bring the country together and move forward in grace and peace. May the bells ring out for freedom and healing.

Here at LIVINGSTONES we remain fully committed to working in association with the ‘Commonlaw Court‘ – The Harrogate Agenda‘ – and ‘The Brexit/Reform Party’. As Peter Bray says, there is much to do here at home, as we become free from the Brussels EU, not least of which will be to show their conspiracy up for what it has consistently been, as the redoubtable Ann Widdecombe recently told them to their faces, quite succinctly – “..cooperation morphed into domination, ‘sovereignty morphed into superstate, which is why Britain is going.”

In all of this, let us not forget ‘Marmite Man’, without whose unfailing efforts, none of this may ever have happened – that is, unless you can show me any other person, RED, BLUE or any other shade of YELLOW, who has tried harder to restore the democracy and national status so crassly given away by John Major and Douglas Hurd on Feb 7th 1992..

Exposing and removing the cancers of deceit and fraud, repealing legal  trickery and re-establishing a true LOCAL democracy, under Common Law, for freemen/women, these remain our objectives, once the shackles of European ‘Union’ conspiracy are finally smashed.

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