Absolutely everything about this ‘Covid’ outbreak has been meticulously planned, and, true to form, it seems the majority of our citizens are swallowing the MSM potion rather than first reading the small print on the bottle. So many have stopped thinking for themselves, cannot be bothered to ‘do your own research‘ as our recently departed friend, Ian R. Crane always used to say.

All the data shows that ‘covid’ is a scam, being run by a small cabal of criminally insane psychopaths who have decided that they are going to be in control of the planet.

The author of the attached publication – a very long and detailed volume of evidence – clearly deserves our thanks. He’s done the research for us, and the least we can do is to download, read, mark, inwardly digest and finally SHARE the warning ..


I have often regretted, in this my later life, not having asked more questions as a youngster, being too much inclined just to accept what my parents knew about family history or current affairs.

Rudyard Kipling wrote ‘them that asks no questions isn’t told a lie‘ but he was talking about ‘class’ deception in ‘A Smuggler’s Song’.

Samuel Johnson wrote in his later life ‘The insolence of wealth will creep out

You may be forgiven for wondering how these two quotes are connected; you can find out by attending the ‘Questioning Science Conference‘ which is planned for July 2021 at a venue in Northamptonshire. It is designed to be a 3-day event, where many questions will be both asked and answered – questions about what is happening in today’s world – answers as to how to live in it – but not of it, as Churchill said about Britain’s position in post-war Europe.

If this is for you, please follow the link below for more information about the event –


In Washington State [WA] – USA the Department of Health has received over one hundred reports of covid-19 in fully vaccinated individuals.

These cases were reported to epidemiologists more than two weeks after the vaccinated individuals received their second dose. Health authorities are now referring to these post vaccination covid-19 positives as “breakthrough cases.” There is clearly no certainty that the two-dose vaccine protocol actually prevents infections, hospitalization or mortality at all, which debunks any scientific rationale currently being used to falsely justify the need for Vaccine Passports – and the widespread segregation of the unvaccinated.

The hospitalization and the mortality rate are both high for covid-19 infected persons who previously accepted the vaccines

Since February 1, 2021, epidemiologists have recorded 102 “breakthrough cases” of covid-19 across 18 counties in WA alone, which begs the question – How are all the other States faring?

A shocking eight percent of those cases were severe and required hospitalization. Two of the individuals, both over the age of 80, passed away from the very infection that the vaccines were supposed to prevent.

In just one month, 1.2 million people were vaccinated in Washington State, even though only 0.01 percent of those vaccinated had actually tested positive for covid-19.

Positivity rates for the general population are generally much higher. However, a shocking eight percent of those people who became infected with covid-19 post vaccination then required hospitalization. Of those, the mortality rate has so far been an appalling two percent.

This state-wide data shows a dismally high hospitalization and mortality RATE for people who get covid-19 AFTER VACCINATION. Moreover, there are likely many more cases of covid-19 infection and similar respiratory infections post vaccination, but these cases are not being recorded as part of this public health pandemic. This is because vaccinated individuals are less likely to take covid tests once they are deemed “protected.”

Additionally, any respiratory infection that mirrors the symptoms of covid-19 is no longer being classified as covid-19, post vaccination. Many of the vaccination sites are replacing covid-19 testing sites, thus naturally reducing the number of positives in these vaccinated populations. Also, those vaccinated individuals are no longer being required to take the tests in order to travel to certain regions.

How many more cases of covid-19 (false or real) would be detected if the ‘vaccinated’ were held to the same testing protocol as the ‘unvaccinated’? The unvaccinated are the ones now being pressured to take the ‘covid’ tests for travel, thus driving up statistically the number of cases for the unvaccinated, no matter if these cases be ‘false positives’, ‘mild infections’ or severe illnesses.

The likelihood of covid-19 positives in the fully vaccinated could well be much higher if they too were required to take the tests like everyone else. The assumption that the vaccinated are perfectly healthy and not spreading infections compared to their peers is a scam designed to perpetrate the introduction and use of Vaccine Passports.

The ‘fully vaccinated’ are getting sick and dying regardless of covid-19 statistics

Similar covid-19 infections, caused by covid-19 variants, are now showing up among those fully vaccinated. The Washington State Department of Health is investigating patterns among these “breakthrough cases.” Health authorities are identifying “covid-19 variants” which infect the fully vaccinated. If vaccines were really intended to work as publicized, how many more doses of vaccine will now be needed in order to put a stop to all these covid-19 ‘variants’?

Perhaps the widespread use of vaccines is putting pressure on such viruses, thus causing more mutations? Do the current covid-19 vaccines put everyone else at risk to new variants? Washington State Secretary of Health, Dr. Umair Shah, is calling for the fully vaccinated to wear masks and avoid other people – which appears to be an open confession that the vaccines do not work. As those fully vaccinated continue to get sick and die, there will soon be nothing left to blame but the vaccines.

Yet the vaccines probably won’t officially get the blame, and prideful public health authorities, supported by baleful career politicians, will continue to call for both Vaccine Passports and mass compliance, thus ensuring the greatest failure of modern science.

The underlying causes of immune system failure, medical fraud, and medical malpractice are apparently being ignored in the push to force endless vaccines on the world.

Let us hope that someone has got Dr Reiner Füllmich’s back, since he seems to be among the few determined to have this Silent Weapon eliminated in the correct way.

With a hat-tip to L J Devon – A Final Warning

Who’s doing YOUR head in??

We are all well aware that this has been a very stressful and bizarre 12 months, but, if you think that there is hope for a future return to ‘normal’ then my advice is – for your own and your family’s sanity and safety – do NOT accept the swab under the pretence that you are being taken there by accepting a PCR test.

Please watch this video clip;


and you make your own conclusions.

For me, this is yet another weapon in the ongoing SWFQW – Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars – and you are very welcome to look up SWFQW as a separate blog, posted here on 24th October 2019.

Please do your own research and STAY SAFE!


It was in the summer of 1987 that I was travelling with some German business colleagues, in a left-hand-drive German-built car through the Ruhrgebiet.

As we passed the Möhne dam, there was a lull in our conversation. For a while, no-one said anything and I was reflecting how, some two years earlier, another English colleague and I, on a similar business trip, had taken the opportunity to walk across the wall of the Möhne dam – just because we could.

On that day, he and I had got our first real grasp of the immense size of the ‘Talsperre’, our minds inevitably linking back to ‘Operation Chastise’ and the daring of those aircrew who had flown so scarily low to pinpoint the detonation of Barnes Wallis’s rolling bombs.

On this day, forty-four years on, one of my passengers finally remarked

“So bad as we Germans were in the war, it was a terrible thing which happened here”

and he went on to relate how he had later spoken with one man whose home had NOT been swept away in the ensuing colossal deluge. I refrained from getting into any debate about the rights and wrongs of obtaining ‘control without authority’ – I simply said, “It was from my father that I first heard the saying ‘Truth is the first casualty in war’” – and I switched the topic.

Today, in April 2021, 34 years further down the time-track, we are all witnesses to another war – codename SWFQW – a Quiet War this one, being fought with Silent Weapons, but a war similarly commenced with neither authority nor scruple, and certainly with little regard to the tremendous suffering which follows wartime arrogance as surely as night follows day.

This time, the conspirators are smugly hidden behind seemingly impregnable walls of enormous wealth: the weaponry is different but the mantra remains the same, brazenly repeat the most ridiculous lies so relentlessly, until the majority of the plebians seem ready to accept the inevitability of it all – if nothing else, through absolute weariness.

Fortunately, now, as in the dark days of World War II, there are those whose spirit is not broken, and there is a certain irony in the concept of it being a German lawyer having the cohones to take on those whom Catherine Austin Fitts, in her video interview ‘PLANET LOCKDOWN’, describes as ‘Mr Global’. (You won’t find that online any more, it’s been taken down).

Today however, there is heartening news that there are cracks appearing in the fortifications of the globalists, and we quote:

Researchers from Norway, Germany and elsewhere have found evidence of a connection between the use of unproven mRNA injections and the sudden incidence of various types of blood clots’.

After umpteen months of mindlessly performing their same dogmatic catchphrase lines to camera the present UK actors have reluctantly had to acknowledge more than two dozen new cases of thrombosis – nine of them fatal – following the jab.’

It seems the dam may finally have been breached. All we can hope for is that those responsible for this continual misinformation are the ones who get swept aside.

Check out the report via the following link.

Confirmed: AstraZeneca Experimental COVID Injection Causes Fatal Blood Clots – Trials with Children Halted – Vaccine Impact