‘Talitha cumi!’

Sometimes we know not how to pray

When doubting flesh obscures the view

Thus hidden, faith is shackled too

And pretty soon we’ve lost our way

But faith, though shrouded, listens still

For that small voice to stir the soul

The Word which says ‘Be strong, stand tall’

To bid us fast and pray and thrill

at what the g-ds will softly say

Lifting the veil, revealing Light

When darkness with the Truth would fight

a single candle wins the day

Mark 5:35-42

‘Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we will remember the Name of the Lord our G-d’ – Those whose faith is not in material things will be supporting the government as they wrestle to lead us through this testing time.  Psalm 20:7

“We’ve got butter!”

Come down between 7am and 8am” they said, a time-slot aimed at helping us owd folk get a fair share of what’s still grabbable, so I did, and arrived at 7.10am – to find 500+ motor vehicles in the parking spaces. Watching the crowds of sprightly ‘seniors‘ (‘I’m shopping for my gran!‘) silently shuffling around in store ‘S‘ last weekend, I was reminded of the days just after the mad Austrian decorator had been dealt with (yes, I AM that old) when my mam sent me to the local shop about fifty yards from our back-to-back. She had sent me for margarine, but the lady behind the counter whispered “Run home, love, tell your mum we’ve got butter!”

Perhaps the time is not far away when we will be issued with Ration Books – after all, it worked well last time around, and, remember, you can always  swap coupons with your neighbour…

The Corona Coincidence

Is our present public panic apropos the pandemic an overreaction or are the nations of the western hemisphere once more being sleepwalked – squeezed – into the mould of the NWO megalomaniacs? I don’t like coincidences, so, when it turns out that the Wuhan source of this critter  comes via premises which just happen to be owned and controlled by the world’s favourite octogenarian, George Soros, then my suspicions are roused.

Friday January 31st 2020, a date written into the history of this proud nation as our ‘Bye bye Brussels EU‘ date, was also the date on which the first two COVID-19 cases were confirmed via the ‘StayCity – Apart’ hotel in Old York UK. Perhaps its release was planned and timed to add fresh impetus to the desperate wriggling of the Brussels bunch, as they try to keep alight the flickering embers of the ‘United States of Europe’ whilst throwing up the now usual ‘demands’ – what is it this time – establishing their own ‘level playing field’ and thereby funneling us into a One World Order? How proud I am to belong to a real nation, made of sterner stuff and better pedigree than the bogus Brussels EU and its phoney ‘citizenship’.

We may assume that a man who has already ploughed US$100m into ‘remainer’ organizations will never stop trying to subvert true local democracy. By the way, have you noticed, we don’t seem to be getting many details of similar cases on the African continent, do we?

I publish again the analysis by Munish Sharma of their fantasy, originally posted in November 2019, but still as relevant now, as then..

15.03.20 – Withdrawal-Agreement Munish Sharma Analysis – Reminder


What is your Name?

If you are, or claim that you are, a ‘Christian’, then you have probably been the victim of the Vatican’s marketing strategy – JC [Jesus Christ].

If you are still putting your ‘X’ in the RED square at the ballot box, then you are definitely a victim of the other JC’s [Jeremy Corbyn’s] marketing strategy – which has now set itself against the Israelis, in favour of the Philistines (sorry, Palestinians).

Should you be in neither category, then you’re very likely a fan of the likes of the deluded Richard Dawkins and that deluded Shrewsbury lad, who was so mad that he couldn’t work out how the world effort got started that he made up his own account.

There was a young lady on Twitter this morning, very upset that one of her own kind was taking exception to the word ‘women’, and was suggesting that, in future, we should all be spelling it ‘womxn’ – perhaps she’s part vixen?? To her, I pointed out that ‘woman’ was originally written as ‘wombman’, and that understanding this simple fact should promptly bring all this PC nonsense to an end.

Now, the adherents of the Vatican system will want us to believe that the virgin who gave birth to their ‘Jesus’ was one of them, a Roaming Catholic. Perhaps they too, don’t want to be associated with the true origins of the JC – [Jewish Carpenter]. I find it extremely hard to figure why anyone would want to align themselves with a system built on falsehood. Just bear in mind that, whilst the Austrian painter & decorator was planning to rid the world of all JCs – [Jewish Citizens], his henchmen were going off to the local Vatican branch and having their newborn ‘christened’ into the Roaming Catholic system.

Please do try on Romans 2: 28-29 for size, and, if it fits, realize that putting any confidence in the Jewish Carpenter’s teachings makes us ALL Jews, which should make a considerable difference to our behaviour.