Not so dead after all?

Well, folks, what are we to make of this, then?

Around 11.15am this morning I watched a video sent to me by a fellow-warrior which suggests that Osama Bin Laden is far from dead, is in fact alive and well in Iran, whose government is said to have extorted $152bn US from the Obama administration as ‘hush money’. I watched a female reporter relate the entire complex allegation to the anchor-man on NEXT NEWS NETWORK. By 12noon the video is UNAVAILABLE on YouTube. This is what we get now…


Cystic Fibrosis breakthrough: Hancock praises Express readers for wonder drug boost Cystic

‘Cystic Fibrosis breakthrough. Matt Hancock praises Daily Express readers for wonder drug ‘Cystic’

Let’s see, this will be the same political ‘party’ which condones the arrest and detention in a French prison, under a bogus European Arrest Warrant [EAW], of David Noakes and Lyn Thyer. Their ‘offence’? developing a proven CURE for many cancers (following 10 years research and refinement) apparently without ‘permission’. Actually, now with an 89% success rate, this serum treatment COULD CURE 120.000 Stage IV tumours annually, at a cost per course of treatment which is only 1/100th of the regular, unsuccessful radio- and chemo-therapy torture meted out by the ‘big pharma’ moguls, PROVIDED that the patient had not first succumbed to the said mis-treatment.

The Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency [MHRA] have influenced our present government to have our two heroes apprehended; BOTH are now languishing in a foul, overcrowded jail, and you may not now purchase this their CURE in the UK (although another supply route remains open).

Please DO write to them both as per the details below:

David Noakes – Prisonnier No 457501, Fleury Merogis, 7, avenue des peupliers, 91705 Saint-Genevieve-des-bois Cedex France

Lyn Thyer – Prisonnier No 456700 MAF (MAF – means Maison d’Arret des Femmes – the detention of female prisoners) otherwise to the same address. They need to know that we have not forgotten them..

Please DO FEEL FREE to SHARE and PUBLICIZE this scandalous injustice.

CORONA – A False Alarm?

I understand that, last weekend, this medical practitioner of German nationality was about to speak publicly at a gathering in London when he was detained and led away in handcuffs from the public area by the Thought Police . They confiscated his laptop. his mobile phone plus a particular paperback book which he had with him. He was kept for 22 hours at a detention facility in Wandsworth , before being finally released without charge. This was his comment outside the building :

” We have been set up in fear about a ‘deadly’ virus. There is no medical pandemic, all the data shows us, there was no more harm than a normal ‘flu”

Now, I have been able to obtain from Amazon the German-language edition of the paperback in question – ‘CORONA FEHLALARM? – [CORONA – A False Flag?] which the Police have retained – ordered Monday, delivered Tuesday.

Oddly, however, if you go onto the Amazon website, the English edition is displayed, and you can place an order for it, but it is not going to be available for delivery until the end of October 2020, even though it must clearly be in stock, if the English-text front cover can be photographed and priced up for sale. You might wonder why that is, or will it become unavailable before next month is out.?

The writers have gone into detail, showing how unreliable the ‘testing’ kits are, how, for example, during one particular patient’s time in hospital (having shown Corona-like symptoms), the doctor in charge of the case systematically tested that patient, not at the end of their stay in hospital but over several days repeatedly, during the observation period, and was getting conflicting results, first test – ‘positive’ – next test ‘negative – next test ‘positive – next test ‘negative’ and so on, which might say a great deal about the reliability and value of such ‘tests’ which our leaders say are to be become compulsory in the UK. It is also clear that the data being released to the sheeple is at variance with the number of persons in Germany who showed symptoms which were then NOT confirmed as being the ‘virus’ – the ratio of persons reportedly infected to those who subsequently died is also very low..

It’s becoming increasingly clear that we are being ‘led by the nose’ as the Germans say, as to the truth about something which is not the Black Death, and which is certainly not serious enough to call for the ‘shut-down’ of the nation, massive international borrowing and the crippling of the economy. This at a time when we have to turn a blind eye to the many hundreds of uninvited arrivals across the English Channel, who seem to be treated far better than our German speaker who was invited, but who’s right to free speech merited not a blanket, a hot drink and hotel accommodation, but a night in the cells.

“A slice of Pi, anyone?”

Fed up of the diet on social media? This might be more to your taste – there is a new digital coin on the block! For full details, please click on the link below: and use my Username “yorkie226” as your invitation code

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After you’ve joined and taken it all in, do SHARE the link with family and friends. I’m sure you realize that we are all being taken into a ‘cashless’ society, remember the motto ‘Fortune favours the bold’.

Below there is a pdf which explains how to go into the ‘Pi Network’. Once you are up and running, if you haven’t already got one for yourself, you will then need to set up a ‘Wallet’ ( a secure online place to store your coinage; it’s not difficult to do that)

Sincerely yours, Andrew Livingstone



Many thousands of us already know what has been happening to the Immuno-Biotech Ltd business (q.v.) over the past five years.

If this is new to some of you, please go to

for the whole story.

This company has been closed down, sale of their product in the UK is prohibited, and its two leading directors are now detained in a French prison without trial, under bogus European Arrest Warrants.

It is now eight weeks since we applied to ‘Government & Parliament’ to publish a petition

‘Secure the speedy release from French custody of Lynda Thyer and David Noakes’

but nothing has been authorized. We need your help here.

If you agree that these good people should be released to carry on their work, then PLEASE send your name, County and email address or telephone number to

PLEASE also write to your local MP to ask where they stand on this issue.  There is a sample letter below: their email address is in the standard Parliament format, similar to this example:       

their Postal Address you will likely already know or can find out easily. Here is a sample letter:

Dear Sir or Madam

Ref: David Noakes and Lyn Thyer

I am keen to talk with you about the two people named here, although. I can see that there is no immediate prospect of us meeting up in our local surgery.
You may already be aware that the company Immuno-BioTech Ltd has worked for ten years to develop a very effective and inexpensive serum cure for many types of cancer.

An excellent team of 27 staff have now been persecuted by the Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency [MHRA], the business has been closed down, the managing director David Noakes has already served time in HMP Wandsworth, essentially for failing first to obtain ‘permission’ to carry out this good work. The company’s accounts have been sequestered and the sale of their product is now banned in the UK.
Both David Noakes and Lyn Thyer are being detained under  European Arrest Warrants [EAW] in the Paris-Fleury-Merogis prison. No charges were yet laid against them.

I now ask that you raise this matter in the House of Commons.

When we consider that HM Government is now in the process of securing our full and final release from all aspects of ECJ control over British subjects, it cannot be justified to support the rendition of these good people against whom no charges have to date been laid.

There is also a link (below) to a presentation made by one of the people who has been most deeply involved in what I can only describe as a travesty of natural justice.

I am asking you to look at these and decide where you stand on this important issue.

Sincerely yours – SIGNATURE

Important: Always sign any letter and give your full name and postal address, otherwise your correspondence will not be acknowledged.