A Question of Trust

Sunday 8th December 2019

Yesterday was spent on the main street of the local town, talking to passersby, to a backdrop of ‘TO LET’ placards in most of the retail shop premises.

It is clear that our townsfolk, like our nation, are deeply divided and by now very fed up that the greatest ‘democratic’ mandate in UK political history is being subverted.

Sadly, the recurring comment was that “all politicians are liars”, our local representative on the Westminster green leather benches had done very little for the town, and that a radical change must come.

Which is why many up ‘ere in’t north’ are coming to the conclusion that, like him or loathe him, only Nigel Paul Farage is talking any sense. I expect many of us have watched the various ‘leaders’ squirming under the belligerent questioning of television presenters and journalists, you know, the ones who have spent many hours preparing their scripts, ready to tear holes in the prospective ‘johnny-come-lately’ types, whilst keeping their finger on said script – in case they should lose their thread.

How refreshing, then, to hear a man speak who has for 20+ years faced down the Brussels EU and their sycophantic hordes – no notes required. Their is no substitute for experience. As he keeps on telling us ‘Boris’s ‘deal’ is NOT Brexit’

Feel free to download, copy and SHARE the Brexit Party’s Contract with the People below:

08.12.19 – TBP – Contract – Complete

Against the Name

How many times in recent interviews has the leader of the Labour Party dodged the opportunity to make it clear that his doctrine is not against the Jew?

In a nutshell, he won’t say it because such a statement would run plain contrary to what his sponsors believe (or did you think him capable of plotting the overthrow of our democracy single-handedly?)

We should point out to him that, if he is against the Name (Shem = shemitic), then he is also against the bulk of UK voters who respect the Christian faith, which is based on a Jewish Carpenter’s teaching.

Try this one for size:

  • “He is not a Jew who is one (merely) outwardly, neither is true circumcision the one done in the flesh; he/she is a Jew who is one inwardly, and true circumcision is that in the heart – in the spirit, not the law [Romans 2:28-29]

Which also puts a stop to the modern PC nonsense, considering that the one who brings out new life from her body is a ‘wombMAN. For that reason alone I am glad I was trained to stand up when a lady speaks to me, needs a seat on public transport or needs to ‘powder her nose’ halfway through dinner.

Maybe we should be remembering this when we’re at the Ballot Box next Thursday..

Fasting Still proves effective!!

Let me tell you a story.

In the 1980s, there was a deluded individual running about in the North of England, hitting women on the head with a hammer, because his god had told him to do it..

Long story short, when one woman was found dead at the end of a local woodyard in my town, we took a chance, asked all the town’s ‘churchgoers’ (no judgment here) to meet in a room which was hired at the (then) Polythechnic, where many turned up, held hands in a sign of unity of purpose and cried out to the g-ds to intervene and stop this man. In my life I have fasted for many things on different occasions, and this was no exception.

After the meet was ended, we wrote to Chief Constable Gregory and demanded that this man be caught. We received a brief response, along the lines of “Thank you for your recent communication, which is receiving attention.” Four days later, in Sheffield, Peter Sutcliffe was detained by two alert officers.

Now, if you are  a skeptic, that was merely coincidence. Suffice it to say, many of us have been fasting and praying, along with Lyn Thyer, so this is Good News. Perhaps now, the electorate will ask which colour party cooperated with the Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency [MHRA] to get this lady arrested on an EAW and sent to France WITHOUT ANY CHARGES being laid against her.

We may just be able to change politics for good and forever..


A Reality Check

Before we all rush off to the Ballot Boxes on Thursday next week, let’s ask ourselves why we would want to support ANY of those present MPs, who, having the privilege to speak for the democratic majority, yet are doing their damnedest to OBSTRUCT the Referendum result . It is the PEOPLE who are SOVEREIGN despite how many time Laura Kuenssberg et al keep insisting that ‘parliament’ is sovereign, it ain’t. There’s only ONE set of PPCs who will do anything about the stalemate… for good and for ever.

Beware the Thought Police!

Good morning, fellow Brexiteers! If you get time, do download the pdf at the foot of this post.

It’s an analysis of the GE 2017 results, with the names of the current 274 Brexit Party PPCs shown alongside their respective constituencies for December 12th. I’ve put it up so that we can each keep a sharp eye on our local constituency, and spot any renegers. There’s a note opposite each of the present 650 incumbents, showing what they were saying about LEAVING, about the dreadful TM Withdrawal ‘deal’, and which of the Tory Blues voted ‘No Confidence‘ in the midst of her struggling and juggling.

Incidentally, I think I may have upset the FB Thought Police . I began sharing the file at 11.15 am and was in ONE weeks’ FB jail by 11.30 am..

You will all know what to do next.

25.11.19 – LUK R – TLD – GE 2019 Analysis – AL

Where is the REAL Canker?

Anyone who regularly follows the work  of Ian R. Crane will be aware about the MHRA-led persecution of the directors of Immuno-BioTech Ltd, and the lengths to which the MHRA has gone to stifle and silence the news about a successful, serous, non-invasive CURE for many cancerous tumours.

In the course of their 10-year commitment to develop the Gc-MAF material, the company had improved and refined their product to the point where it is now possible to CURE up to 120,000 Stage IV tumours per year, showing an 89% success rate.

I would ask readers to look at a comparable situation across in the USA. There is at present a video on YouTube where Robert O. Young has used a successful, non-invasive treatment for a type of Lung Cancer. This man has ALSO been rewarded for his work with  a term of imprisonment. However, as bad as that is, we hear from his testimony before the International Tribunal for Natural Justice [ ITNJ ] that the term of his imprisonment was falsely advertised (via Wikipedia) as having been 3 years and 7 months, whereas, actually, Robert O. Young served only FIVE months in custody??

Now, we might suspect that this (can I call it ‘false flag’) misinformation was not accidental. If not accidental, why is it there for public access? My first reaction is to get both Ian R. Crane and David Noakes, whose cause many have been supporting for several months now, to confirm that the facts about HIS personal detention and that of Lyn Thyer, reported to be presently fasting to her death in a foul French jail, are ACTUALLY true. (Not that I, personally, doubt those statements for a moment) , we need to ask just how deeply has the REAL CANKER of capitalist conspiracy actually penetrated into our Tory-led society.

At a time where we are struggling to extricate our nation from the clutches of Brussels EU, are we actually being asked to put our faith in a government which seems determined to deliberately mislead the electorate? Jeremy Hunt was in charge of the Department of Health when the Crown Persecution Service was allowed to render Lyn Thyer over to French custody under a EUROPEAN ARREST WARRANT – no charges preferred against the lady (guilty until proven innocent applies over here now, which is why she is being held in a French jail, fasting to the death, where her incarceration will not incur national comment or condemnation, since the  French people have long lived under that odious concept). This character Hancock, who has now picked up the reins from HUNT for matters ‘health’, has not exactly gone out of his way to rescind the decision on Lyn Thyer, has he? David Noakes is ALSO awaiting his turn for rendition into French custody.

It really IS time to get that Westmonster swamp dried out, to get our society back onto on solid, reliable rock, away from the EU’s brick by brick BABEL , and to rebuild democracy here where we were once founded upon TRUTH and not on GREED. I wonder which of the present contenders for the keys to number TEN could we trust to make any change for good and forever?

Please do feel free to SHARE this information.

“Direct Democracy and why we need it”

Here are just some of the benefits in having a Direct Democracy. It could save us and the world we live in. None of your presently elected Political representatives will encourage you in this line of thought, so it will be up to all of us to advocate this as much as possible.

  • Direct Democracy will stop interest groups and lobbyists from injecting large sums of money into political parties to suit their own interests.
  • Having people be empowered and making policy choices which best suit the majority rather than the current system where politicians are ‘locked in’ for the next four years.
  • An informed and educated people will make better choices than our present representatives, who are not only out of touch with people’s needs but cater instead  for the Banks and Corporations.
  • Restoring faith and certainty into people’s lives by operating under the purest form of Democracy possible.
  • Collusion with Politicians and the financial groups will cease. Instead, Corporations and Banks will pay their fair share of taxes. For this to succeed we would need Direct Democracy in every country around the world.
  • Climate change and the Earths ‘eco’ system will be better managed and restored.
  • We would also need a new financial system; A Resource Based Economy can replace the current Banking system – [Suggest the ‘Bradbury Pound – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Am1uZ3lpQdw] See also [Alice and The Money Tree by John Briggs] jm.briggs@hotmail.co.uk
  • An emphasis will be put on energy solutions, encouraging energy providers to work towards a sustainable and renewable future or risk being phased out altogether.
  • Wars and the conditions that create wars with their reliance on the current financial system will cease to exist.

Terrorism and the world’s refugee crises can also be eliminated as we shift our focus to providing everyone’s needs instead of catering for the few that profit from wars. [See http://livingstones.blog – SWFQW] **

  • Education, health and community services will all be restored by shifting towards a Resource Based Economy.
  • The Hierarchical order will also become obsolete as education replaces propaganda and with it the awareness that all life is equally important.
  • Famine, Poverty and street crimes can virtually become non-existent as we provide for everyone’s needs.
  • As the world’s population becomes more educated and provided for, the growth will stabilize and even reverse.

These are just some of the improvements we will see. Let me know if I left something out – We are all in this together. Love, Peace and Unity!

http://livingstones.blog** Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars

http://theharrogateagenda.org.uk – SIX DEMANDS