Deeper surgical cuts required..

At the end of June I felt that I ought to be doing more to help David Noakes’s situation, so I wrote to my local [BLUE] MP. On hearing the circumstances, he wrote back saying I had given him plenty to think about and would I send further information.

On July 5th I sent him this email:

Dear Sir, Further to our recent exchange on this difficult subject, I send you below the link to a report last December, when, after five months, Linda Thyer did indeed obtain release from the Paris prison. She was photographed with friends who are supporting her. However, further misfortune overtook the lady, as she was re-arrested : for attempting to leave France (a Schengen member ‘state’) without her passport. The reason Lyn had no passport? The Devon police had retained it when first sending her for rendition. Lyn therefore remains in custody. There are many thousands of us UK citizens, watching closely to see Boris Alexander de Pfeffel Johnson do the correct thing here, get this ‘corpus juris’ abomination off our statute books and reinstate the still valid ‘habeas corpus’ to protect the electorate. Sincerely yours, Grant Smith 39 Crown Green HD4 5TR – 07496 536670 

On 6th July – Dear Sir,

Thank you for your email dated 5th. 
I have asked Ian R. Crane, who is best placed to give updates on this issue, to update me.
Ironically, although he was the one who first brought this serum cure to David Noakes’s attention, Ian himself has now in later years been taken with a serious stomach cancer, which has required surgery.
If you have had time to listen to, and digest, the contents of the presentation on AV6, you will have gathered that the ImmunoBioTech team have found that their GC-MAF serum is most effective in cases where the patient has used it INSTEAD of submitting to the routine radio- and cheo-therapy regime.
This, of course, has clearly irritated the ‘big pharma’ element..
Now, I’m not sure what Oliver Moorhouses’s remit is in his support of your work, but I can tell you that the last definite information I had was when David Noakes was detained in HM Prison Exeter last month. I am under the impression that he, too, has now been rendered into French custody at the Paris-Merogis jail, but I cannot say for definite.
Perhaps Oliver could get an update on your behalf via Her Majesty’s Prison Service.
David Noakes – Prisoner No: A 7081 DY was detained at HM Prison Exeter, 30 New North Road, Exeter EX4 4EX, Tel: 01392 415650
Our man then got his caseworker to call HM Prison Exeter to check if DN was still there. The answer was that the Prison Service cannot release (to an MP) any details [GDPR] but that if Grant Smith wanted to send in his DATE OF BIRTH?? they may be able to help.
Happily, there are others among our co-workers who are able to do more. I received this yesterday..

Copy of an email received from Keith & Leslie Dennis on Weds 8th July 2020

Hello All

David is now in Fleury-Merogis (prison), he was transferred there by plane from Heathrow on the 15th June. David was arrested in St Mawes in mid-May, and held at Exeter Prison, he was given an initial term ending on the 10th June, on that day he asked the Prison “Why am I still here?” Later that day he was visited by a Policeman from Dorset Police who informed him he will be extradited on the 15th.

John Smith had been progressing actions within the court systems, he had produced Void Orders within the normal legal system to reverse decisions made against Lyn and David, the courts made every effort to not address these papers, and we got to Friday 12th June with no statement on the orders.

All senior Government ministers were given copies of these orders and they have made no change of action/policy in any way.

On Sunday the 14th June, John Smith and several Common Law Enforcement constables went to Exeter Prison to attempt to get David released on the basis we knew of no legal restraint, there may have been one but David never spoke of one.

The prison Governor said that he had a criminal warrant to hold David, he was never asked to prove this, but for some reason after the event, Bodmin Magistrates Court was mentioned.

Finding out anything in these GDPR and Covid-infested days is difficult, is this by design? 

The Common Law allows for the use of force to effect the will of the people, but this was unlikely to achieve the result as we were few against many. John Smith went to 4 police stations around Exeter to report a crime of unlawful detention by Exeter Prison. A Crime Number was issued, no idea how that will pan out, given that the CPS will have to investigate itself. Accountability???

On the Sunday night the assembled Common Law team headed North South East and West, on the way we attempted to make contact with David’s original barrister to see if she could get a stay on the extradition.

Her phone was switched off and many messages were left, we phoned the Noakes family to try and get this barrister to act; the barrister was also emailed, no reaction was noted.

On Monday we tried to raise another barrister, this from a standing start is quite a problem. If we had had maybe one extra hour this action would have seen a letter received at the CPS and Border Force to enact a stay.

This didn’t happen and David was transferred to Paris that evening.

He has found Fleury to not be as bad as he was led to believe, however his first 2 weeks were in a single cell “covid”,

There were many legal arguments that should have ruled against the extradition, but the courts were determined to see he was extradited whatever arguments were raised.

For the moment David will be settled into Fleury, and he will be processed quite soon and the word on the street is that he and Lyn will have their trial before the year’s end. Again, this is politically motivated.

In the meantime, John Smith [Common Law Court – qv] is continuing his march for justice by suing the PM, the Home sec, Foreign sec and assorted others.

It may take a while but if the Law is meant to mean anything at all it will bring results.

David has a Prisoner number of 457501 at Fleury Merogis, if you wish to write to him.

Lyn has a prisoner number of 456700. Lyn was having a hearing today [8th July] to decide whether she can be on bail, let’s hope it was allowed

That’s as up to date as I can get you. Best wishes Keith and Leslie

As I write this post, I am still waiting for the full snail-mail address for the Fleury-Merogis prison.

Yesterday, 9th July, my MP did a Pontius Pilate and washed his hands of the matter; he will not be raising this outrageous injustice in the HoC ‘as it is a private matter and the family (does he even bother to ask if they HAVE family, or has he been warned off?) must take their own steps.. Which means that we have MPs on the privileged  green benches who are more interested in Party policy than public miscarriage of justice.

These good souls must know that we are NOT forgetting, nor are we giving in..

Please do write to your own MP and continue to bring this bad situation to public notice. None of us can be in any doubt that the government is seriously in hock to the support of the MHRA – see also http://mhracorrupt.st for an insight into their activities



Cutting out the cancer

Many readers will already be aware of the injustice being meted out to David Noakes and Lyn Thyer, two of 27 staff whose work has been illicitly terminated thanks to the work of the Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency [MHRA].

If this is new to you please go to YouTube and search – Alternative View 6 (AV6) and hear David Noakes explain the whole thing. Today I am asking you to join me in contacting your own local MP with a view to getting this matter raised in the House of Commons. Here below is the text of a sample letter which you can adapt to your own constituency representative: (I have had a positive response from my man, asking for further up-to-date details of David Noakes’s plight.)

Write now to your local MP – their email address is in the standard Parliament format, similar to this example:


the Postal Address – you will know or can find out easily.

Dear Sir or Madam

Ref: David Noakes and Lyn Thyer

I am keen to talk with you about the two people named here, although. I can see that there is no immediate prospect of us meeting up in your local surgery.
You may already be aware that the company Immuno-BioTech Ltd has worked for ten years to develop a very effective and inexpensive serum cure for many types of cancer.

An excellent team of 27 staff have now been persecuted by the Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency [MHRA], the business has been closed down, the managing director David Noakes has already served time in HMP Wandsworth, essentially for failing first to obtain ‘permission’ to carry out this good work. The company’s accounts have been sequestered and the sale of their product is now banned in the UK.
The lead scientist, Lyn Thyer, has been detained under a European Arrest Warrant [EAW] in the Paris-Merogis prison since last August (2019), and is currently on a prolonged hunger strike which will take her life. No charges were yet laid against her.

David Noakes himself was again detained for some weeks – in HMP Exeter – awaiting rendition to France on a European Arrest warrant.

I now ask that you raise this matter in the House of Commons.

When we consider that HM Government is now in the process of securing our full and final release from all aspects of ECJ hegemony over British subjects, it cannot be justified to support the rendition of these good people against whom no charges have to date been laid.

There is also a link (below) to a presentation made by one of the people
who has been most deeply involved in what I can only describe as a
travesty of natural justice.


I am asking you to look at these and decide where you stand on this important issue.

Sincerely yours

Important: Always sign any letter and give your full name and postal address, otherwise your correspondence will not be acknowledged.

PS: The reader may also want to look at http://www.mhracorrupt.st for more information