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MHPRA – Extracting the ‘P’

Why do they always leave out the ‘P’?

This group of conspirators want the public to believe that they have our best interests at heart.

The truth is that, for them, the ‘P’ is the most important of the five initials of their acronym name, but, friend, it does not even stand for Products in their agenda – it stands for PROFIT – vast profits every year.

There is no profit for these rogues in HEALTH, there is, however, vast PROFIT to be raked in from sickness.

We have inserted a link below, showing victim testimony – see just how much contempt these so-called ‘experts’ in the MHPRA have for the sick.

It was 1959 when we had a similar scenario. Does no-one remember ‘CONTERGAN’, the last untested medication which was foisted upon expectant women – the result was more than 10,000 infants, across 46 nations, all born with deformities. It was Harold Macmillan who held the poisoned chalice of ‘Prime(d) Minister at that time. No doubt, when the sordid facts became clear, there were the usual trite platitudes run out – about ‘lessons being learned’.

It appears that the latest ‘actors’ in the Westminster Theatre have learned nothing at all.

We are beginning to hear the sounds of pious disbelief as the reality of the overwhelming numbers of disabled and dead can no longer be hidden – oh dearie me, I might lose my ‘elite’ status and have to revert to being a lower-class mortal again.

Let’s keep focused on them and watch as they try to wriggle themselves out of this unholy horror show.

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As usual, we attach a pdf for those who wish to circulate the facts:

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As everyone knows and admits now, including the ‘authorities’, the covid vaccine doesn’t stop transmission or infection.  Everyone I know and probably everyone you know. who took the jabs, went on to get covid, but not long ago the unvaccinated were demonised and accused of ‘being selfish’ and calls were made to lock up the unvaccinated and deny them their basic human freedoms, even to punish them with fines and prison sentences and job losses.

Have you heard any apologies coming from these people?  I doubt there will be any, but I’m satisfied that the truth is beginning to come out because more people are waking up and realising that they’ve been duped, lied to and manipulated to take an mRNA gene therapy experimental drug, which has killed and injured millions, according to the UK government’s’ own data.  As this realisation dawns, heads will roll.  We’re seeing some of the criminals trying to duck out and run away and hide before they can be called out and have to stand trial.  People like Fauci, who announced his retirement and top NHS executives who are retiring in large numbers.  It’s because they were paid huge sums by the vaccine companies to take part in the operation and now, they’re like rats running from a sinking ship.  Fauci has been a lynchpin in the whole thing and controls the money going to hospitals, medical schools and universities.  As proven now, he lied to Congress about funding the gain of function research that created covid.

Bill Gates, his pal, Tedros, head of the WHO and his other pal, Klaus Schwab, head of the WEF aren’t running because they think their money will protect them but that’s where they’re wrong.  They tried ‘Monkeypox’ and that didn’t take off, next it will be climate lockdowns and restrictions and of course, green taxes, then Gates has promised us ‘Pandemic 2’, but honestly, I don’t think they’ll get away with it.  It’s all beginning to unravel.  It’s true that millions are still asleep, but at the same time, the past two and a half years have wakened up millions more.

Here is some of the unravelling –

Dr. John Campbell – Virus transmission not tested in vaccine trials

Carl Heneghan admitting Pfizer didn’t know the vaccines’ effects on transmission

Dr. Aseem Malhotra – covid vaccines should be withdrawn

“We are not a political party nor are we a religious cult; we are simply a group of living beings, flesh and blood, spiritually united in heart and soul. We stand as individuals yet built together under a common, natural law, which is shared by all, owned by none and which is superior to any statute. We each have a personal commitment, divinely inspired, to do no harm, to cause no loss to others, to commit no fraud and to keep the peace.”

As usual, we attach this information in pdf format, for those who wish to share it

With grateful thanks to Gloria Prema for sharing this information

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Cash not card

Have you seen the notice, posted this morning on Go-ogle, that if you buy ‘petrol’ (and we assume that this must also apply to ‘diesel’) for any purpose at all, you will, if paying by Visa card, have a ‘Holding charge’ debited to your account?

Apparently, this is precautionary by the suppliers, because some folks are so desperate to stay mobile that they are vastly exceeding their card limit. No doubt the rest of the card sharks will follow suit. So, use CASH whilst you still can, folks, the net is tightening..

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Safe – or screwed?

Let’s say we are designing a product, which will help the emergency services when dealing with a suspected case of poisoning, or a serum which will be a groundbreaking treatment for many cancerous tumours.
We’ve spent the past several years in patient research and development, and finally, there it is, ready to be publicized, mass-produced to the undoubted improvement of society worldwide.
However, before we release our brainchild, we decide to DESTROY all the tools which helped create it, burn all the blueprint papers, make a ‘Luddite’ attack on all the supporting hardware..
Well, as we unkindly used to say in childhood, “they’ll be coming for thee, them fellers in white coats, tha’ll be off in’t green van!” – because, well, no one in their right mind would be so stupid, so selfish as to do that, would they??
Yet, guess what, someone has developed a new software communication system which they’ve released to zillions of mobile phone users, and apparently it’s so good that we all can contact anyone, anywhere, night or day, discuss all matters, private, personal, public , perfidious or political – and, not only is it FREE, best of all, it’s ‘encrypted‘!
That means, no one can listen in, copy or record what goes on between us and our contacts.
However, we might just switch our phones on early one morning, in our local time, to find that what we have just discussed, like a modern day ‘Luddite’, with our co-conspirators, is being ‘backed up’ – for our safety and security, of course, by some shadowy corporation which goes under the pseudonym – what is it again? Ah yes, go-ogle.
Pass me my toilet bag, the green van’s just pulling up at our front door..