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Cash not card

Have you seen the notice, posted this morning on Go-ogle, that if you buy ‘petrol’ (and we assume that this must also apply to ‘diesel’) for any purpose at all, you will, if paying by Visa card, have a ‘Holding charge’ debited to your account?

Apparently, this is precautionary by the suppliers, because some folks are so desperate to stay mobile that they are vastly exceeding their card limit. No doubt the rest of the card sharks will follow suit. So, use CASH whilst you still can, folks, the net is tightening..

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Safe – or screwed?

Let’s say we are designing a product, which will help the emergency services when dealing with a suspected case of poisoning, or a serum which will be a groundbreaking treatment for many cancerous tumours.
We’ve spent the past several years in patient research and development, and finally, there it is, ready to be publicized, mass-produced to the undoubted improvement of society worldwide.
However, before we release our brainchild, we decide to DESTROY all the tools which helped create it, burn all the blueprint papers, make a ‘Luddite’ attack on all the supporting hardware..
Well, as we unkindly used to say in childhood, “they’ll be coming for thee, them fellers in white coats, tha’ll be off in’t green van!” – because, well, no one in their right mind would be so stupid, so selfish as to do that, would they??
Yet, guess what, someone has developed a new software communication system which they’ve released to zillions of mobile phone users, and apparently it’s so good that we all can contact anyone, anywhere, night or day, discuss all matters, private, personal, public , perfidious or political – and, not only is it FREE, best of all, it’s ‘encrypted‘!
That means, no one can listen in, copy or record what goes on between us and our contacts.
However, we might just switch our phones on early one morning, in our local time, to find that what we have just discussed, like a modern day ‘Luddite’, with our co-conspirators, is being ‘backed up’ – for our safety and security, of course, by some shadowy corporation which goes under the pseudonym – what is it again? Ah yes, go-ogle.
Pass me my toilet bag, the green van’s just pulling up at our front door..

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At a time when the whole world realises that there is something not quite right about all this ‘jabbing’ frenzy, as even the UK’s ‘gov’ website is putting figures up about folks’ mutilations and mortality with this experimental liquid, WHY is it necessary to start jabbing 5 – 11 yr olds, who have the least risk of any of us, of dying from what has been proved to be nothing more than a nasty version of influenza.

My 8-yr old grandson came home from school last weekend, complete with A4 sheet, advising his parents to get him jabbed. The school leadership must have been a bit wary, as the offending Form was supported by four pages of advisory NOTES, from the Essex University, no less – extra GRAVITAS there, then. This is what went back to school with him today [Mon 21st Feb]