The Sixth Commandment

Here is where we are adrift. I recall as a lad, reading a ‘Wayside Pulpit’ posted outside a Baptist building in my local village. It had some apparently clever words to the effect that this commandment was a bad idea. It ran – ‘An eye for an eye will only result in making the whole world blind’. As with all historical texts, it is important to return to the original to discover what the author really meant to say.

Since 1610 AD, when the common man first began to hear the Old Covenant and New Covenant texts in his own language, the Sixth Commandment [We’elleh Shemoth/Exodus 20:13] has been depicted as the ‘warning-notice’ against all conflict, both personal, civil, social and inter-national . Sadly it has suffered in translation.

‘Thou shalt not kill’ is what we have been fed, for generations, although, recently, in a C of E building in the Barnsley area, I did find that this has not always been mis-translated. There, the sixth commandment is set out as ‘Do no murder’

The accurate translation of the word ‘ratsach’ IS ‘murder’ = with malice aforethought, whereas, the ‘slaughter’ of an ox or sheep is represented by ‘tabach’.

‘Thou shalt not murder’ has long been diluted. The Israeli nation (to whose forebears we are indebted for both the preservation of the Old Covenant texts and our Messiah) does not founder here, however; when there is deliberate conspiracy to deny their very existence, THEIR position, to the evident chagrin of confused Western thinking, is clear – ‘if you mess with us, watch out’!

Ah, I can hear you screaming, but Christians are taught to ‘turn the other cheek’! Well, friend, I have news for you, the carpenter from Nazareth was not averse to ‘killing’ when it came to dealing with paedophilia; he clearly recommends a Granite Necklace for all such perverted souls [Matthew 18:6] – not ‘murder’ but ‘corrective punishment.

Now, that other saying of his – ‘turn the other cheek’. This is what I call ‘G-d’s Big Sally‘. Up here in Yorkshire, maybe in other counties, as lads, we had a rule in cricket that, should you be unlucky enough to be ‘OUT’ first ball, you were allowed a ‘sally’ – another ‘go’. If you were daft enough to be ‘OUT’ again – on your way..

The whole of New Covenant faith is founded on the fact that, as John 10:10 says, there is a whole new level of life to be lived for those who understand and embrace the fact of the death of an innocent victim to expiate the misdeeds of the past. The old-fashioned expression ‘born again’ [John 3:3] – a fresh start under new terms – remains as valid as ever – another ‘go’.

Our problem arises when, after centuries of diluting doctrine, we are careless enough to lower the drawbridge of our faith, open the city gates and welcome just any Tomasz, Friedrich or Abdul to enter, no CV, no CRB checks, “just come on in, guys and help yourselves”. Now, the very people who are presently taking advantage of our confused thinking, invariably come from what Western philosophy likes to term an ‘uncivilized, barbaric’ society, where, you can bet your bottom $Dollar that your entering THEIR society and failing to conform to THEIR rules would see you languishing in clink or hanging from the jib of a crane in quick-sticks.

So, what to do? Happily, there is another New Covenant verse to cater for just such an eventuality [Romans 13:1-4]. Here we are assured that, if, having been welcomed into our New Covenant world with every material, social and financial benefit provided, our no-Covenant intruder then decides to throw all our generosity back in our faces, severing our heads or blowing us to smithereens, we are absolutely authorized to remove him/her.

In the end, it becomes a question of ‘authority’. the Austrian ‘painter and decorator’ had none, see what happened to his outfit, having their offspring baptized in to the Roman system, whilst plotting the ‘Endloesung’ with his foul doctrine.

Now taken up by similar deviant souls, with hearts blacker than a witch’s hat, the same lust for territorial aggrandizement has grown, like a cancer, to dominate Europe by economic subterfuge – again, control without authority.

Those of you, who imagine the European Union to be the new panacea for all ills, its godless ‘Elysian Fields’ preferable to a thousand years of sovereignty, judiciary, democracy, faith, hope and charity, (also mentioning our incomparable expertise in military defence), had best book a one-way ticket and go live under the unauthorized oligarchs.

I am going to end by adding our proposed manifesto – for healing the nation’s wounds.

LUK R Full Manifesto – GFI


Faith v Fascism

We leave this world, every one of us, just as we entered it, with nothing material. As my old mum used to say – “No pockets in a shroud“. However, we do seem to arrive with some intangible equipment, which, last Saturday, I heard defined as ‘Natural Law’. Unless we are damaged beyond repair in transit, each of us has a built-in knowledge of what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’, although, as the first term has, in today’s political climate been hijacked to cover anything or anyone who dares to draw a straight line, I prefer the term ‘correct’.

The term ‘Fascism’, with its origins in Italy in the 1922-1943, originally pigeon-holed anyone holding ‘extreme nationalist authoritarian’ views. The word itself is derived from the Latin – fascis –  meaning ‘bundle’, which went to the Italian language as ‘fascio’ – political group. The more cynical of us may feel that this is not so far removed from the polite medical term for excrement.

The most succinct interpretation is, for me ‘control without authority‘, and it flies in the face of the Natural Law, since we do inherit odd features, such as ‘innocence’ and ‘trust’ with our mother’s milk.

At the time of writing, and as a loyal English patriot, I find myself having been ‘bundled’, along with millions of my persuasion, into a federation of European countries which has, for the past seventy years, been insidiously  smearing my country, with a ‘political’ Novochok, from which, I am assured, there is no escape, and for which no-one with a grasp of modern-day economics would apparently ever wish to be clean. We are classed as delusional, myopic, ‘cloth cap and ferret’ sheeple, should we dare to hanker after any of the ‘old’ values, such as sovereignty, dignity, independence, democracy, oh, and Faith.

This last week, however, another rock landed in the already troubled Brussels cauldron. Hungary’s leader, Victor Orban, expressed his country’s populist view that – “If somebody takes masses of non-registered immigrants from the Middle East (and don’t forget Africa, Mr Orban) into their country (not, note a ‘state’) this also means they are importing terrorism, criminalism, anti-Semitism and homophobia.” Oh dear, not what the Fascist Few in Brussels needed to hear, as the former DDR maxim used to run – ‘Weh dem, der aus der Reihe tanzt’. That’s what you get when you take control without authority – Fascism.

So, what about the other bit, Faith? Hackles may be rising already, but this term is difficult only for those who either don’t have any, don’t know for sure what it might cost them to have some, or who were irreparably damaged in infancy. Faith is as old as the Natural Law, it also came with mother’s milk, and, if you were extremely fortunate in this crazy permissive society, you still have a clear memory of  your father.

If Fascism is control without authority, Faith is best defined as ‘Reason, at rest, under the control of the Author’, knowing who your natural parents are is ideal, knowing who your spiritual parents are is essential. We will consider more of that in another episode of Faith v Fascism.; meanwhile, when you have a minute, get yourself a copy of ‘The Rainbow or the Thunder‘ and see what it cost my school pal Sandra to practise her faith.




Worth fighting for?

I make no apology for, now and again, quoting from our own spiritual rule book: after all, on just about every corner, on every social media page, we are being inundated with the ‘wisdom of the prophet’ and told how wonderful all his life and writings were.

So, let’s try this for size : Ephesians 6:10-20. Have a read and blog me back when you can spot what is missing from the soldier’s kit.

Cast your mind back a couple of years, Alexander Blackman – ring any bells? – was put to the sword in a British court for killing an enemy soldier during an action in Afghanistan. Remind me, whose idea was it, to equip our front-line men and women with headcams??

It is clear that our government is a puppet show, and the strings are being pulled by overseas forces, who somehow, seem to ‘have the drop’ on any UK politicians, of whatever colour. There is a publication which I recommend to you – ‘Secret Affairs – Britain’s collusion with radical Islam’ – by Mark Curtis, and available, like everytjhing else, on Amazon.. It’s pretty heavy going, but all the detailed facts are there.

Today, on social media, we are informed that, having risked life and limb for the defence? of what? – our land from invasion, our fading memory of Commonwealth glory,? our retired military men and women are not being given the respect and support which they are due – post service days. Just this past week (12th – 18th August 2018) we hear that six more British ‘veterans’ have ended their own lives; 18 have died by their own hand since April, and 42 in all so far this year.

Meanwhile, the same government, which cannot be concerned for those ‘lucky’ enough to survive, are desperate to get the remainder of our sadly denuded military force into the EU – PESCO. I leave you to guess why TM is in such a hurry to get that organized…

This is the same party which, in the years from 2011 to 2016 has given away, in so-called ‘foreign aid’, an AVERAGE of £1.9billion every MONTH to a total of 146 overseas countries, without any real idea as to who ACTUALLY benefits from our charity. That money came from your and my taxes. To speak specifically about the Afghanistan donation, that has been £6.7bn – plus our brave soldiers’ lives and limbs.

My friends and I are so angry about the Westmonster corruption that we are doing something about it – http://www.democracy17-4.org – we will approach the next General Election with an INDEPENDENT candidate standing for every one of the 650 places available on those privileged green benches. Please do consider either standing as an INDEPENDENT, or recommending someone who can. My own email connection can also be used – ‘info@livingstones.uk’ – for further details as to how this will work. Here are the disgusting figures for those six years, and it still goes on.

Click to access 14-08-18-foreign-aid-figures.pdf


The Granite Necklace

At the moment, I can’t find it, but somewhere, I have a dreadful photograph, taken in what used to be the fine land of Syria. It shows a small girl, perhaps 5 or 6 years old, dressed in a pretty blue dress, white socks and shoes, lying on the ground – her head severed from her body. This clearly happened because her parents had dared to hold a different opinion about ‘faith’ and ‘family values’. I suggest that, had that occurred here in the UK, there would have been many extra copies of newspapers sold, hand-wringing at every ‘official’ level, accompanied with repeated assurances that steps would be taken to ensure such a thing NEVER happened again.

Now, let’s just check here – if we dust off our family bible,and turn to Matthew 18:1-6, we have a section on what our Prophet thinks about anyone who interferes with young children (male or female). He recommends that we tie a millstone around the offender’s neck and take them for a dip in the local lake, which goes in stark contrast to that which is approved by the father of the Islamic nation. His followers insist that it is acceptable for men to take a six-year old female as a ‘wife’ – mind you, they seem to be able to wait until the child is nine before ‘consummating’ the relationship.

Across the globe, we can see countries infested with this evil ideology, and bent on eradicating every other type of social function which differs from that laid down by their man (the only ‘prophet’ who, actually, never seems to have ‘prophesied’ much at all). If you get and study the book – ‘Mohammed and the Unbelievers’, published by the Center for the Study of Political Islam [CSPI], and available via Amazon, you will soon learn what Mohammed had in mind for everyone who dares to disagree with his ideas.

Wherever it has appeared, this form of Islam (= submit or else) has always caused disruption. It is doing so here in the (dis)United Kingdom today: our mission is the same today as that of our monarchy one thousand years ago – to confront, control and be rid of it.

However, it is obvious that here, ‘there is something rotten in the state of Britain’, when, over the decades since the end of World War II, we have invited and/or allowed citizens of other (mostly former Commonwealth) countries to settle in our sceptered isle, irrespective of spiritual condition or political persuasion, knowing that they bring with them their hideous culture.

Some of these souls have arrived in a state of extreme distress and obvious penury, fleeing for their lives from some hideous, self-appointed tyrannical ‘leader’.

These have gambled that the nation which has a worldwide reputation for ‘christian’ charity could be relied upon to provide succour and sanctuary to such.

Others of that persuasion, however, have seen our international status as a prize to be coveted, our financial institutions as a benefit to be exploited, and have created a lucrative business out of assisting fit, young, bearded, mobile-phone-carrying male (mostly) ‘children’ to reach this European Elysium  of ‘milk and honey’ uninvited, and often at extreme risk to their lives [Home Office Ref: 1178819 M is a case in point] with the clear intent of sponging on our generosity and at the same time, working to subvert our democratic status, thus to replace it with a monstrous, inhumane form of social manipulation. It is a testament to our asinine national governments (all shades), that, far from maintaining control of orderly immigration, we have actually ‘opened the city gates and let down the drawbridge’..

It is noticeable that the few of us who actually dare to point out the inherent risks to our ‘western’ society of allowing such mass migration, are met with a deafening silence (as my old mum used to say, with a ‘bag of IGNORE).

We are already losing count of the number of unprovoked attacks, carried out on UK streets, by servants of ‘Allah the Great’, all designed to cause public mayhem, instil terror and force our tolerant, democratic attitude into servile compliance with their version of law. Little wonder, then, that there are some elements of our indigenous ‘white’ population, who are angered to the point of active retaliation.

How pathetically sad to see that our ‘appeasing’ government, police service, judiciary (supported by an imbalance in media reporting) seem bent on emphasizing the atrocity, whenever the miscreant is identified as an evilly-motivated ‘white racist’ person, on whom the most severe sanctions must be imposed, whilst, in those multiple cases where the culprit is reluctantly acknowledged to be of the Muslim ideology, the courts inevitably take note of the most ludicrous ‘social’ reasons why this particular soul was uncharacteristically ‘disturbed’ enough to make mincemeat of some totally random victim – and hand down an inappropriately lenient sentence.

For these reasons, I move that those fortunate enough to be elected to the green benches, following the impending demise of this present ineffective set of incumbents, should make it a solid point on their manifesto to re-instate capital punishment, the more particularly in cases which involve the sexual violation of minors (male or female) where the victim is then murdered, once carnal lust has been satisfied.

I also move that, in cases of deliberate random killing of defenceless victims – and I am thinking of indiscriminate ‘bombings’ at public events, on public transport, etc. – those responsible should also pay with their lives.

To those who will now commence to howl about ‘human’ rights and ‘inhumane’ treatment, I will say, there will shortly be another publication to show why capital punishment is better understood in some 56 countries across the globe than we can bring ourselves to understand it here.

When we look back over the past seven decades, we see a clear pattern has emerged; there has been enormous influence exerted upon British government of all shades to ‘compromise’ for the sake of apparently improved relationships with overseas regimes, ostensibly for commercial benefits, perhaps founded upon a desire to see ‘Great’ Britain cling on to its fading pink map of hegemony. This has happened at the cost of our national integrity, and usually because the love of money has also been a significant motivator.

(‘Secret Affairs’ by Mark Curtis – subtitle ‘Britain’s collusion with radical  Islam analyses the history of this sorry situation)

Of equal significance is the emergence, since 1952, of an insidious plan to convert the whole of Europe into a godless federation. Just seven years after the end of World War II hostilities, plans were already in hand to achieve by economic means what the Austrian painter/decorator had failed to achieve in six years of military aggression.

 “Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super-state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an ‘economic’ purpose but which will eventually and irreversible lead to federation.” Jean Monnet ( a Founding Father of the EU), written in a letter to a friend 30th April 1952

Ask yourself, is this where you really want to be, a vassal state, eternally bound to and funding an un-elected oligarchy, whose legislature countenances and endorses the eradication of some 1,000 years of British history, culture and constitution.

If you want to inspect a possible positive alternative, please email us on ‘info@livingstones.uk’ – there remains a way ‘forward’..

If you have persisted to the end of this publication, thank you for your attention.