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FRODO vs SAURON – we can do it!

I have just finished my second affidavit, sent it off to the Crown and copied to all crown agents, confirming their tacit acceptance of all the details contained in the first affidavit, and the other supporting documentation, against which they did NOT object in the time-frame which I allowed them – 40 days.

There is a Latin phrase, so often used in THEIR legal arguments in their ‘courts’, which says ‘Qui tacet consentire videtur‘ – it translates as ‘(s)he who remains silent is deemed to be consenting’ 

In and among all the details of our first ‘complaint’, we are saying that we know that the LEGAL FICTION of our name, given to us at birth, all in CAPITAL letters, becomes treated as a ‘company’ or a ‘vessel’ and is unlawfully and illegally misrepresented as being ‘lost at sea’. They then go on to raise serious money and do thousands of other stock-market-type transactions, using YOUR TRUST name as collateral.

I am particularly happy in that I have kept, for 80 years, the original ‘NATIONAL REGISTRATION IDENTITY CARD’ given to my father when I was just FIVE days old. – see attached. Three days before, my birth certificate had been handed to him, where my given name appears in normal cursive handwriting, but the NRIC is immediately issued showing the name of a five-day-old infant in CAPITALS..

Using an old 200-year calendar, I have been able to be very specific, in my complaint to the Crown, that this card was issued on WEDNESDAY 5th August 1942.

(Some may remember the small magazine called ‘Old Moore’s Almanac‘, who originally published this very useful calendar: it enables us to pinpoint ANY date between the years 1850 to 2050 and tell us what ‘day of the week that was‘ Anyone who wants a copy can email and we will send out a pdf.)

Now, you may not be able to be so exact as I can, but you CAN state clearly the ACTUAL day of the week on which you were born and also the actual day on which your birth certificate was issued, which was the start of YOUR being given a LEGAL FICTION NAME. When dealing with these so-called ‘legal eagles’ they DO like to be fussy and very exact as to facts, so, let’s not disappoint them.

Don’t delay – act TODAY! Send us an email and we will send you the necessary documents, FREE OF CHARGE – we here at Livingstones do not think that FREEdom should be contaminated with PAYdom.
We send you the entire ‘complaint’ in PDF format, which gives you an idea of what is involved.

Next, send us a second email and we will send the SAME documents in EDITABLE format, so that you can put YOUR new ‘common law’ name in, change ‘man’ to read ‘woman’ etc.



Now, more than ever, we ALL need to stay awake, to stand shoulder-to-shoulder, not just on our keyboards, also in our villages, towns and counties. We say it again, there is a Quiet War in progress.

Here are a few pointers:

1. We draw your attention to a remarkable warrior, you may already know her work.. Go to Telegram, search for ‘Queen_of_Freedom21’, scroll back through her posts, and then join the 18.7k working alongside her.

2. Please also join Mark Sexton at – – and start finding other warriors in your COUNTY. Form a CLAN, and STAND TOGETHER.

3. Send us an email and we’ll send back the documents with which you can get free from the Admiralty press-gang, and reclaim your LEGAL FICTION TRUST. Do it today.

4. None of us voted for the UN Agenda 21/2030, yet here we are, quietly being herded like obedient sheep into a pen. On the gate they might as well write ‘ARBEIT MACHT FREI’ as their Header, because it is yet another programme of total control, designed to strip every individual’s rights, their freedoms, their very lives away. It’s all being done under the guise of ‘save the planet’ and ‘sustainable development’.

Are you just going to sit there and let this happen?


FREEdom not PAYdom

Today, [Monday 2 May 2022], in the West Midlands area, there is to be a meeting of minds, which could be a significant step forward on the Way to seeing a new national community, built upon Truth, not on legal deception.

We ask you to ‘watch and pray’ for all the participants, that truth will dawn and egos will not dent our minds, that this day will breathe new Life into a 6-yr-old effort to get us all free from slavish dependence on a bent system.

Sincerely and in honour, grant andrew.