It’s all just a simple ‘misunderstanding’

Friday 29th March 2019 – This was supposed to be the date on which (as our lacklustre PM has assured us, more than 100 times at the dispatch box) we finally say ‘good riddance’ to the black hat conspirators of Brussels. Now we all know, without a scintilla of doubt where her sympathies [Greek for ‘suffering along with’] lie. There are those among us who are terrified that they may lose some ‘money’, and that holds good from the widow in the local store, trying to cope with the aid of her recent 25p increase in her allowances, right through to the ‘elites’, who see ‘hardship’ in the form of having to wait a while to upgrade their yachts.

There are others among us, who can remember Ration Books, blackout curtains (with a two shilling fine for not having them properly closed), black rubber boots and stirrup pumps (to extinguish the fires which might occur after the Heinkels and Junckers [yes, remember the name] had brought unfriendly greetings from Berlin) and National Identity cards. Guess which of these two above categories don’t need the €EURO state?

If you want to know that the present parliamentary hysteria is NOT a misunderstanding, join me in reading ‘The Great Deception‘ by Booker & North. If that’s still not convinced you, go on to read ‘Secret Affairs – Britain’s collusion with radical Islam‘ by Mark Curtis, and ALL will be revealed, in excruciating detail, that if you walk with the devil, you’re gonna get burnt.

I just tried to post a link to a ‘difficult’ web page – it got stopped, and that from a website which is purportedly FREE for expression. I shall try to post it  here, and those of you who can’t remember when we didn’t have the ‘Eurotunnel’, you’ll know how to configure what is written.

https colon forward slash forward slash www dot the religion of peace dotcom forward slash

You may then realize just how damning was the Treaty of Lisbon 2009. Our ‘leaders’ have lowered the drawbridge and have opened the city gates – no Trojan Horse required.




“The Curfew tolls..

..the knell of parting democracy **.” The steely determination of the PM to ensure, even at the cost of her own demise, that the will of the EU conspirators is honoured, would seem impressive, were it not for the unpalatable history of political aggrandizement, which stains the continent like the glistening mark of a snail on a well-mown lawn.

Let us not underestimate this threat, and above all things, right now, let the common (womb)man hold fast to that which is good, and despise that which is evil. Here is a reminder of why we need to be free of the tentacles of the monster..

** I apologize that the keyboard on my PC seems unable to type the fifth month of the year.


Small Print – Gross Deceit

The British public is being led astray once more, we are being hoodwinked by the same political conspirators who, in February 1992, publicly admitted that they had signed up to the Maastricht Treaty without having read it themselves or having given our (s)elected MPs the opportunity to read and discuss its contents. Thank you John Major.

We have the same disdainful attitude wherever we look throughout the history of the Blues. The ‘we know best’ Party. It doesn’t pay off.

Cameron – at the Dispatch Box to Corbyn – “Go home, man!” Let’s see, who actually went home?

Now the mendacious tone persists, the ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ has become ‘My Deal’ – (my keyboard can no longer spell the name of the fifth month of the year), so, those elected to serve us best have taken to the pliable political ploy – bending the rules. No wonder my mother used to talk about ‘pie crust’ promises.

To the few within the pack of blind mice who have at least one eye still on the ball we say ‘”STAND FIRM”!!

To the party which has recently wrecked itself we say, “If you wish to recover any credibility at all with your sovereign grassroots foundation stones – choose Sir William Nigel Paul Cash as her successor”


There is a Spirit behind every Word

Sunday 24th March 2019

Eighty years ago, our United Kingdom was struggling to be rid of invaders, who were determined to show us another way to live. We resisted them then, because it was clear that they were acting beyond the limits of common sense, beyond their authority. By 1945, with help from others (some of which we later omitted to thank) we were clear of the demonic Spirit – we breathed freely once more.
That Spirit did not die, however, and, within eight years, it had assumed another, more subtle guise, seducing those around it, enticing them with the desire for wealth and ease, cloaking everything in tones of ‘economic benefits’ – [Jean Monnet – 30.04.1952].
To quote Calvin Miller [‘The Singer’] –
it “..poses as Terra’s lover, trying to pry us from our track and roll us into some hole filled with putrefaction.” This Spirit is “committed to our last destruction, has infected every corner with the desire for power and greed”, as we have seen. [Macmillan, Heath, Wilson, Major, Blair, Brown]
Today, as we stand at the threshold of the much-heralded ‘Departure Day – 29.03.19‘, the Spirit still has its little demons, scurrying to and fro, desperately trying to persuade the general public (and their democratically selected representatives) that their KitKat offering is better for us than the solid food of good, sound common sense.
Those among us who can still remember ‘blackout curtains’ and ‘ration books’ found that temporary suffering and hardship was a price worth paying, for freedom, dignity, sovereignty, justice, honesty and democracy to survive.
Those among us who cannot remember when there was no ‘EUROtunnel’ are pretty rattled that their easy way of life might be temporarily inconvenienced.
To them we say –
Allow the Lisbon Treaty 2009 to become a reality and you will regret it for the rest of your days‘.
We, the old-timers will be gone – but so will your integrity, your identity.
We end with the words from the mouth of the leading sprite – “No deal is better than a bad deal” – what you have to decide is, what Spirit was that sentence uttered in? Did she mean
“It is better to leave with NO DEAL than have a BAD DEAL”
or was she already, back then, actually saying
“I am going to fix up a BAD DEAL for you and that is the DEAL you are going to swallow”?
Is she a pussy cat, a tiger or a KITKAT? Remember, there is a Spirit behind every word.

A Message from Her May-jesty

With a hat-tip to our reliable ‘Slogger’ – John Ward

I had the most extraordinary sensation of déja vu last night while listening to The Prime Minister deliver an address to her subjects. At first, I thought it might just be the fact that she didn’t say anything new; but then I remembered that her thinly disguised display of ‘blamestorming’ had followed, almost to the letter, a prediction I made a month ago:


Said mire was duly dispatched by the lady from Wonderland in predictable directions. Alongside it, however, was repeated a narrative now so ridiculous, you’d need more than just a brass neck to stick with it: the hide of a rhino would also be vital.

Mrs May has both those advantages, and so she droned on about how really, she was the only politician in the country dedicated to delivering on the Referendum decision, but all these other ‘nasties’, who don’t even go to church any more, were clearly out to thwart her.

Only Theresa May would suggest, right now, that Theresa May is The People’s Champion -and hope to convince anyone beyond the loyalists who run her own constituency. But such is the nature of the Prime Minister: she has lost what uncertain grip she ever had on reality. This was confirmed when she told a Times hack that she felt “guided by God”. I always said that the Almighty Creator was a complete plonker.

Today however, Little Alice goes from Wonderland to Plunderland. They too left the 3-dimensional Universe behind several decades ago – and, as with the unlamented Soviet Union, this is often displayed in their insistence that national plurality is sheer carelessness and deserves to be punished as ‘Thought Crime’. In ramming home this totalitarian view of life, they are also (lacking any real substance behind an unshakeable belief in pointless federalism) very adept at being mendaciously insulting.

The process started in 2016 when Cameron announced the UK referendum. As one would expect, the charge was led by the devious old tax-evader Jean-Claude Juncker, who said nobody in the EU cared if Britain stayed or left…and “nobody speaks English here any more – it is a dead language”. Having set the tone on winning friends and influencing people, he handed over to banking candidate Macron in France, who has let fly an uninterrupted stream of xenophobic hate towards Britain that has increased in intensity over time.

During 2017, Macron dismissed all leavers as “antediluvian fascists”. In September 2018, he said in Strasbourg that “Those who suggest Britain can easily live without Europe, that everything is going to be alright, are liars”. In November, he was back again, railing at “the idea that English (sic) fisherman think they can fish wherever they like”. Perfide Albion, eat your heart out.

As any fool knows, things are going ever so well for Macronapoleon in France at the minute, and thus he has lots of time available to indulge his Anglophobia. Already set to introduce draconian laws against the ‘Gilets Jaunes’ he now finds that the trade unions are also taking to the streets…and his decidedly dodgy government colleagues blunder from one storm to the next. Meanwhile, the moving annual deficit between expenditure and income is still hovering around 35%. This is not going down well in Berlin.

What is currently hiding under a complete media black-out blanket is the rumbling of a group of extremely fed-up Francais, whose working title is ‘Union Populaire Republique’ – the prime speaker seems to be Francois Asselineau, who last week held four consecutive meetings up in Normandie –

March 14th – Vaudreuil [Eure]

March 15th – Le Havre [Seine-Maritime]

March 16th – Caen [Calvados]

March 17th  Cherbourg [Manche]

Their website is available in English and French at – http://www.upr.fr – where they are already gathering € EURO funds to stand at the forthcoming MEP elections in the month after April (my laptop won’t type that name any more) – by 8 am this morning they had already received upwards of € 856,000 in donations.

The nastiest Brexit hater in Brussels is of course Guy Verhofstadt, a silly little man who has slagged off the Greeks, Italians, Hungarians and British in equal measure. So it came as no surprise at all when, within hours of the UK referendum result, Gappy was appointed Executive Liar on the ‘Kill Brexit’ project. His first act was to post the word “Brexshit” on his twitter account. This represented the high point of Verhofstadt’s wit and répartee: it’s been downhill ever since.

Next up was the failed Polish politician Donald Tusk, who said there would be “a special place in Hell for all those who voted Leave without a plan”. Don omitted to mention that Brussels doesn’t have one either, but this didn’t stop Irish Tiaoseach Leo Varadkar from patting Tusk on the back after this outburst, and giggling as he said the outburst would “set de cat amung de pigeons hahahahaha”.

The Irish government has not exactly covered itself in glory over the backstop, and the OpEd “expert” Fintan O’Toole at the Irish Times  has written a series of incredibly anti-British columns on Brexit of late, most notably this piece from two days ago. There is something about the Dublin government élite which always delights in British misfortune, and depicting us as dinosaurs. I’m glad it isn’t reflected in public opinion, which in turn is not quite as at ease with Varadkar as he always seems to be with himself: since he began basking in the sunlight of Brexit, his poll ratings have gone down….and down, and down. The latest lot (March 7th) are his lowest ever.

So it was that Irish EU vice-Chair Mairead McGuinness’s “we’d love you to stay” clip on Sky News this morning rang just a little hollow. People do seem to need reminding that this isn’t the first time Britain has stood alone against the prevailing piss and wind of thoroughly daft and authoritarian ideas. The last time we did, the Irish Government helped us by refuelling Nazi U-Boats. (I have many Irish friends who will find that an insulting observation. As always, I stress I am not talking about the average person on the Irish street: they are never less than friendly and terrific crack. I am talking about the élite Irish poseurs who remember everything and learn nothing).

But Ms McGuinness did do one thing rather well: she confirmed the Times/Slog story of last week that there won’t be any extension at all without further humiliation. And shortly afterwards, Donald Tusk “announced” (before the Council has even met, which was clever of him) that a short extension will be conditional on a favourable passage of the Withdrawal Agreement by the House of commons.

In short, ‘plus ça change’ – it’s blackmail: “Unless you pass the WA that 91% of Britons don’t want, you get no extension”. Doubtless, a longer extension will also involve a Second Referendum. You read it here first etc etc etc.

Anyway, as Theresa the Hun is guided by the inhabitants of Valhalla, it should be pretty obvious to even we, the universally insulted Leavers, that there is nothing to fear. I await with bated breath the PM’s answer to The Tusk condition (assuming the other 26 accept it) because it really will be ‘shit or bust’ next week in the Commons.

The reason I say this is that if Labour votes against her deal, they will be responsible for placing a No Deal WTO Brexit not just back on the table, but being the allegedly poisonous gruel we shall be forced to eat. For if there is no extension because WA3 fails, by definition we really must by Law leave with No Deal….because the extension is dependent upon Labour supporting something they don’t want. Do try to keep up here, this is really quite straightforward.

The rock-to-hard-place dilemma faced by Labour probably explains why he too is zooming over to Brussels today with what he calls “an alternative Brexit plan”

Perhaps one thing the Vicar’s daughter might do is change the March 29th date in UK Law anyway, such that even if her vote fails again (which is a 3-1 on bet at least) we shall still be EU members, but unrecognised as such by the EU. Thus she would deliver unto us a scrambled Curate’s egg.

What fun we shall have. Meanwhile, I bring you momentous news: not just Theresa May, but also Sky’s Fatty Bolt-On have arrived in Brussels. Thus the Crisis Cast is complete.

Stay tuned.

PS: Please support the work of Gemma O’Doherty, a redoubtable Irish lass, journalist by background, who is to be found each evening ‘Live-streaming’ on YouTube in her mission to root out endemic corruption in Eire and see Leo Varadkar safely ensconced behind bars.

In the midst of all this unnecessary media maybe-hem I DO find myself wondering how ‘the most successful nation in the history of the world’ ever managed to survive before the interference of Count Richard Coudenhove Kalergi, Jean Monnet, Altiero Spinelli, Harold Macmillan, Old Uncle Tom Cobbly – and – all??