It’s all just a simple ‘misunderstanding’

Friday 29th March 2019 – This was supposed to be the date on which (as our lacklustre PM has assured us, more than 100 times at the dispatch box) we finally say ‘good riddance’ to the black hat conspirators of Brussels. Now we all know, without a scintilla of doubt where her sympathies [Greek for ‘suffering along with’] lie. There are those among us who are terrified that they may lose some ‘money’, and that holds good from the widow in the local store, trying to cope with the aid of her recent 25p increase in her allowances, right through to the ‘elites’, who see ‘hardship’ in the form of having to wait a while to upgrade their yachts.

There are others among us, who can remember Ration Books, blackout curtains (with a two shilling fine for not having them properly closed), black rubber boots and stirrup pumps (to extinguish the fires which might occur after the Heinkels and Junckers [yes, remember the name] had brought unfriendly greetings from Berlin) and National Identity cards. Guess which of these two above categories don’t need the €EURO state?

If you want to know that the present parliamentary hysteria is NOT a misunderstanding, join me in reading ‘The Great Deception‘ by Booker & North. If that’s still not convinced you, go on to read ‘Secret Affairs – Britain’s collusion with radical Islam‘ by Mark Curtis, and ALL will be revealed, in excruciating detail, that if you walk with the devil, you’re gonna get burnt.

I just tried to post a link to a ‘difficult’ web page – it got stopped, and that from a website which is purportedly FREE for expression. I shall try to post it  here, and those of you who can’t remember when we didn’t have the ‘Eurotunnel’, you’ll know how to configure what is written.

https colon forward slash forward slash www dot the religion of peace dotcom forward slash

You may then realize just how damning was the Treaty of Lisbon 2009. Our ‘leaders’ have lowered the drawbridge and have opened the city gates – no Trojan Horse required.



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