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Covid – what’s that?

You think you’ve got problems when you catch this new ‘pestilence’? Spare a thought for this poor chap, seems to have lived under the same natural law as we do, upset the government of his day, as we do, went about doing no harm, no loss, no injury, just like us, yet three days later he’s up and about again. Best ‘easter’ card ever, I’d say!!

Just saying…


Shining Stepping Stones

‘.. the path of the just, as a brightening light, shines more and more towards the perfect day; whereas the baddies don’t even know what they are tripping over’ – Mishlai – Proverbs 4: 18-19 (LUK Modern Translation)

Because we realize that the ‘leadership’, which we have implicitly trusted for so long, is now totally compromised and corrupt, we are fixing up some better lighting, and recruiting some clear, clean ‘Light Bearers’, who are going to show a confused electorate the correct way out of the swamp.

Please acquaint yourselves with ‘The Bases Project – Stepping Stones to Awareness’, on YouTube, where one of our colleagues, Caroline Stephens, regularly delves into the mist and the swamp to highlight just how the nation is being misled by people – with hearts as black as a witch’s hat – who do not wish our nation well. Copy/Paste to view many highly relevant subjects and SHARE the URLs to make others aware:

Join us via ‘’ to get involved in a serious work to heal our nation’s wounds. Thank you!