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GOD is a plural being

Is it a small thing in your eyes to be loved by the God(head) – to be the son, the spouse, the love, the delight of the King of glory?

Fellow believer, grasp this, and think about it:

you will be eternally embraced in the arms of that love which is from everlasting, and will extend to everlasting-

think of the power (dynamis) which brought the Son of God’s love (agape) from heaven to earth, from earth to the cross, from the cross to the grave, from the grave to glory – that powerful love which was weary, hungry, tempted, scorned, scourged, which fasted, prayed, taught, healed, wept , which was buffeted, spat upon, crucified, pierced -, sweated, bled, died – and rose again. That love will eternally embrace you.

Richard Baxter (1615-1691)

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Community Assemblies of the British Isles

We regularly receive emails from John Gilbert, who is based in Cornwall, about the work they are doing, trying to establish groups of like-minded people across the UK (and some overseas countries too).

I am circulating this email update into the SITP groups in the hope that someone somewhere will actually go to meet these people in the county of Yorkshire and try to get groups set up across the county. There are email addresses and telephone numbers if you need them – just email to – –

Sincerely yours, grant andrew – Huddersfield

Re: Community Assemblies in the British Isles    Update for 3rd November 2022

I am putting this out to everyone so that the Facilitators will not have to pass this on.

The intensity of what we are doing is rising and so is our profile. Other organisations are adding their weight to the coalition which is the Community Assembly of the British Isles or affectionately known as CABI. There is a coming together and I have been talking to two other organisations this week. I understand that coalitions are not efficient, but we are all after the same end and so there is little to get in the way of achieving agreement.

The idea is to combine our resources so that our resistance is far more effective. Some of these collaborations are very informal but the English Assembly and London Assembly are already advertising CABI with their members and so we have a free exchange of information. When push comes to shove, we need as much weight as possible.

There are three sites in all. 

The London Assembly and all featured groups are in one location under:

We have some very dedicated people working with us and the hard work that they are putting in is paying off. We often have problems getting people to take up the role of Facilitator so here is a little information regarding the role of the Facilitator.

“It takes just three people who are willing to take on a Facilitator’s role to form a Community Assembly and the Facilitator’s role is not a taxing one as it really means that we have three people who are happy to keep the information flow going from us to local members and from local members to us. Some Facilitators do more in recruiting new members and forming new assemblies, but it is not part of the job description in that there is no pressure from us to do more than transmit information but, we are very grateful and supportive if more is done.

Forming a Community Assembly sends a strong signal to those who want to subjugate us that we no longer wish to play by their rules.  It is also perfectly lawful in that we have every right to form our own communities if the current system is no longer fit for purpose. The Bill of Rights 1688 set a precedent that when those governing are not fit for purpose the people can set up alternative governance being our ancient right and liberty.

Our ranks continue to swell and the number of visitors to our website is still increasing. In spite of a two week lull last month we still had 3112 visitors and over 6000 page views. Thanks to Nick Kitchen we had 156 visits from ‘Telegram’ and we are getting referrals from other organisations not previously mentioned. As a measure we had almost 1000 visits to our website in the first 4 days of this month. I have also had word that our model is being used in other countries and that is an achievement for which we can all be equally proud. A lot of dedicated people have contributed to our framework with their only reward being that others will use it.

We are resuming Zoom Meetings for the Facilitators again and we are also hoping to lay on a few information Zoom Meetings with ‘question and answer’ time set aside. The next zoom is for those members living in London and is hosted by Caroline Kelly and is scheduled for 7pm on Sunday 5th November ‘22 and the link is below.

Meeting ID: 836 0809 6164                        Passcode: 194937

The second zoom meeting is for Facilitators and is at 7pm on Wednesday 9th November and that link is here.

Meeting ID: 874 5925 1604                        Passcode: 864242

I have also started training people to release the spiritual frequencies of others and Nick Kitchen has been the first to start using this technique to great effect. There is a second person in Lancashire, and this should increase the availability of very high frequency people known as the Light Brigade or as the Aborigines call them the “Wayshowers”.

If you feel that you have high spiritual frequencies, are constantly driven to help others and feel that your energies are blocked, or you have recently started getting headaches then it could be a sign that your energies need a little TLC. 

Thank you to Lindsey, Jean and Robert for taking on Facilitator roles for Bedfordshire. I have now completed all the paperwork and it should appear on the website soon. There are another 17 assemblies awaiting confirmation of three facilitators. It doesn’t happen overnight and can be very frustrating for those who have volunteered and are having to wait but, it will happen eventually and yes, the frequencies did go up as soon as I had confirmation from all three Facilitators in Bedfordshire. I have also had a talk with Mimi, and she is going to set up a Community Assembly in Bedford. Way to go Bedfordshire.

Please hang in there, fight hard, never comply, be resilient, make our own reset happen and know that if we do it right there is a golden age ahead of us.

John Gilbert MD (AV), MHA, SAC Dip, FGAV, MBCS, MIET, C.Eng., LCGI.

Community Assembly of the British Isles, Community Light Brigade, Community Law Courts and Community Peace Service. 10 Orchard Park, Station Road, Bugle, The Duchy of Cornwall.  PL26 8NW 07742  927500 01726 851944

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Covid – what’s that?

You think you’ve got problems when you catch this new ‘pestilence’? Spare a thought for this poor chap, seems to have lived under the same natural law as we do, upset the government of his day, as we do, went about doing no harm, no loss, no injury, just like us, yet three days later he’s up and about again. Best ‘easter’ card ever, I’d say!!

Just saying…