Here are some selected quotes from an article of a few hours ago (25th June 2021) bearing the good-news headline: Supreme Court backs protesters and rules blocking roads can be ‘lawful’ way to demonstrate

You can read the full article HERE 

  • A ruling given on Friday morning said that protesters can have a “lawful excuse” defence against the statutory offence of obstructing a highway, even where they have used “deliberately physically obstructive conduct”.
  • “There should be a certain degree of tolerance to disruption to ordinary life, including disruption of traffic, caused by the exercise of the right to freedom of expression or freedom of peaceful assembly,” the majority ruling added.
  • Judges said that when interfering with the right to protest, factors must be considered including the extent to which demonstrators have broken the statute, their location, the duration of the protest, its interference with the rights of others and whether the action is over “very important issues”.
  • “It is an important verdict, especially now, when the government is trying to crackdown even further on the right to protest. If the current proposals become statute, they will give even more powers to the police, while making it even harder for people to make their voices heard.”
  • Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights said earlier this week that proposals to allow police to restrict protests on the basis of noise were “not necessary in a democratic society” and must be scrapped.

  • This report first published by Steve Cook – ‘The Liberty Beacon

COVID-19 VACCINES – To be or NOT to be?


When I was a lad, I remember my mother saying, about General Elections,

“politicians’ promises? They’re like my pie crusts – made to be broken’

I have found out through bitter experience that ‘it is better to be hurt by the Truth than to be comforted by a lie’.

Many of us already sensed, two years ago, that there was shortly going to be a national medical emergency. It has now proved to be a fake ‘pandemic’-  on an international scale. So far, we have gone through the first 18 months of it. There is much more planned ahead for us.

To jab or not to jab:

Because I personally have a history of hypotension, because I am also liable to get anaphylactic attacks, I would not in any event be having any of the injections. Perhaps we all need to ask ourselves – why did any of us agree to take the vaccine? What was it that persuaded us that ‘there was trouble ahead’?

The facts are that, of the many thousands of deaths [ONS -Office of National Statistics figures] which have been recorded over those 18 months, less than 50,000 were shown as being purely due to the Covid ‘virus’, the vast majority of cases always involved some other contributing illness (co-morbidities). This is clear evidence that almost 99% of Covid victims are actually recovering from the disease – without injections, although this data is no longer easy to find.

On average, every year throughout Europe, some 230,000 persons will die from seasonal ‘pneumonia’, yet, oddly, over the past 12 months, in the UK there have been very few cases recorded of pneumonia deaths..

Here are the ‘COVID’ figures for the UK as of Monday last, 21st June 2021:

Confirmed casesRecorded DeathsCase/fatality ratePer 100k of popn

This is less than 2 persons in every 100 – 1.91 per hundred – a survival rate of 98+%

What is a confirmed CASE of Covid?

A case of covid is being registered whenever a person tests POSITIVE, using the Reverse Transcription – Polymerase Chain Reaction [PCR] test method, as developed by Kary Mullis back in 1993 (for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry) to help with the diagnosis of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus [HIV]. As recently as three years ago, Mullis stated that his is an unsatisfactory method to use for finding and identifying the SARS-CoV-2 virus, because, after the sample has been cycled (amplified) more than 20 times, the results become erratic. Your UK government is currently recommending ‘cycling’ 34 times, in an effort to find at least SOME trace of a protein which we ALL carry in our bodies from cradle to grave. The man Kary Mullis has sadly since died..

Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction test

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a process that amplifies (replicates) a small, well-defined segment of DNA many hundreds of thousands of times, creating enough of it for analysis. Test samples are treated with certain chemicals that allow DNA to be extracted. Reverse transcription converts RNA into DNA.

Question: Why is it essential for the entire UK population to be injected for a respiratory disorder among us which is proven to be less severe than average winter pneumonia has EVER been?

Question: Why is it necessary to have repeated injections unless the initial jab was not fully effective?

Question; If the two injections together ARE effective, then surely someone who is NOT injected cannot pose a risk to those who have chosen to be injected?

Statement: Present data is now showing that, up to Sunday 20th June 2021 in the UK there have been 1,350 deaths, and more than 922,000 instances of serious Adverse Reactions among persons who had prior been injected, either once or twice.

Emergency Use Approval:

Whenever a new vaccine is developed there must first be a comprehensive series of control tests before any such product is allowed onto the public arena.

Why is it then, that whichever of these injections you are offered, none of them is clearly marked ‘Approved for normal use’ and yet they are being pushed out and the present government seem to be taking a pride in announcing the figures of those who have been injected – every single day?

There are those among us who can recall the Thalidomide scandal, a drug devised to give relief from ‘morning sickness’ to ladies during a pregnancy. I can remember the first such lady I ever saw, in Whitefield, Manchester – a fine young lass walking along the pavement, pushing a pram with her daughter (fully normal) in it – the mother with no arms, just hands protruding on stubs from her shoulders. You don’t forget something like that.

Those of us who remember our history will know what the Nuremberg trials were about at the end of World War 2. One of the issues was – No vaccination programmes to be carried out without informed consent of the public.

Yet, this programme of COVID-deterring injections has been rushed out under the Coronavirus Act 2020, itself an ‘emergency’ statute which also said there would be no ‘post-mortem’ examinations carried out during this ‘unprecedented’ period (however long that lasts?)

Question; How many of us have taken the trouble to find out exactly what is contained in those injection products?  Please, do your own research.

A recent post-mortem examination *, carried out here in the UK on an 81-yr old male deceased on 13th June 2021 after having received two injections against SARS-COV-2, found viral Recombinant Nucleic Acid [RNA] present in almost every organ in the corpse.

This individual was ‘tested’ [PCR] on being admitted to hospital just 18 days after being injected, and the result showed – NEGATIVE, but just 6 days after admission (24 days beyond his injection date) the same man tested POSITIVE.

Whilst the jab HAD triggered the promised Immune Response, it did NOT prevent a bacterial infection entering multiple organs in the body. The ‘spike’ proteins, which the jab is supposed to activate, were also infected. The ‘antibodies’ which the jab is meant to produce, were present, but, as was shown in a recent study in Japan, it is precisely the ‘spike’ protein which causes the various subsequent types of damage within our bodies.

This is why the Japanese government has decided that anyone who has been injected with any of these various products will not be allowed to be a blood donor.


The public should also be made aware that a series of ‘class action’ prosecutions is being organized internationally, led by Dr Reiner Fuellmich, (he who successfully achieved a prosecution against the VW Motor Corporation’s mis-description of exhaust emissions in their diesel vehicles) against those who are responsible for the release of the SARS-COV-2 infection and the parallel alarmist ‘control by fear’ programme which has decimated industry in many countries across the globe.  The first of these prosecutions has commenced in Norway, but I doubt it will receive much coverage on the mainstream media here in the UK.

With all the above factors in mind, I shall not be subjecting my body to an unproven injection. My freedom as an individual does not end where your fear commences.

*  In Italy also, similar results of bacterial infection were found when several post-mortem examinations were carried out – contravening the EU’s parallel regulation that post mortem examinations would NOT be made, due to the high number of expected fatalities.

With a hat-tip to Jon RappoportThe author of three powerful publications, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29 th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power.


Who’s locking YOU down?

Locked down, are we? LOCKDOWN is a ‘prison’ word, taken from custodial jargon. How long is our sentence going to be?

This much is clear: When the LOCKDOWN ends, the ‘PANDEMIC’ will end.

When the PANDEMIC ends, the EMERGENCY STATUS will end.

If the EMERGENCY STATUS ends, VACCINES can’t be administered.

No VACCINES means there can be no GREAT RESET,so, it’s up to US, how long to continue, locked away behind that mask.

I ask myself this, why would I trust a politician who can’t even be honest about the European Arrest Warrant which is STILL being misused to LOCK people UP whom the politicians find inconvenient..


mRNA – Part 2

Since society continues to be plagued with the false dialogue that ‘vaxxing is good for you‘ we shall be adding comment here from time to time. Hence – Part 2.

A wise man once said, “It is better to get hurt by the Truth than to be consoled by a lie

If the present ‘jabbing’ concept is so marvellous, so essential, so liberating from this ‘lockdown hell’ as one of my neighbours recently put it, then have a little think about this:

‘The UK’s drug tsars who are currently running the MHRA already have more than enough evidence via the Yellow Card system to cause them to declare that the COVID-19 injections are UNSAFE for use in humans. Not a peep out of them.

The Japanese government, having seen the results of analysis (by their own ‘MHRA’), of the contents of the ‘Pfizer’ injection material, have found that it is definitely damaging to almost ALL of the organs within the vertebrates tested – especially adversely affecting the BONE MARROW, the THYROID GLAND and the GENITALS. Very understandably, their decision has been:


Where is the comment from the Westmonster Wizards on this one, then, has anyone heard anything?