Watch “Vaccines! Public Health Committee Public Hearing, Extremely important video” on YouTube

This video reinforces the concerns which sensible, intelligent people have about the ‘timely’ appearance, on the world stage, of an ‘unproven’ vaccine, to be issued in BILLIONS of doses, against a disorder against which is now shown to be neither NECESSARY nor EFFECTIVE. Readers should also view THIS video together with the previous post – ‘One rule for us’.

We all need to do our own research as much as possible: sadly, we are now seeing modern evidence that the love of money is still the root of all evil. In my book, control without authority remains the root of fascism, and we are failing in our social responsibility if we KNOW and yet do not speak out.

Back in 2008, in the UK, 64,000+ died apparently due to the SARS-2 outbreak, but we never made as much melodrama over that one..


General Flynn is a free man

If there were ever a manoeuvre that could be characterized as “unleashing the Kraken,” this is it: President Trump just pardoned Gen. Michael Flynn, who was framed and vilified by the corrupt, treasonous deep state for refusing to betray his country or serve as Obama’s puppet.

General Flynn is now a free man, and all the efforts of the deep state to completely destroy him have failed. But that’s only a tiny slice of the real story that’s unfolding here. The far bigger story is that Flynn is being put back into play at the Department of Defense, working alongside Ezra Cohen-Watnick and Chris Miller (now the Secretary of Defense) to deploy all available DoD resources to take down deep state traitors and defend the American republic against its domestic enemies.

Watch this space


Don’t fence us in, either, BoJo!

This link goes to a German-language item; Google will translate it for you if you wish.

How typical of the UK government to poke its nose into another country’s business, and what dreadful hypocrisy – warning the Zimbabwe leaders,

“Don’t make this COVID-19 virus an excuse to restrict your citizens’ freedom and liberty of movement

This from a government which has taken 4+ years to get a democratic severance from the European Union ‘Hochstaplerei’ – restore our ancient rights to collect our own fish – to trade with whatever nation WE choose, just to mention a few points – and they’re only 23 miles away.

No, after such a display of arrogance, I am today bound to remind them that on June 23rd 1978 the then British government did NOTHING when Mugabe’s had his thugs murder thirteen good British souls at Vumba – three men, six women, four children, all bayonetted and clubbed to death – for being white and in the way of his personal aggrandisement.

Read ‘The Rainbow or the Thunder’ – ISBN 0 340 24208 6

‘Put your own house in order’ comes to mind!!