Don’t fence us in, either, BoJo!

This link goes to a German-language item; Google will translate it for you if you wish.

How typical of the UK government to poke its nose into another country’s business, and what dreadful hypocrisy – warning the Zimbabwe leaders,

“Don’t make this COVID-19 virus an excuse to restrict your citizens’ freedom and liberty of movement

This from a government which has taken 4+ years to get a democratic severance from the European Union ‘Hochstaplerei’ – restore our ancient rights to collect our own fish – to trade with whatever nation WE choose, just to mention a few points – and they’re only 23 miles away.

No, after such a display of arrogance, I am today bound to remind them that on June 23rd 1978 the then British government did NOTHING when Mugabe’s had his thugs murder thirteen good British souls at Vumba – three men, six women, four children, all bayonetted and clubbed to death – for being white and in the way of his personal aggrandisement.

Read ‘The Rainbow or the Thunder’ – ISBN 0 340 24208 6

‘Put your own house in order’ comes to mind!!

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