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No smoke without FIRE

There is a Quiet War going on, and the Weapons being used are Silent (SWFQW). The planned release of the fake ‘Black Death’ influenza, which was designed to produce the 1,296 Adverse Effects, has been (and remains) the smokescreen, behind which the so-called ‘New World Order’ with its Central Bank concept, has organized the ‘Going Direct Reset’. By ‘Going Direct’, the NWO’s Central Bank has quietly declared war on the citizens of the real world – the take-over of world finance. Just take a look back at some of the nonsensical mantras that were pumped out by the corporate media, deliberately installing terror into the wo/man on the street : here’s one, we were told that we needed to swap to a digital, online, intangible currency, because “contaminated cash may spread the killer COVID”..

Now, since 2010, just about every financial facility, every government, national, local or international, is a CORPORATION. What follows next is a Worldwide Great Depression, and you will be sold the lie that ONLY a central bank digital currency will be able to get your nation out of that depression. If we are truly individual living beings, the time is NOW to stand up and be counted (if necessary be killed) in protection of the next generation of free, thinking, reasonable living souls. Common sense and critical thinking are the essence of all living beings.

Don’t be intimidated by those blind beggars around you who call you a conspiracy theorist, those who mock you for daring to step out of line, ask questions: as a teacher told us in a classroom in Sinsheim, Baden-Württemberg, back in 1958, (yes, I am that old), “Es gibt keine dummen Fragen, nur dummen die nicht fragen”. Those of us who are too timid to challenge the great international conspirators are following the ‘FAKE’ signs, leading to our own demise. An email to – – will provide you with a route map and some ideas for confronting falsehoods.

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It is clear now that we are in a SILENT WAR, being fought against us by an enemy who is using QUIET WEAPONS. Take heart, there IS a way forward.
We have prepared six (6) ZIP files, each file containing template documents to help us all finally wriggle free from the corrupt ‘straw man‘ control system and live free – as the  ‘living beings’ which we actually were meant to be..

If you are ready to take that important step, send an email to us at the address below:

and we will send you all the information you will need. We send out first all the documents in a locked pdf format, so that you can see what the finished article looks like.

You can then email us to let us know when you are ready to make your own ‘complaint‘, and we will send you the same information, in an ‘open‘ version, which you can fill out and send to the addresses we will give you. It will cost you NOTHING except a little time and careful effort to get this done. We look forward to helping you. Sincerely yours, Andrew

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At a time when the whole world realises that there is something not quite right about all this ‘jabbing’ frenzy, as even the UK’s ‘gov’ website is putting figures up about folks’ mutilations and mortality with this experimental liquid, WHY is it necessary to start jabbing 5 – 11 yr olds, who have the least risk of any of us, of dying from what has been proved to be nothing more than a nasty version of influenza.

My 8-yr old grandson came home from school last weekend, complete with A4 sheet, advising his parents to get him jabbed. The school leadership must have been a bit wary, as the offending Form was supported by four pages of advisory NOTES, from the Essex University, no less – extra GRAVITAS there, then. This is what went back to school with him today [Mon 21st Feb]


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The text here below is taken from a recent piece of research, where the writer is preparing to final disentangle himself from the web of deceit which masquerades as our ‘govern-ment’. Please, read this background explanation first, then, at the end, fasten your seatbelt, take two aspirins with a glass of water and get ready for a surprise.

The Background Conspiracy

“Personage and Barratry” This is what the lawyers, bankers, and politicians have used to enslave us.

GLOSSA: ~ Have you ever wondered why the SURNAME is often written using the ALL CAPITALS TEXT? (It’s called Glossa)

You are using a legal name, or a legal fiction and this is fraud. Understand that the name that you think is you, is actually split into separate entities. The ‘Christian’ name (Christ Name) and the Surname (slave-serf- name). When our parents register our birth (actually, they are informing on you) they probably believe it is a nice thing to do and they are proud of their new child so want the world to know. However, they register you (the child) and the names which they are giving you (given name) to the Crown Corporation LTD. as their Property by your Birth Certificate. You become literally the property of the Crown Corporation, a slave.

Back in the day, the nurse would prick the heel of the baby and then take a footprint of it using the baby’s own blood. They would also take the blood type to check to see if the baby was from their black bloodline. If it proved positive, then the baby would become ‘stillborn’. The footprint and the birth certificate (the real one, not the bit of paper you get) is then sent to the Vatican for storage. The storage of our souls.

Your birth certificate is also given a CUSIP or bond number. This bond is then traded on the stock exchange; you are literally ‘stock’ that is sold many times on the stock exchanges. Your actual physical value is also used as collateral (from the bond) allowing the United Kingdom LIMITED, a private limited company, and never a government, to take out loans from private banks such as the Bank of England. That bank is yet another private limited company and has nothing to do with England or a government.

Profit is made from you by the way of legal (not lawful) fines (from Legislation or Acts & Statutes), utility bills and many forms of taxation. In the early 70s the UNITED KINGDOM LIMITED took the backing of gold away from the British Pound and now the currency (fiat currency which is never money) is now backed not by Gold or Silver, but by your physical value or manpower or future sweat equity.

(This could be rectified tomorrow, if the ‘Bradbury’ Pound were reintroduced – see for that one, and my thanks to John Weston Briggs for his excellent exposé of banking corruption).

When you are born, let’s say in England, you enter the ‘waters’ of the English jurisdiction. Your parents are in reality then informing England that a new ‘ship’ has entered their waters. When the birth certificate is completed by your parents (they were informants) the birth certificate creates an implied ‘company’ of you your SURNAME.

The birth certificate then tells UNITED KINGDOM LIMITED (a privately owned corporation and a different jurisdiction), that your ship (you, in fact) has entered their waters. All these implied corporations (you) and the UNITED KINGDOM LIMITED are considered ‘ships’ as we are all governed under the law of the sea, known as Admiralty or Maritime Law. There is no actual, real ‘ship’, but a document vessel, which in our case was our ‘Berth’ Certificate, created by the Doctor when they ‘docked’ you in the hospital WARD, making you a ward of the state (owned).

Next time you visit a graveyard, have a look at the names on the headstones. You will notice that they are all written in CAPITALS. These corporations are so greedy and so twisted, that they cannot let us go even after death.

Whenever you encounter any legal documents (remember, the document is your vessel) you will notice that your surname or sometimes all your names, just like the headstones in the graveyard are all written using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. That is not English, it is LEGALESE.

This is all done on purpose and there are no coincidences. This way of theirs of writing with ALL CAPITAL LETTERS is not defined or recognised in The Oxford Styles Manual, which is the governing book of the English language. This means that although you may be able to read it as English, it is most definitely not English. The all CAPS or Gloss can be found within the ‘Oxford Styles Manual’, under foreign-languages, named ancient-Latin or sometimes Dog Latin.

You usually see the ALL CAPITALS or UPPERCASE text found as a language when writing in the American Sign Language (ASL). This is a signing language used for the deaf when written down. ASL can be defined in the book ‘The Chicago Manual of Style’ under the foreign languages header: American Sign Language (ASL) compound signs, 10.152 and ‘glosses, 10.147’. Thus, defining this text as a foreign language.

It also goes on to say that when written, it has no ‘one to one’ correspondence with any other languages on the document. The all CAPS or Gloss is also found in the Oxford Styles Manual under foreign-languages, namely Ancient Latin, however as the all-caps UK LTD is registered in Washington D.C, they appear to be using the ‘Chicago Manual of Style’, not the Oxford styles manual version.

Putting two or more languages onto a legal document is known in law as a ‘Glossa’. Black’s Law Dictionary defines: ‘GLOSSA’ – “It is a poisonous gloss which corrupts the essence of the text”. Meaning that by using the Glossa in a document they are trying to conceal or confuse the real facts. Just remember, we are talking about legal documents here, not lawful ones. We truly need to get our head around the difference between lawful and legal.

Go and have a check of any documents that are written within the legal realm, things like a driving licence, your passport, any fines or parking tickets, speeding tickets, court orders or a court summons. You will quickly realize that while most of the document will be written in normal English, all of the important stuff, like your name etc are all written in the ALL UPPERCASE or CAPITALS style language.

As we established earlier, the ALL UPPERCASE and or CAPITALS text and the plain English text cannot be read as one text in a document, they have no jurisdiction over one another, they are simply not compatible. It is like writing half English and halb-Deutsch.

So, the way to read it is, you must read all the English in one go, and then go back to read the ALL UPPERCASE.

When read like this, you will quickly realise that these court orders, council tax demands, speeding tickets and all other legal documents make no sense whatsoever.

They can only make sense when we assume that it is all plain English and we read it like that, once you take one away from the other it renders the document useless.

Since the UK government is not actually a government but simply a privately owned corporation it can only communicate, impose fines and set legislation, acts and statutes, upon other corporations.

They then trick us into registering our names as a corporate entity with our driving licences and passports, then, in turn, trick us into thinking that those names are physically us. It successfully gets us to represent the corporately registered name and therefore bear the burden of those fines, tickets, and policies. This is a crime known as personage or sometimes known as legal entrapment.

Hand in hand with the crime of personage or legal entrapment is another criminal activity known by the term barratry which is knowingly bringing false claims into court. This is what police, politicians, judges and local councils are doing every day.

Consider the birth certificate, it has two names, your given name (Christ name) but also the surname which is not even yours. It also has two dates on it, your berth date (when the docker BERTHED you in the DOCK) and two languages, some in English and some in GLOSSA. This could only be done this way to confuse and trick you.

Every ACT of Parliament is directed at a PERSON or PERSONS. The Bills of Exchange Act 1882, Section 2, defines the word ‘person’, as does the Local Government Act 1888, Section 100; and Interpretation Act 1978, Schedule 1, “Words and expressions defined”; and Representation of the People Act 1983, Section 202, ‘General provisions as to interpretation’.

So, in reality, a person is not what we think it is. It is in fact an ‘association’ corporate or unincorporate [a ‘voter’ is a person]. A person is not a man, male or female (Genesis 1:27).

Man is the creation of God. A Person or human, human being, etc. is an invention of man. Hue, means colour, so a HUMAN is only the colour of man, not a man:

This entire fake system has been designed for centuries as a commercial enterprise. We are being used as ‘persons in commerce’. The bills, the fines, the taxes are all directed NOT at us but rather at our legal fiction, sometimes referred to as our strawman.

To avoid this fraud and to not allow them to commit the crimes of legal entrapment on us we need to comprehend that we are man: and woman: not a person or persons and we have no CAPITALISED NAMES.

However, when we are presented with these fake bills, taxes and fines, never refuse to pay them because that will only cause controversy, and the legal society thrive and prosper purely on the creation of controversy. By removing any controversy or argument, there is nothing for a judge or magistrate to deal with.

It is simply commerce to the legal society, just business, like when the Godfather shoots his enemies, just business.

The easiest way to deal with this fraud is to always realize that the bills, fines etc are simply offers to contract. If you contract, then you have to pay. But rather than contracting, send them a counteroffer by way of a conditional acceptance. You then agree to pay any and all bills, fines, taxes etc in full only upon receipt of a lawful contract; a commercial true bill and a full and complete statement of accounts.

For clarity, a lawful contract must include full disclosure with nothing added or removed after being signed, consideration, (meaning that both parties bring something to the table and all signatories get what they want from the contract), lawful terms and conditions laid out in simple English, plus the wet signatures of all contracting parties.

For your information the word ‘sign’ has a silent ‘G’ [that is a Masonic letter] so, when one is signing, one is sinning. The original sin is the one our parents signed on a birth certificate bearing the name they gave you and the surname added by the State, handing over title and ownership of the name one is given. You are then property of the Crown Corporation.

More Evidence

Just in case you thought we were making all this stuff up, or even exaggerating, let me introduce you to the Global Market Entity Identifier [GMEI]. There is a Belgian corporation called Business Entity Data (BED) B.V., itself a subsidiary of The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC). The former operates the GMEI legal entity identifier solution within the federated Global LEI system [GLEIS].

Go search online for yourself – go to – -which will take you to a black page with white lettering.

At the top right-hand end of the header bar, you will see a tiny ‘magnifying glass’ icon.

Click on there to get a small drop-down box, into which you merely need to enter your National Insurance number – thus [AB 12 34 56 C] – you leave the usual spaces between the items.

When you click on there, you should get a ‘landscape’ page, actually, many pages, which is a list of EVERY single time that YOU, as a ‘commodity’ have been used by the various government bodies (and lord knows who else?) in trade, investment and borrowing (International Monetary Fund – [IMF], Bank of International Settlements [BIS], etc). since the day your parents registered you. What a very cunning plot, and so long, so subtly embedded in the minds of every generation, to simply trot along and *REGIS-TER your beautiful new-born as a vessel on the seas of commerce.

For me, I have to date been traded 861,489 times, but then, I am in my 80th year now.

  • Regis is from the Latin for ‘king’ – rex – regis, so we are all putting ourselves under the yoke when we ‘register’ for things.

Talk about ‘hidden in plain sight’ and ‘always read the small print’

No doubt others might be interested to know how we have all been abused for generations. Feel free to share this item.

As usual, attached here in pdf if needed –

Sincerely yours –

grant andrew of the livingstone smith family – Huddersfield                19.02.2022

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This is the full version [1hr 28mins] of the video from which an extract was released earlier this week.

It is clear that Reiner Fuellmich (and Viviane Fischer) have realised that the United States Grand Jury will ALSO now be under the control of a Democratic Party, which is in league with the WEF-controlled United Nations, and therefore they now open their investigations to world public scrutiny. The truth needs no cloak.

Those of us who know Fullmich’s pedigree can be sure that he is not the type to be side-lined or brow-beaten into silence, having successfully confronted and exposed both industrial and financial criminality (Volkswagen Group and Deutsche Bank).

We recommend this lengthy but very significant recording for your serious consideration. You will know how to read this:

http : / / odysee dot com / @ Banned You Tube Videos : 4 / Grand – Jury – Day – 1:2

It is set out here as the first of a series of public hearings, to show beyond reasonable doubt that there has been a long-planned scheme to deceive the common wo/man and gain illicit control of society.

It is intended that the subsequent weekly hearings will also be made fully public since the truth needs no protection from scrutiny.

Let us all unite in the prayer that this brave work will not now be scuppered by the black hearts. We note that one of the nominated witnesses – Dr Luc Montagnier – is reported to have died recently (since February 6th)

12 February 2022

Published with grateful thanks to our fellow-warrior [PD] who brought this to our attention

Construction Industry


A door could be opening, showing the way for a suitable living being to join a team of hard working specialists.

The successful applicant will be truly healthy, between 30 and 50 years of age, fluent in English and Polish, with proven experience in the glazing industry. He or she will be of previous good character, permanently resident in Britain, will hold a full driving licence and be the keeper of a reliable motor vehicle.

This is a serious opportunity,which is not being publicly advertised. No time wasters please. Those who have read this information carefully will understand its content. Send a CV containing your full snail-mail address together with a recent photograph and a pdf of your passport to the following email address: without delay.

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This is the presentation, delivered recently at Clay Clark’s ‘REAWAKEN AMERICA’ tour in Dallas Texas, which Dr David E. Martin refers to in his later one, at which he went on to identify all the 28 leading shadows of the present ‘globalist’ regime.

I remember him saying that THIS speech was permitted to be published by exception, because of the importance of the content.

“Dr David E. Martin is one of the best public speakers I’ve ever seen. I’m somewhat of a professional in the area and have had lots of training on speaking. David Martin is seriously at the top of the best in the world.”

Just one of the many plaudits from those who recognise the importance of his words, and who respect him for his determination to shine a light on darkness

What a brave man he is – may he be protected – to show evil up for what it is.

It is not an exaggeration to say that this is a global problem, a plan to depopulate the globe. The agenda was planned decades ago, and what the speaker here is addressing to American citizens is just as valid this side of the Atlantic.

As the BBC starts to rubbish our efforts to use ‘government-made’ statutes to expose government puppets, we need to stand firm and use the Doctor’s words to awaken the ‘constables’ to their duty to protect the people rather than strutting up and down in the service of the Home Office. Let’s use these words:

“From this day on, every injury, every death which occurs as a result of your failure to CLOSE DOWN all Covid injection centres is on your hands. This is a ‘criminal’, not a ‘political’ issue. So, constable, when you are clearly operating outside the scope of your oath of promise, realise this: you are then no longer protected by public indemnity insurance. The people will hold you, each individual one of you, privately accountable and personally liable for any harm or loss caused by your unlawful conduct.”

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We draw the attention of the general public to the verdict from the International Common Law Court of Justice, in a trial hearing commencing September 15th 2021 and concluding on January 15th 2022, held at Vancouver Kanata.

We publish for your consideration three documents , issued by the ICLCJ, as follows:



PUBLIC STATEMENT from the Public Affairs Office of the COURT as to the scale, details and number of defendants named and prosecuted ‘pro confesso‘ in the absence of any defence offered by those persons arraigned.

We commend these three documents to our readers for attention and action as we see fit in line with our mutual understanding and confidence in common law, which is shared by all, owned by none and which remains superior to any man-made statute.

Please feel to SHARE this information and these Court Warrants and to COMMENT as appropriate. We have reached a point in our society where democracy and the due process of even ‘statutory’ instruments is being manipulated to the advantage of those who do not have the welfare of the people at heart. Our individual reaction to the validity of these decisions, and the actions now duly consequent as a result of them, will determine whether those constables already sworn under oath to protect the people will now become either WITNESSES or DEFENDANTS.

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Vaccine victim reports damage to Police

Following the decisive action of Mark Sexton (a former police constable) and Dr Sam White on December 20th 2021 in lodging a complaint at Hammersmith Police Station in London, there are literally HUNDREDS of complaints being made daily at Police Stations across the UK. The evidence emerging is overwhelming and irrefutable that, as we forecast some 18 months prior, the entire episode of SARS_Cov_2 has proved to be the First Act of a well-planned conspiracy to swap the present economic and humanitarian structure of our planet for a New World Order. It is a smokescreen, designed to keep our attention away from the real agenda.

It is becoming clear that this madness for imposing experimental ‘vaccines’ on just about every age-group in every civilised area of the globe is not misguided – it is being very skilfully guided – and is going to be responsible for many, many more deaths than the so-called ‘Covid 19’ virus ever was.

Just one example among hundreds, on Tuesday 18th January 2022 a complaint was lodged, at the Huddersfield Police Station in Yorkshire, by a Pharmacist, a previously fit young man, who had been advised by his senior line management to get vaccinated and who now finds himself seriously disabled to the extent that he has had to leave his job.

This latest edition [17] of the FREE newspaper ‘THE LIGHT‘, lists 54 victims, sports professionals across the world either dead or disabled after being tricked into getting ‘vaccinated’ against a ‘disease’ which shows a 99.8% recovery rate in those who were previously fit and healthy beforehand.

Just this evening, (Friday 21st Jan) a contact in the North London area telephoned to say that she had witnessed a young woman drop to the pavement outside their local supermarket, complaining of a ‘burning pain in her chest’ – all just coincidence? I would remind the younger among our readers of the last ‘experimental’ medication disaster, back in 1959, which was offered to ladies who were experiencing ‘morning sickness’ – CONTERGAN, we were assured , would ease the problem. The result was over 10,000 infants born – in 46 countries worldwide – with parts of their little bodies either missing or hideously deformed.

Attached is a video showing this young man’s account.

The time has come for each one of us to decide where we stand on this social scandal: gone is the time when we could get away with indifference, with a ‘bury your head in the sand’ attitude. We need to choose a side, as you will see from the linked video, this issue is not going to go away – it is going to be with us for many years and the only sensible ,sane thing to do now would be to STOP injecting uninformed citizens and our children with substances which have never been fully tested. There ARE ways to achieve this, and we offer a full package of documents (too large to be included here) a full guide and checklist as to how to lawfully make this urgently needed change.

Here are the links to the latest videos:


Please email us at – – and we will get the information to you without delay. Thank you.

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Just in case you have been hiding under your duvet for the past few weeks, there is a lot starting to happen. We will shortly be posting a video or two about a visit to the local ‘gendarmerie’ where a local victim of jabbing, disabled after heeding the Hancock lies and the lies of his line managers and getting double-jabbed, made a local complaint in support of what Mark Sexton and Dr Sam White have boldly done in Hammersmith, London.

The tide is starting to turn: those who dare to look at the BBC News will have seen the Prime Muppet is now wriggling in an attempt to get ‘off the hook’ on which he has impaled himself. “We can take your masks off now, folks!!

The recent brave action by Mark Sexton and Dr Sam White , supported by two solicitors, Liam Hyland and Lois Bayliss, has started the ball rolling.

The group calling itself UKcitizen2021 has put together a package of documents and flyers which will help all those who now take up the challenge of getting these ‘vaxxing centres’ SHUT DOWN. We have separated out all the documents, added the large important one, and popped them into a ZIP file.

 Please get busy in your manor – let’s do it as politely as possible – and start serving notice on the staff there. As we are not permitted to upload ZIP files on the site, please contact us at – – and we will send it out immediately, if not sooner..

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This information, received some 15 days ago, is now released for your consideration and, where possible, for verification by those with the knowledge and the contacts to check the allegations…


A Chimeric Spike protein is next to be produced:

A tool for a SELECTIVE depopulation:
There is an unimagined, scientifically possible biological attack method, which, if used, would result in ONLY the survival of target numbers of, mostly under 60 years old, relatively young and healthy people in each country, and the elimination of everybody else! At any time in the future, this selective depopulation method can be achieved with help of the scientific technique from the patent mentioned below.

STEPS of the inverted method;
First, giving protection to planned numbers of people against an (created but not yet spread) extremely lethal pathogen,
And then, in the future, releasing that pathogen, so that only those who received that immunity would survive! Everybody else, including unvaccinated people, who don’t have that immunity, would be eliminated! In each country, the number of people planned to survive could be determined by controlling the number of doses to be sold to that country!

There is a way to give an immunization against a ‘created but not released’ lethal pathogen, in front of the scientific scrutiny without being suspicious; By producing a ‘multivalent’ mRNA, encoding a chimeric protein, to give the intended immunity against that lethal pathogen!

HOW to create the necessary reasons to produce a multivalent mRNA sequence with the genetic sequence portions of a (created but not yet released) lethal virus’s spike protein;
As Ralph Baric explained in his 2014 patent, No. US9884895B2, a multivalent, vaccine produced chimeric spike protein will contain each variant’s unique mutated parts, teaching the human immune system to fight against all variants. Giving this as a reason, multivalent mRNA will be structured from mutated parts of existing variants!

Actually, all the variants could have been engineered, long ago, with the exact desired unique mutated portions, to be taken back, as reference, in the construction of the next multivalent mRNA sequence! Each variant’s unique parts could actually be the common parts with the lethal version! With this BUILDING BACK method, the intended spike protein could be encoded by any next to be produced multivalent mRNA!
For the whole scientific scrutiny, the sequence used in multivalent mRNA will be legitimate and just constructed from mutated parts of …X…, Omicron, Delta, and Beta variants.
However, even if the mRNA’s sequence parts were to be referenced separately to existing variants, the full sequence would encode a new shaped spike protein because of the folding conformation changes induced by mutations as described:

Nobody would think about or know that the final structure of the encoded protein was built to give immunity against another pathogen!
Variants should be released every few months, not only to create the reasons for the necessity of a NEW vaccine to ‘cover all variants’ but especially to create the logical references to BUILD (BACK) the desired multivalent mRNA sequence!

For this purpose, with data and results of DARPA’s Thor program and Francis Collins’ Human Genome program, Prof. Ralph Baric, according to his linked CV,(check his study on using Coronaviruses as the vaccine vector for HIV, from 2008 to 2013) is capable of engineering a deadly pathogen (with a modified spike protein) (also modified not to mutate and become resistant and erase the whole humanity) which can avoid every human defence mechanism regardless of ethnic genetic differences.
He could also engineer a few Coronavirus variants (eg: Sarscov-2, Beta, Delta, Omicron, …) each with a slightly different spike protein (those different parts at each variant to be the common part with the lethal one’s spike protein)!

Here is the method to create chimeric spike protein to be used in vaccines from the 2014 applied patent of Ralph Baric and Boyd Yount; US9884895B2;

Additional tools to keep alive MOSTLY the younger and healthier people, at PLANNED NUMBERS in each country: It would be enough to keep this vaccine away from those countries which are still vaccinating their priority old, sick, handicap people by using the WHO vaccination priority groups (which actually divide and place the world population into age and health categories). The majority of old, sick, handicapped people, also governments’ authorities and personnel will already be vaccinated until Moderna will produce the new “universal coronavirus vaccine” and start sending that to those more than 160 African, South American and Asian countries from the second half of 2022 as the company has already announced. With this delay, the newly produced vaccines will reach the younger and healthier part of the world’s 7 billion people! Countries such as China, Russia, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, North Korea could be erased completely by just not selling that “vaccine”!

Only with mRNA technology, is it possible to immunize people secretly against another pathogen by using parts of spike protein of THAT pathogen’s genetic sequence in the multivalent vaccine mRNA sequence.
Parts of the produced protein to have the distinct feature and shape of the lethal virus’ spike protein would be enough for our immune system to learn how to fight against the lethal one! Therefore, any deadly pathogen with a modified coronavirus spike protein can be used in this plan. For example, an engineered HIV with a modified Coronavirus spike protein could infect people instantly but only kill them in the long term, which would further cover this plan.

PRECAUTION: for such a biological attack possibility not to become a reality, request authorities not to permit the use of any chimeric mRNA sequence (which would encode a never-existing new protein shape with no reference existing virus protein to compare with) in vaccines by explaining how it could be used in the described way! Also, requesting authorities to decide which vaccine is the most efficient and to use only that vaccine on everybody! Proclaiming that ‘every citizen deserves the same, the best possible treatment’, mentioning also that, ‘vaccine equity’ would ensure avoiding the usage of different vaccines on different age and health grouped people, to achieve the described method of a global, FUTURE biological attack, resulting in a TARGET SELECTIVE depopulation!

I heartily invite you to verify the scientific possibility of this information with competent experts of your choice from various practice fields!

I hope I have managed to explain that the whole reason for this pandemic just might be to inject the public with a chimeric protein encoding mRNA purportedly to give protection against a future-to-be-released, deadly pathogen, but actually to achieve not random, but selective depopulation by keeping alive only the target number of people! All the variants might be being released just to create the reason to produce that multi valent mRNA vaccine!

Every condition necessary to achieve such a plan already exists: Global vaccination, variants with unique spike protein parts, mRNA technology (which is the only way to produce that desired Protein by a multivalent mRNA), WHO priority groups’ different vaccination times (for the desired vaccine to reach to desired ‘qualifying’ people)

The only missing step is ‘other’ variants to be released (saying that “these are more dangerous” and therefore current vaccines need to be updated!) and producing a multivalent mRNA!

The usage of multivalent mRNA leaves an open door for the described biological attack method to be achieved! This risk should not exist!

Name & contact details supplied but withheld pending further investigation

As usual, this text is also available here for distribution..

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Just a quick post, for those who don’t have much time for ‘browsing’, and for those with long memories, who remember this singer..

Today with colleagues I went to our local gendarmerie and made a formal crime complaint about the state of the nation under the ‘jabbers jackboot’. We were kept waiting for 35 minutes by the desk monitor, they eventually called two constables in from their patrol car to speak to us. Their first reaction was a bit guarded, tried to fob us off with a quick chat in the public-side corridor. When we insisted, we were given a hearing in an interview room and we were able to make a complaint of crime on two fronts.

  1. We have a friend within our fold who is a medical professional, joined us after suffering a medical trauma, being jabbed twice ..
  2. We made a support complaint linked to that made at Hammersmith Police Station [6029679/21] and, coupled with that issue, we also showed the danger of the jabbing and demanded that our local constables act AT ONCE to CLOSE down ALL of the ‘Covid vaccine centres n our area. They’ve gone to ask their sergeant what to do next…
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Your county needs YOU!

We are ready to move forward. After a test phase, (and some hands-on training at this end) all templates have been prepared. Send a short email to – – and let us know in which COUNTY you are based. We will send you a ZIP file containing 5 items. From the file –

  1. firstly, READ the ‘How to prepare..’ document,

2. secondly, see the SAMPLE card (it’s a PDF document).

3. Third, complete the docx file of your choice – ANDREW or ANDREA. When you have the details to your liking, SAVE that ‘card’ – in PDF.

4. Fourth, when you’re totally happy with the finished card, send them off to any printer you choose (we have suggested one) and get ready to begin recruiting – in YOUR county.

5. The 5th item in your ZIP file is a PNG file, from which, if you wish, a Banner or a Pennant can be made that will help UNITE your ‘regiment’ wherever you PEACEABLY assembly to demonstrate your opinion about the present state of our nation’s affairs. Finally, do send us a copy of your final card and we’ll build a register of support.

Remember what we talked about – ‘satyagraha’

Thank you and may the Truth prevail..!

Political, Spiritual, Unity


If you were recently handed a small card with 3 RED DOTS on one side – WELL COME and WELL DONE for landing on this site. One way or another there are going to be some big changes on these islands in the near future: it must be obvious to all but the dimmest among us that this present ‘disease’ which is occupying all MSM attention did not accidentally blow in on the breeze. You and I have a decision to make, on which side are we going to stand? If the pill you prefer is RED, then do three things –

1. Send us an email to – – and tell us in which COUNTY you are based. We will then send you out a ZIP file with all the tools to make your own little group much more effective in your own COUNTY.

2. Make an effort to meet up (Stand in the Park, for example) with local folk who are as fed up as you are with this ‘fake emergency’, creeping across the world like ivy over a wall. By this time next year this nation can be looking much healthier, but we MUST act TOGETHER.

3. Keep an eye on this blog for further ideas.

Sincerely yours, Andrew.

Send to –

Autobiographical, Common Law, Political

FRODO vs SAURON – we can do it!

I have just finished my second affidavit, sent it off to the Crown and copied to all crown agents, confirming their tacit acceptance of all the details contained in the first affidavit, and the other supporting documentation, against which they did NOT object in the time-frame which I allowed them – 40 days.

There is a Latin phrase, so often used in THEIR legal arguments in their ‘courts’, which says ‘Qui tacet consentire videtur‘ – it translates as ‘(s)he who remains silent is deemed to be consenting’ 

In and among all the details of our first ‘complaint’, we are saying that we know that the LEGAL FICTION of our name, given to us at birth, all in CAPITAL letters, becomes treated as a ‘company’ or a ‘vessel’ and is unlawfully and illegally misrepresented as being ‘lost at sea’. They then go on to raise serious money and do thousands of other stock-market-type transactions, using YOUR TRUST name as collateral.

I am particularly happy in that I have kept, for 80 years, the original ‘NATIONAL REGISTRATION IDENTITY CARD’ given to my father when I was just FIVE days old. – see attached. Three days before, my birth certificate had been handed to him, where my given name appears in normal cursive handwriting, but the NRIC is immediately issued showing the name of a five-day-old infant in CAPITALS..

Using an old 200-year calendar, I have been able to be very specific, in my complaint to the Crown, that this card was issued on WEDNESDAY 5th August 1942.

(Some may remember the small magazine called ‘Old Moore’s Almanac‘, who originally published this very useful calendar: it enables us to pinpoint ANY date between the years 1850 to 2050 and tell us what ‘day of the week that was‘ Anyone who wants a copy can email and we will send out a pdf.)

Now, you may not be able to be so exact as I can, but you CAN state clearly the ACTUAL day of the week on which you were born and also the actual day on which your birth certificate was issued, which was the start of YOUR being given a LEGAL FICTION NAME. When dealing with these so-called ‘legal eagles’ they DO like to be fussy and very exact as to facts, so, let’s not disappoint them.

Don’t delay – act TODAY! Send us an email and we will send you the necessary documents, FREE OF CHARGE – we here at Livingstones do not think that FREEdom should be contaminated with PAYdom.
We send you the entire ‘complaint’ in PDF format, which gives you an idea of what is involved.

Next, send us a second email and we will send the SAME documents in EDITABLE format, so that you can put YOUR new ‘common law’ name in, change ‘man’ to read ‘woman’ etc.



Now, more than ever, we ALL need to stay awake, to stand shoulder-to-shoulder, not just on our keyboards, also in our villages, towns and counties. We say it again, there is a Quiet War in progress.

Here are a few pointers:

1. We draw your attention to a remarkable warrior, you may already know her work.. Go to Telegram, search for ‘Queen_of_Freedom21’, scroll back through her posts, and then join the 18.7k working alongside her.

2. Please also join Mark Sexton at – – and start finding other warriors in your COUNTY. Form a CLAN, and STAND TOGETHER.

3. Send us an email and we’ll send back the documents with which you can get free from the Admiralty press-gang, and reclaim your LEGAL FICTION TRUST. Do it today.

4. None of us voted for the UN Agenda 21/2030, yet here we are, quietly being herded like obedient sheep into a pen. On the gate they might as well write ‘ARBEIT MACHT FREI’ as their Header, because it is yet another programme of total control, designed to strip every individual’s rights, their freedoms, their very lives away. It’s all being done under the guise of ‘save the planet’ and ‘sustainable development’.

Are you just going to sit there and let this happen?


FREEdom not PAYdom

Today, [Monday 2 May 2022], in the West Midlands area, there is to be a meeting of minds, which could be a significant step forward on the Way to seeing a new national community, built upon Truth, not on legal deception.

We ask you to ‘watch and pray’ for all the participants, that truth will dawn and egos will not dent our minds, that this day will breathe new Life into a 6-yr-old effort to get us all free from slavish dependence on a bent system.

Sincerely and in honour, grant andrew.