There IS a cure for many cancers

For over 10 years, scientists at Immuno-BioTech Ltd have been working to refine and improve on a serous (serum-based) product, originally first developed in Japan; the UK version is now capable of curing more than 120,000 Stage IV tumours per year, when used according to their recommended treatment regime, and, provided that the patient has not previously been subjected to the present ‘standard’ alternative – chemo- and radio-therapy.
It is now a matter of public record that both David Noakes and Lyn Thyer, after working so tirelessly to develop their own product, are being prosecuted to the full extent of both ECJ statute and the Cancer Act 1939, – for not first obtaining ‘permission’ to do so.
This present government has acquiesced to the arrest, trial and imprisonment of both principal company directors at the insistence of the Medicines & Healthcare Research Agency [MHRA].

David Noakes received an 11-month prison sentence in Wandsworth for developing his non-invasive product, with its 89% clear-up rate, proviso as above, and costing just £400 per patient per course, alas, without permission, which is, apparently an offence contrary to the Cancer Act 1939. Lyn Thyer is now being detained in France under the ECJ-conceived European Arrest Warrant (Guilty until proven innocent), with no charges having been brought against her.
By contrast, the regime preferred by the MHRA, is supplied to our National Health Service at a staggering cost of £40,000 per patient per course of ‘treatment’. Their ‘clear-up rate? Just a measly 2.1% ‘success’ rate, where success is defined as prolonging the patients’ agony for an average of 2 years.
The personal and business accounts of the Immuno-BioTech directors have also been sequestered, and of course, the product itself may not now be obtained within the UK.
However, there is better news, after a local friend of mine heard about the serum, he has managed to source it from overseas. Sadly, more expensive, but nowhere close to the scandalous MHRA rate, the serum works, and the patient is recovering.
Those who need the product should write to us in the first instance and we will arrange for you to get the contact details: our email address is at the foot of the page.
We wish to stress that we ourselves are receiving absolutely no financial benefit from sharing this information.

Please see also for corroboration of this statement.

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The Rape of Democracy

It is clear then, that democracy (a system of government by the whole population – Oxford Dictionary) only really matters in London Westmonster. Those whom we select to speak on our behalf are mysteriously morphed into despots as soon as their backsides (that’s me using a polite word) land on the green benches.

We are alerted as soon as one individual out of the 650 ups sticks and shuffles across to the other side, demolishing the ‘democratic’ vote, but we are not supposed to be concerned that 498 of ’em voted to set the wheels in motion with the ‘withdrawal bill’, but that some then changed their minds when they saw the results of Mrs May-be-not’s grovelling..

Isn’t it obvious by now that, as long as we continue to vacillate on what to do, the unelected EU bureau(c)rats will sit rubbing their hands in glee as the ‘funding’ [£millions per day] keeps rolling in.

Those among us who are dead set against leaving such a corrupt set-up are obviously happy that

  • our monarchy was reduced to subservience by the 1992 statute – Douglas Hurd trying to hide behind a joke that he and John Minor had signed us up before reading the damned thing.
  • our judiciary was to be replaced by a dreamed-up European version, which has stealthily imposed on us Brits their mantra of ‘guilty until proven innocent’.
  • they are satisfied if the best military structure in the world is handed over piecemeal to be manipulated by un-authorised  scoundrels.

Also, isn’t it odd that none of their heroes over in Brussels cares to dwell on the  fact that, of the remaining 27 ‘states‘ (notice how that word has been smuggled into our sub-conscious), there are 6 (plus the UK still) who are not interested in subscribing to their lousy dream currency.

Those on the green benches, who today strive as ‘remainers’ to subvert the ‘Mother of Parliaments’, are happy to receive their extravagant annual remuneration (£79,468) in a form of currency which actually runs contra to all they so desire. Every coin in their pockets is endorsed by our sovereign lady, assures us that we all have the right to believe in something, but they want to change that for a currency which will collapse as soon as the UK withdraws its subsistence. What they ought to be thinking about, (if they really wanted to get rid of the interminable ‘National Debt’ and keep our nation on a stable financial footing) is the reintroduction of the ‘Bradbury Pound’ (read ‘Alice & the Money Tree’ by J.M. Weston Briggs) – issued by the Treasury, not by any ‘bank’.

In these circumstances, we, the sheeple, are entitled to ask ourselves whether we want to continue to subscribe to either ‘Old Sarum’ or the ‘Islington Republic’. I am trying very hard to think of anyone (from either Blue or Red) who has faced down the arrogantly false ‘High Authority’ of the European Coal & Steel Community (for me, too reminiscent of the Fuehrer’s ‘High Command ‘ – didn’t he use Juncker aircraft??).

There IS a name, and it might yet prove one which is worth supporting.

Under the Spiked EU-Boot

Those of us who are deeply concerned that a company can strive for ten years to perfect a cure for a great many cancerous tumours, only to find themselves been stamped on from a great height, have reacted positively to protest and to support the victims of the corporate injustice, whilst at the same time throwing the spotlight upon the miscreants.

I am told by a co-worker this morning that the video clip which explains to the world what has been deliberately hidden from us for the past 25 years has been TAKEN DOWN from the YouTube system, and consigned to the dustbin of oblivion – THEY THINK.

The other relevant link seems, so far, to have survived:

How GcMAF works –

The GcMAF Conference 2013 showed GcMAF is a far more powerful molecule than thought, both in terms of the science, and doctors’ results. In stage 4 cancer, some doctors who use the full protocol, listed on “Treatment Strategies,” are saving every patient (if they have not had chemotherapy.)
However, as the remainder of our A5 flyer is still relevant, we will continue to hand it out at rail-stations and bus terminals.
We have today been advised that it would be unwise for the ‘government’ to permit the manufacture of a product which, (without invasive surgery or electronic application), can actually succeed in 89% of cases, compared to the miserable ‘success’ rate of the Big Pharma’s regimen of chemo- and radio-therapy – 2.1%, where ‘success’ is reckoned as prolonging the patient’s (Latin word = ‘suffering’) life for an average of 2 months. Then, apparently, every Tom, Dick or Harry would be trying to climb aboard the financial merry-go-round.
For my part, I would be encouraged if Thomas, Richard and Harold were to get together and strive to produce a protein-based product which could ACTUALLY make serious inroads into this scourge which is blighting thousands of lives annually.
We must not, seemingly, impede the Big Pharma juggernaut, whose odious intent is to continue charging out to the National Health Service (you know, the one which was designed to be ‘free at the point of need’) their foul ‘therapy’ at £40,000 per sufferer per course of ‘treatment’. Sales of the Gc-MAF serum (which was available at around £400 per cure) are now totally blocked here in the UK. You do the maths..
I refer, of course to the political persecution of the employees of Immuno-BioTech Ltd, who find themselves facing 10- and 12-year prison sentences – in France – (why there, do you suppose?) thanks to the misuse of the EU’s damnable Arrest Warrant.
Unheralded, our cherished status of ‘innocent until proven guilty‘ has been replaced by that which has long been the blight of French society – ‘guilty until proven innocent‘ and few, if any of us, are saying a word about it.
Both Messrs Hunt and Hancock cannot have been unaware that this persecution by the Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency [MHRA] was occurring. Just another reason to view with the deepest suspicion what is being pumped out by Boris Alexander de Pfeffel Johnson. If that man were to succeed in extricating the UK from the Brussels bog, he might just convince the electorate that their miserable ‘Old Sarum’ party was worth another hearing, but I am not holding my breath.
I would be reassured if his next step were  then to get the ‘conviction’ given to David Noakes annulled and to repatriate the bio-chemist Lyn Thyer from that French jail.
Perhaps, like us, you will write to (or, better still, visit) your current Member of Parliament and ask them how they feel about withholding a cure from thousands of cancer victims.
We also urge you to write to the brand-new ‘Justice’ Minister, Robert Buckland QC for his assistance in these two cases. He can’t really be too casual about his response, after all, he enjoyed only a slim majority of 2,464 at the last General Election. I can think of a competitor party who would be only too happy to contest that South Swindon seat.
Before you go, we recommend to you an £8 investment via Amazon of the very angry book – the testimony of a lady in the USA – Teri Davis Newman – whose life was saved from a 100% fatal cancer when David Noakes sent her the serum free of charge. The content is detailed, often very technical, and she was so angry that she forgot to get the pages numbered, but her book is living proof that Gc-MAF does really work. More than 11,000 people have taken the serum and more than 9,000 have survived with side effects no greater than a few cold-like sniffles.

Democracy – Whenever it suits

Any failure to recognize and to implement the default terms of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 (see link below), settled in both Houses of Parliament by 20th June 2018 and given Royal Assent by our Illustrious Sovereign on 26th June 2018, is to denigrate the entire standing and validity of our democratic antecedents.

Were the present prevarication by those incumbents – clearly ‘opposed’ – to continue, then this will undoubtedly lead to:

a national strike /  widespread civil disobedience /


a nationwide return to true Common Law democracy.

Check out again what 498 of your ‘representatives’ on the green benches approved.

The choice is yours.

16.08.19 – European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018


Are you ‘anti-semitic’?

Time for reflection, I’d say, as the REDS seem recently to have been discomforted by a bee in their bonnet at exactly the time when they might be expected to be posing a challenge to the corruption of ‘Old Sarum’.

People sometimes ask me, “Are you a Christian”? Without giving the full history of how I came to be standing, spiritually, where I am today, I can set out a few of the ‘signposts’ which have directed me here.

From 1951 I was exposed to fairly intensive tuition, not to say indoctrination, in what we would define as ‘pentecostalism’.

By 1960 I had started working in the London area for HM Customs & Excise, and by 1963 I was working out at Heathrow Airport. During this time I was given a copy of ‘Mein Kampf’ to read, which first made me aware of the obsessive madness which could later drive the Austrian painter and decorator to organize a ‘Final Solution’ for every single Jewish person he could lay his hands on.

Joining the Police Service in 1965 was to introduce me to that version of the Old Covenant known as Freemasonry. Around the same time I was shocked to learn that, whilst AH was devising his fiendish plans for the extermination of all Jews, his henchmen were busy having their offspring baptized into the Roman Catholic tribe of ‘Christians’. I found this baffling, as I had been fed on a Bible doctrine that maintains that

a person is a Jew who is one inwardly, and true circumcision is in the heart and                   not in the flesh, in one’s spirit and not in the law’ Romans 2:28-29.

This view was confirmed to me in the early years of the 1980s, when David Pawson [qv] tried to convince the ‘Christians ‘ in the UK that “there will not be a single Roman Catholic in heaven” – an opening gambit which caused a gasp when he spoke in Dublin, but relieved by his next statement “neither will there be any Protestants there”.

When working for a time in Israel in 1992, I was given a copy of two volumes, the one, Edith Schaeffer’s book, ‘Christianity is Jewish’, and Risto Santala’s ‘The Messiah in the Old Testament’. The first of these in particular confirmed to me the quotations of both William Norman Ewer and Cecil Browne –

Ewer mused – “How odd of God to choose the Jews“, to which Browne responded – “but not so odd as those who choose a Jewish G-d, yet spurn the Jews

The coins in our pocket remind us that our Sovereign stands as ‘FID DEF‘ – ‘Defender of our Faith [our right to believe]. Those who insist on an ‘anti-shemitic’ stance are really saying that they are against the ‘shem’ [= ‘name’ in Hebrew]. From here, it is merely a short step until such find themselves outside either of the Covenants, Old or New, and  then, siding with the Islamites may be the only place left to hide.