The latest “conspiracy theorist” to come forward and warn about particulate shedding from those who were recently “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) is none other than Pfizer itself.

The pharma giant’s own documents openly admit that people who were recently jabbed for the Chinese virus can transmit whatever is contained in the syringe to others, including through skin contact.

“An occupational exposure occurs when a person receives unplanned direct contact with a vaccine test subject, which may or may not lead to the occurrence of an adverse event,” the Pfizer document warns.

“These people may include health care providers, family members, and other people who are around the trial participant.”

In other words, there is something contained in their injections that causes the injected to become “superspreaders.” Pfizer does not indicate what this is, however it does warn that the culprits(?) are the people who were recently injected. (Surely they mean the victims, don’t they and that THEY are the culprits?)

Such transmission might occur from a simple handshake or a hug. It will almost certainly happen during sexual activity, which means those who are wanting to avoid contracting whatever poison is inside these things should be sure that their partner did not receive an injection. (Which itself substantiates the allegation that ‘depopulation’ forms part of the NWO project)

The document goes on to reveal the risk that vaccinated women who are pregnant could suffer spontaneous abortions and other reproductive problems – and that unvaccinated people who come into contact with them could also be affected.

Vaccinated mothers can also pass whatever is contained in the Pfizer injection to their babies through tainted breast milk as well.

Pfizer: Covid-19 vaccine shedding can occur through “inhalation or skin contact”

Pfizer further admits that vaccinated males can transmit viral components to females at the time of conception, meaning both they and their unborn babies could become infected with the poisons through outside contact.

A pregnant woman who is unvaccinated could also pick up the viral components from her doctor or another family member who was vaccinated. According to Pfizer, this can occur “by inhalation or skin contact.”

Oh, but the vaccines are not actually shedding”, the media and the establishment claim. “this is just a wild “conspiracy theory,” we are being told. Why, then, is Pfizer warning quietly in its informational small print that being in close proximity to a vaccinated person could cause health problems?

“If this jab is not shedding into other people, why would contact between vaccinated and un-vaccinated be an event even worth noting?” asks Taps Newswire.

“If this jab is not shedding, then WHY does a guy who has been around a vaccinated woman, even if he did not touch her or have sex, need to worry about getting a different woman pregnant?”

Pfizer wants clinical trial participants who believe they might have been exposed “environmentally” to chemical shedding from someone who was jabbed for protection from the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) to report the incident via the company’s Vaccine SAE Report Form and EDP Supplemental Form.

Pfizer is doing this because they are aware that outside exposure to vaccine components could kill a pregnant mother’s baby. The company does not plan to log any injuries or deaths from such exposure within its study, however, perhaps because it considers such information irrelevant to the study participants themselves.

This is why we have green screen Biden,” Taps Newswire adds in speculation.

“They are ALL green screen now, we just caught Biden. They are green screen and working from sets because they have opened Pandora’s box and are intending to hide out until everything is finished. This is why many people are claiming the White House is empty and that they are working from a set and are not actually there. Because they are not there. If they do ever go on camera, they are not where they say they are.”

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With a hat-tip to Ethan Huff – published in ‘Natural News’ – Monday 3rd April 2021


Shock horror! A new UK report has found more than 500 people who received either ONE or TWO of the coronavirus jabs have since been admitted to hospital with COVID-19.

The study found that a total of 526 people were admitted to hospital of which 113 people died in what the research team branded “vaccine failures”.

It’s the same in the USA but you won’t hear that from the MSM in the UK.

According to the researchers, the patients had all received one dose of the vaccine at least three weeks before they were admitted.

The majority of vaccinated people who were admitted to hospital for COVID-19 were probably infected shortly before or around the time of their vaccination (and that makes a difference because?), highlighting the importance of maintaining social distancing and understanding that “immunity develops over time” the researchers said.

Which begs the question – “Why are we having the jab at all if it doesn’t guarantee safety?” We already know that ‘social distancing’ is a farce.

Last night’s [3rd May 2021] crowd at the Crucible, Sheffield, gathered to see the World Championship Snooker Final, should never have happened if social distancing is still required AFTER the jab.

What is ‘developing over time’ is the establishment of human ‘bio-weapons’, and we shall see that the ‘jab’ will be responsible for more deaths than the ‘disease’.

There are many thousands of medical professionals worldwide (see World Doctors’ Alliance) screaming that this ‘viral infection’ is not what it appears to be, and yet so many here seem to prefer to believe Westminster’s Three Stooges – led by a man who can’t even be honest about the European Arrest Warrant, with its ‘corpus juris’ basis.


We have first-hand information re some individuals who have been affected and whose behaviour has changed after accepting a nasal-swab C19 test. In the video link attached there is a filmed observation of some rather odd particles on the swab – this is essential viewing:-

Here a swab test ‘bud’ is placed under 1,000 times magnification, in which strangely active semi-luminous particles can be observed moving, almost wriggling and jumping, around, which is astonishing!

Are you aware that at least one supplier of such test swabs offers a ‘non-invasive’ option which is a ‘sputum test’? – That option is featured in the written instructions inside the ‘Innova Lateral Flow Test’.

A friend of ours chose this option when visiting his 95-year-old father in a care home: the staff there said they were unaware that a choice was offered in the instructions within the test packaging.

Further, this non-invasive option was not stated within the NHS booklet which that particular care home staff had received. It does not appear on the supplier’s website and, also, we find that there are many distributing pharmacies who have not heard of it!

Which begs the question – ‘At what executive level was the decision made that our NHS should not publicise this perfectly adequate option?’


Absolutely everything about this ‘Covid’ outbreak has been meticulously planned, and, true to form, it seems the majority of our citizens are swallowing the MSM potion rather than first reading the small print on the bottle. So many have stopped thinking for themselves, cannot be bothered to ‘do your own research‘ as our recently departed friend, Ian R. Crane always used to say.

All the data shows that ‘covid’ is a scam, being run by a small cabal of criminally insane psychopaths who have decided that they are going to be in control of the planet.

The author of the attached publication – a very long and detailed volume of evidence – clearly deserves our thanks. He’s done the research for us, and the least we can do is to download, read, mark, inwardly digest and finally SHARE the warning ..