“A slice of Pi, anyone?”

Fed up of the diet on social media? This might be more to your taste – there is a new digital coin on the block! For full details, please click on the link below: and use my Username “yorkie226” as your invitation code

On the website you will find that this is NOT a scam, go to ‘Core Team’ and meet the three people who have thought up this ingenious approach to a new digital currency. To date, over 7 million members are helping to ‘mine’ the coinage on mobile phones.

After you’ve joined and taken it all in, do SHARE the link with family and friends. I’m sure you realize that we are all being taken into a ‘cashless’ society, remember the motto ‘Fortune favours the bold’.

Below there is a pdf which explains how to go into the ‘Pi Network’. Once you are up and running, if you haven’t already got one for yourself, you will then need to set up a ‘Wallet’ ( a secure online place to store your coinage; it’s not difficult to do that)

Sincerely yours, Andrew Livingstone



Many thousands of us already know what has been happening to the Immuno-Biotech Ltd business (q.v.) over the past five years.

If this is new to some of you, please go to

for the whole story.

This company has been closed down, sale of their product in the UK is prohibited, and its two leading directors are now detained in a French prison without trial, under bogus European Arrest Warrants.

It is now eight weeks since we applied to ‘Government & Parliament’ to publish a petition

‘Secure the speedy release from French custody of Lynda Thyer and David Noakes’

but nothing has been authorized. We need your help here.

If you agree that these good people should be released to carry on their work, then PLEASE send your name, County and email address or telephone number to

PLEASE also write to your local MP to ask where they stand on this issue.  There is a sample letter below: their email address is in the standard Parliament format, similar to this example:       

their Postal Address you will likely already know or can find out easily. Here is a sample letter:

Dear Sir or Madam

Ref: David Noakes and Lyn Thyer

I am keen to talk with you about the two people named here, although. I can see that there is no immediate prospect of us meeting up in our local surgery.
You may already be aware that the company Immuno-BioTech Ltd has worked for ten years to develop a very effective and inexpensive serum cure for many types of cancer.

An excellent team of 27 staff have now been persecuted by the Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency [MHRA], the business has been closed down, the managing director David Noakes has already served time in HMP Wandsworth, essentially for failing first to obtain ‘permission’ to carry out this good work. The company’s accounts have been sequestered and the sale of their product is now banned in the UK.
Both David Noakes and Lyn Thyer are being detained under  European Arrest Warrants [EAW] in the Paris-Fleury-Merogis prison. No charges were yet laid against them.

I now ask that you raise this matter in the House of Commons.

When we consider that HM Government is now in the process of securing our full and final release from all aspects of ECJ control over British subjects, it cannot be justified to support the rendition of these good people against whom no charges have to date been laid.

There is also a link (below) to a presentation made by one of the people who has been most deeply involved in what I can only describe as a travesty of natural justice.

I am asking you to look at these and decide where you stand on this important issue.

Sincerely yours – SIGNATURE

Important: Always sign any letter and give your full name and postal address, otherwise your correspondence will not be acknowledged.

‘Plus ca change..’

Back in 1933, the newly-elected Democrat President of the USA spoke these words:

“the only thing we have to fear is fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes..” – Franklin D. Roosevelt March 4th 1933

efforts were needed, he said, to convert retreat into advance…

Today, the ground upon which we STAND and RELY is being stolen from under our feet by doom-mongerers, (who, oddly, claim to be democratic) and it’s time WE did something about it. The present infection can be dangerous – if you happen to have any other underlying medical or physical condition upon which it can feast. It is, however, no more lethal than influenza, which will also dispose of you if you are not prepared for it.

There are forces at work who prefer darkness and deception rather than light and clarity, apparently determined to rule the world as though they are immortal, and they will utilize ANYTHING to have their evil way.

Only the TRUTH can make us FREE, so get some Quinine down yer, and live above their lies and deceit. If you’re healthy, you’ll likely stay that way – if you’re already affected by their new pet virus, you’ll stand a good chance of recovering.

Don’t panic – take a Tonic!

Recent research by a co-warrior has shown that the medication, given to our Prime Minister when recently indisposed – hydroxychloroquine – contains a simple, updated version of ‘Jesuit’s Bark’ (q.v.) – first appeared in Chile when the Spanish were being a bit unkind to the locals over there..

You might wish to have a copy of the attached pdf, get it printed in your locality and let the good folks ‘wise-up’ to what’s actually occurring – or do we intend to wear a face mask for the rest of our lives?

For those who want to make their own Quinine at home, there is a recipe – email to; for the details..

15.08.20 – Quinine Treatment – Best