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🆘 ❓Want to attend a protest?❓Want to block entrances to Parliament?❓Want to chain or lock yourself to a building or person?❓Causing too much noise?❓Causing an obstruction to major transport works? You face JAIL TIME.   Well, at least that’s what is drafted in the new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, which is going to Report Stage at the House of Lords where these clauses and amendments will be voted on on 8th, 13th and 15th Dec before going back to the House of Commons where TORIES have the majority vote [in the new year].   

THIS NEW ABHORRENT “ACT” WILL USURP OUR: ❕FREEDOM of ASSOCIATION❕FREEDOM of SPEECH❕FREEDOM to PROTEST❕FREEDOM of EXPRESSION❕FREEDOM from GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE and lastly, our FREEDOM to fight against TYRANNY! THE NEW PROPOSALS INCLUDE: ❌ For “locking on” or being “equipped” to lock on, whether it be a person, object, or land, if it causes disruption to 2 or more people or an organisation, you may spend up to 51 wks in jail❌ New stop and search powers, with or without suspicion [i.e. they need no reason to stop/search you], and, if you resist you may be arrested and can land yourself a jail sentence.❌ For obstructing transport works [i.e. HS2] or block entrances/roads to Parliament – consider a jail sentence.❌ “Serious Disruption Prevention Orders” which would prevent any person or organisation from protesting from 1 week to up to 2 yrs, including using the internet to share or induce others to protesting activities. 

These proposals have been put forward by TORY LORDS and PRITI PATEL; 20 pages of revisions sneaked in at a very late stage meaning there is no full parliamentary scrutiny [again].   THE NEW AMENDMENTS AND CLAUSES WILL BE VOTED ON IN PARLIAMENT BY HOUSE OF LORDS ON: 📌 Wednesday 8th December📌 Monday 13th December📌 Wednesday 15th December Parliament Sq ⛓Confer in small trusted groups and make YOUR plan for the days.  How far are YOU willing to go for the Right to Protest? We need to show them who is the MASTER and who is the SERVANT.  Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill amendments here: #UniteForFreedom

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We have received information that Dr Andreas Noack died last Tuesday (23rd November 2021) after he had previously given a ‘remote’ lecture interview about graphene hydroxide being an inclusion in the current range of vaccines – which is leading to widespread internal bleeding in the victims. The basic allegation is that:

” They came after it was finished and killed him”.

Dr Noack had written his doctorate on the effects of carbon-nano structures on graphene/carbon materials. In his eyes he saw the messenger RNA as being possibly a cover story, created as a diversion to make us think in terms of pharmacodynamics. For him, it was clear that they have deliberately created this story in order to inject graphene hydroxide into humans – not the same as graphene oxide.

Dr Noack was the only European to have worked on new carbon products in this field of nano carbon materials. He had worked for a company in Houghton-le-Spring in the UK as an ‘application scout’, also visited a world leading company in Pittsburg/PA, which develops carbon membranes that are ‘razor sharp’. One could cut materials with it. Dr Noack described them as ‘microscopic razor blades’.

After that he had built up his own company for specialist carbon products. He said that no normally practising doctors [GP] would be able to assess the fate of the deceased where this type of material was injected as they would lack the chemical know-how to understand it.  They would therefore be unaware of its outright risks and impending dangers to the public at large.

Those who administer such ‘vaccines’ are effectively injecting chemical razor blades into the bodies of their patients. The lucky ones might just have the stuff remain in their muscle tissue where it will not be so very dangerous. The ones whose injection put it straight into a vein would react fatally, with the inner epithelium of the vascular system being ‘cut to shreds’.

Andreas insisted “Every doctor who performs this practice is therefore potentially a murderer”,. Here [Item A attached] he is giving his explanation – by remote video link -of the mechanism of this graphene hydroxide as a bio-weapon (text in German – mp4 file – double-click to start)..

On Tuesday Nov. 23rd. agents of the ‘other side’ [SWFQW] are said to have killed him. No further details are available so far.

Here above is the video (dated 20th November 2021) showing the moment when his property was apparently forcibly entered by police officers, who arrested him and took him away. He was again explaining how graphene hydroxide works inside the body, in the vascular system. People who topple over dead after receiving the jab will have suffered this fate. This was already happening to fit professional athletes and sports persons.

His heavily pregnant wife is distraught, yet courageously spoke out in front of a camera [Item B attached] , confirming the storming of their premises and the fact that Dr Noack has since died. She needs and calls for the support of all of us now… RIP. Andreas…

(There are slightly contradictory dates here which suggest that the actual turn of events was not exactly as they have so far been reported)

Attached – Item A – Dr Noack explains the product and the risk

                 Item B – Dr Noack’s widow speaks about his arrest and confirms his death

As Ian R Crane always used to say ‘Do your own research and get to the truth’

With thanks to our colleague, CH, for this information, received here in the UK 28th November 2021

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Heads-up folks! Here is a serious and important allegation – backed up by a video clip – that there are special ‘Serial Code‘ numbers on the injection phials which determine whether one gets the 01 – = PLACEBO , 02 – = mild VAERS or 03 – = SEVERE (eg, will result in tumours after two years or so) injection. Here is the link. I am searching for a reliable translator.

Head nurse in Slovenia – Vials of vaccines 1, 2, 3 mean who will live and who will die

Click on the first STILL shot, which takes us to the World-Signals site, then SCROLL DOWN to click on and view the video clip via the bottom picture..

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Please watch the video clip below: there is no further doubt that this ‘experimental’ injection is not what it says on the MSM. Dr Vernon Coleman has been telling us for many months (and that despite some detractors) that this has not been a reliable way to handle what has never been satisfactorily PROVEN to be a modern version of the Black Death..

You may wish to share this important news with those whom you most care for in your circle of life.