Are you ‘anti-semitic’?

Time for reflection, I’d say, as the REDS seem recently to have been discomforted by a bee in their bonnet at exactly the time when they might be expected to be posing a challenge to the corruption of ‘Old Sarum’.

People sometimes ask me, “Are you a Christian”? Without giving the full history of how I came to be standing, spiritually, where I am today, I can set out a few of the ‘signposts’ which have directed me here.

From 1951 I was exposed to fairly intensive tuition, not to say indoctrination, in what we would define as ‘pentecostalism’.

By 1960 I had started working in the London area for HM Customs & Excise, and by 1963 I was working out at Heathrow Airport. During this time I was given a copy of ‘Mein Kampf’ to read, which first made me aware of the obsessive madness which could later drive the Austrian painter and decorator to organize a ‘Final Solution’ for every single Jewish person he could lay his hands on.

Joining the Police Service in 1965 was to introduce me to that version of the Old Covenant known as Freemasonry. Around the same time I was shocked to learn that, whilst AH was devising his fiendish plans for the extermination of all Jews, his henchmen were busy having their offspring baptized into the Roman Catholic tribe of ‘Christians’. I found this baffling, as I had been fed on a Bible doctrine that maintains that

a person is a Jew who is one inwardly, and true circumcision is in the heart and                   not in the flesh, in one’s spirit and not in the law’ Romans 2:28-29.

This view was confirmed to me in the early years of the 1980s, when David Pawson [qv] tried to convince the ‘Christians ‘ in the UK that “there will not be a single Roman Catholic in heaven” – an opening gambit which caused a gasp when he spoke in Dublin, but relieved by his next statement “neither will there be any Protestants there”.

When working for a time in Israel in 1992, I was given a copy of two volumes, the one, Edith Schaeffer’s book, ‘Christianity is Jewish’, and Risto Santala’s ‘The Messiah in the Old Testament’. The first of these in particular confirmed to me the quotations of both William Norman Ewer and Cecil Browne –

Ewer mused – “How odd of God to choose the Jews“, to which Browne responded – “but not so odd as those who choose a Jewish G-d, yet spurn the Jews

The coins in our pocket remind us that our Sovereign stands as ‘FID DEF‘ – ‘Defender of our Faith [our right to believe]. Those who insist on an ‘anti-shemitic’ stance are really saying that they are against the ‘shem’ [= ‘name’ in Hebrew]. From here, it is merely a short step until such find themselves outside either of the Covenants, Old or New, and  then, siding with the Islamites may be the only place left to hide.