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Stirring the ‘Alchemy’ Cauldron

The British Chancellor’s Budget karma has been run over by the German Chancellor’s dogma. It’s another chance for Remainers to think again.


Reposted here with kind permission of John Ward

Perhaps we’ll know more as the day goes on, but it does sound like Mutti Merkel wants have her ‘Wurst’ and eat them too on this “resignation” she just announced. No longer CDU Party Leader….um, but still Chancellor. Good luck with that one, Germany.

The reality is that Big Geli’s position has become increasingly impossible over the last few months, and the primary reason for this is her insane support (at least in public) for largely unfettered migration from Africa to Europe. German voters in Hesse turned against her over the weekend, so now she’s hoping to shed some work while retaining all the power. As an aspiration, it sums up the anti-democratic nature of the EU’s leaders to perfection.

This is the rapidly crumbling “united” Europe that Philip Mammoned is so desperate we should not leave. As predicted here last night, he has already warned that taxes will be higher and welfare will be cut if we do a no-deal Brexit. He hasn’t explained why; in fact, he still hasn’t briefed us as to why he thinks we’ll have to pay a €36bn divorce fee despite it getting no mention at all in any of the EU Treaties or Article 50 of the Constitution.

But then, this is politics today: keep on lying and don’t worry, it’ll be forgotten in a few hours….once the waters have been muddied by 80 spinning sticks and scarlet starlet Julia Gangbang’s boob job.

Because you see, nobody’s paying attention to the cerebral. They’re far too distracted by the celebrity.


However, here’s a little hint for Adonis, Jones, Blair, Campbell, Mandelson & Pensioners: Angela Merkel’s problems are merely another step along the less than winding road to EU chaos. Even the Lib-Dem narcosis Nicky Cleggover has spotted that the game is up, and has fled to the safety of ‘Basefuck’ in Silicon Valley.

Mutti is asking the German people to accept a splitting of Party Leader/Chancellor roles that she is on the record many times over the years as stressing should never be split.

However, maybe she can spin this one by taking a new State title. Führerin, for example. Perhaps she will now build a retreat somewhere in the Bavarian mountains (the Merkhof?) and become Queen of Europe, with the Divine Right to change her mind as circumstances dictate.

The whole idea is potty. I sincerely hope that in the next 72 hours somebody from the Rommel school of plain speaking will grow the balls to tell her it’s over…that the time has come for her to retire and enjoy her poorly deserved EC pension of forty billion euro a week.

P.S. I really couldn’t give a running jump about what Flip Hamshank has to say in his Budget speech. Far more enlightening will be what his colleagues in the 3% club have to say about it. Stay tuned.


Rebuilding Common Law Democracy

LUK R – Manifesto – 28.10.18

Accrington   Aylesbury   Banbury   Blackburn   Bristol   Burton on Trent   Canterbury

Chelmsford   Coventry   Derby   Dewsbury   Halifax   Huddersfield   Keighley    Leeds

Middlesbrough   Newcastle on Tyne   Oxford   Peterborough   Rochdale   Rotherham

It doesn’t have to be like this, surely you are not happy with  this state of affairs?

LUK R – Manifesto – 28.10.18

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” More faces than t’ Town Hall clock”!

This is an excellent article exposing Theresa May’s ongoing betrayal of Leave:

As an example:

“Then, in its edition of Monday October 8, the Daily Telegraph revealed that May’s government, including ministers and whips, had for several months been in covert contact with at least 25 Labour MPs, to push her Chequers Deal through Parliament by relying on their votes against a very substantial minority of her own MPs. We were thus confronted, yet again, with evidence of May’s deceitfully plotting to dilute or even negate Brexit, in secret, against her own Parliamentarians, party and voters, with the shameful collusion of her Cabinet.

A Cabinet, moreover, that appears to have raised not a whimper of objection to the Brexit negotiations not being on the agenda for this week’s Cabinet meeting. Although perhaps we should no longer be surprised at its collective lack of backbone. One of the most nauseating sights of the ‘Conservative’ Party conference was that of May’s Cabinet during her leader’s speech. She produced her ‘Chequers Plan’ in secret behind their backs, then imposed it on them on pain of dismissal, after first clearing it with Angela Merkel, yet just three months later they sit and sycophantically clap her like performing seals.”


David v Goliath

Today, in Newcastle upon Tyne, the Crown Prosecution Service brought a case on behalf of the Gateshead Council, against Mark Steele, a local man possessed of considerable energy, determination and technical nous, who has been ‘getting up the nose’ of the local dignitaries for some time, by persistently complaining that ‘5G’ – a phased-array transmission system, is neither SAFE nor SUITABLE for public consumption.

To the lay-person like you and me, this may be small news, and, because we haven’t bothered to clue ourselves up about it, may seem like ‘much ado about sod-all’, but the fact is that this proposed signal strength (60x stronger than the 4G which you are currently using on your most with-it cellphone) is already being trialled at various townships in the UK without so much as a ‘by-your-leave’ to the guinea-pig citizens affected.

In Gateshead alone, more than 31,800 transmitting devices have been affixed to the top of their street lights.

Now Mark, who has been clued up on this field of electromagnetic radiation for many years, told me that this is not ‘new’ technology, in fact it has been used in military work since 1948. Which begs the question, why is such a powerful signal necessary in civilian circles? The answer is, of course, that, for your cellphone to work efficiently, it isn’t.

When we see medical proof that exposure to this strength of signal is causing an interaction with the human biological system, giving rise to cancers, diabetes and cardiac disease, then we have to conclude that there is a hidden motivation. We leave you to guess what THAT may be..

In the court hearing today, Mark was fortunate enough to find himself in front of a judge who definitely seems to be made of better stuff than the one who ran the ‘kangaroo-court’ against Stephen Lennon in Leeds on 26th March this year. Whilst taking Mark to task and setting our man under injunction for his ‘over-exuberant’ presentation , Judge Nolan made it clear to the Gateshead Council cohort that ‘substantial credible scientific documentation’ had been presented to highlight the risks to public health, that he was ‘going to uphold democracy’ – and sent the local authority away to do a bit more thinking.

As a footnote to this day, we point out that the insurers, Lloyds of London, have recently issued a statement excluding them from

“any liability coverage for all claims directly or indirectly arising out of, resulting from, or contributed to by electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetism, radio waves or noise” (Exclusion 32)

information from CFC Underwriting Ltd, a Lloyds of London underwriter.

All of which, you may feel, shows that our nation needs this level of ‘big brother’ interference about as much as we need the ill-conceived HS2 rail fantasy..


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PESCO Soldiers…and our leading Brexiteers are unwilling to talk about it.  Why?  What is REALLY going on here?

The military unification of our Armed Services with the European Union is actually happening, at an increasing rate, even though we are now meant to be months away from leaving the EU.   Politicians on both sides of the Brexit Debate are doing absolutely nothing about this, and neither is the campaign group Leave Means Leave.

What IS this PESCO process?  It stands for Permanent Structured Cooperation.  Its purpose is to unify the military command and control elements of the different EU member states into one unit that comes under the direct command of the European Union.  And – virtually unknown to the British people – this process includes our own Armed Services, despite our Referendum vote to leave.

Why is TM siding with the Brussels thugs, who clearly intend to asset-strip our country? We will lose our nations ability to defend itself? I don’t think so.  We can also be dragged into a war not of our making? No thank you.  This is High Treason

Since 1952, a European Union ‘Superstate’ has been planned, with the ability to project its own military power and capabilities. The PESCO process will also see the UK lose control of its defence procurement, industry and training – all unbelievably serious our country, very soon, will be defenceless, no longer independent or sovereign.

Why the reluctance of our elected politicians to confront this?  The mind-set which created and now controls the European Union also controls the City of Londonand the City of London thinks it controls Parliament. We are talking about what is sometimes referred to as the Deep State’ – an elitist grouping of unelected and unaccountable financial and corporate oligarchs who meet in secret, unlawfully controlling the worlds money supply, and most of the worlds leading politicians (point of interest – four of Leave Means Leaves main supporters actually worked for N.M. Rothschild).     

So, is this Leave Means Leave campaign batting with a straight bat?  Is there a giant deception plan going on here, that we, the people, do not know about?

Surely we can see that the historical status of Common Law is utterly meaningless to these self-important parasites in Westmonster. Which of them do we think could EVER actually deliver on the Referendum decision of the electorate? This is another glaring example of arrogant duplicity.

Make your voice heard today – ask your MP to explain the PESCO process!

Ask them what has been done so far?  Ask them what they, personally, are going to do about it?  Dont let them off the hook!  (read about the Franco British Council) (read The Six Requirements)

Send for further details on stopping the rot – ‘