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Stirring the ‘Alchemy’ Cauldron

The British Chancellor’s Budget karma has been run over by the German Chancellor’s dogma. It’s another chance for Remainers to think again.


Reposted here with kind permission of John Ward

Perhaps we’ll know more as the day goes on, but it does sound like Mutti Merkel wants have her ‘Wurst’ and eat them too on this “resignation” she just announced. No longer CDU Party Leader….um, but still Chancellor. Good luck with that one, Germany.

The reality is that Big Geli’s position has become increasingly impossible over the last few months, and the primary reason for this is her insane support (at least in public) for largely unfettered migration from Africa to Europe. German voters in Hesse turned against her over the weekend, so now she’s hoping to shed some work while retaining all the power. As an aspiration, it sums up the anti-democratic nature of the EU’s leaders to perfection.

This is the rapidly crumbling “united” Europe that Philip Mammoned is so desperate we should not leave. As predicted here last night, he has already warned that taxes will be higher and welfare will be cut if we do a no-deal Brexit. He hasn’t explained why; in fact, he still hasn’t briefed us as to why he thinks we’ll have to pay a €36bn divorce fee despite it getting no mention at all in any of the EU Treaties or Article 50 of the Constitution.

But then, this is politics today: keep on lying and don’t worry, it’ll be forgotten in a few hours….once the waters have been muddied by 80 spinning sticks and scarlet starlet Julia Gangbang’s boob job.

Because you see, nobody’s paying attention to the cerebral. They’re far too distracted by the celebrity.


However, here’s a little hint for Adonis, Jones, Blair, Campbell, Mandelson & Pensioners: Angela Merkel’s problems are merely another step along the less than winding road to EU chaos. Even the Lib-Dem narcosis Nicky Cleggover has spotted that the game is up, and has fled to the safety of ‘Basefuck’ in Silicon Valley.

Mutti is asking the German people to accept a splitting of Party Leader/Chancellor roles that she is on the record many times over the years as stressing should never be split.

However, maybe she can spin this one by taking a new State title. Führerin, for example. Perhaps she will now build a retreat somewhere in the Bavarian mountains (the Merkhof?) and become Queen of Europe, with the Divine Right to change her mind as circumstances dictate.

The whole idea is potty. I sincerely hope that in the next 72 hours somebody from the Rommel school of plain speaking will grow the balls to tell her it’s over…that the time has come for her to retire and enjoy her poorly deserved EC pension of forty billion euro a week.

P.S. I really couldn’t give a running jump about what Flip Hamshank has to say in his Budget speech. Far more enlightening will be what his colleagues in the 3% club have to say about it. Stay tuned.

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