We are working with United Clans [see the link below] as also with A Stand in the Park‘, q.v. – online – and all those others who support the truth of a natural, common law.

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We are not a political party, we are not a religious cult, we are simply a group of human beings, flesh and blood, spiritually united in heart and soul. We stand as individuals yet built together, under a common law, which is shared by all, owned by none and which is superior to any statute. We each have a personal commitment, divinely inspired, to do no harm, to cause no loss to others, to commit no fraud and to keep the peace.

“We are all equal under the common law and no-one is above the common law”

However, there are some who believe that they are above the common law, that the statutes, acts, regulations which THEY design and impose upon others are superior to the wisdom of the living spirit. Whereas, in fact, these their statutes, acts and regulations are generally NO MORE THAN STICKING PLASTERS, often used to cover up previous bad parliamentary ‘surgery’.

You could be forgiven for thinking that these men and women, are in league with the dark forces across the world, with those megalomaniacs who presently seem to think that mammon allows them to treat this earth as their plaything. They clearly intend to achieve control by division – we shall overcome them only by resisting and uniting.

Each of us, deep inside, knows that their work is wrong, evil and contrary to human nature: we who know this, and have no truck with their ways, must work together to build a lasting society based on FAITH and LOVE.

The United Clans have a very similar aim; please go to – – and join a national and international body of people who are living under a common law to resist division and discord.  Across England, new groups are coming together. Here, at LIVINGSTONES we are constantly seeking new ways to bring together those who are ‘on our page’, but who may not know that there are others nearby, who are feeling the same way. Contact us by email and we can send you our ‘Spartacus Moment’ documents. You will then be able to meet with others in your county who hold similar values.

This our movement started off small, but it is growing, as men and women see that our society is corroded from the top to the bottom. We have to make their corrupt system – built on lust for control and material greed – ungovernable – then it will be replaced by a pure democratic spirit.

We, the people are sovereign. We are the true parliament. The so-called ‘Palace of Westminster’ is nothing more than an elaborate structure of LIMESTONE – a shelter from the elements. We, the people, are the LIVING STONES and we need to come together to build and govern in Truth and with Light.

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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever does.” – Margaret Mead – [1901 – 1978]

“If not us, who? If not now, when?” John F. Kennedy – [1917 – 1963].

Sincerely yours – Andrew Livingstone