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‘Nothing is more common than unsuccessful men/women with talent’

There are few things more discouraging in life than to be struggling with a burden, and no-one to share it with: it is easy then, for our enemy to ‘pick us off’, which is why we are supportive of any common-sense organization which will work to bring like-minded people together.

There is a WAR going on right now, in 2021, a Silent War, using Quiet Weapons: but all is not lost if we do what our fathers did in the last World War, to parody the words of the song –

put down our ‘tablets’, join up and then, we’ll get things together again’

We need to stand up for ourselves, join the Community Assembly nearest to us. There isn’t one? Well, CREATE one. How? Please go the the link below to see how. Enlist as a common law ‘warrior’, stand against statutory corporate control and its endemic corruption..

Please click on (or copy and paste to a new page) this link – –  where you can enter

 your name, town and county, an email address and a contact phone number,

and consider joining us. We can then put you in touch with others in your area who share the same values and who are also wanting to see this nation standing on its own feet again.