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Your county needs YOU!

We are ready to move forward. After a test phase, (and some hands-on training at this end) all templates have been prepared. Send a short email to – – and let us know in which COUNTY you are based. We will send you a ZIP file containing 5 items. From the file –

  1. firstly, READ the ‘How to prepare..’ document,

2. secondly, see the SAMPLE card (it’s a PDF document).

3. Third, complete the docx file of your choice – ANDREW or ANDREA. When you have the details to your liking, SAVE that ‘card’ – in PDF.

4. Fourth, when you’re totally happy with the finished card, send them off to any printer you choose (we have suggested one) and get ready to begin recruiting – in YOUR county.

5. The 5th item in your ZIP file is a PNG file, from which, if you wish, a Banner or a Pennant can be made that will help UNITE your ‘regiment’ wherever you PEACEABLY assembly to demonstrate your opinion about the present state of our nation’s affairs. Finally, do send us a copy of your final card and we’ll build a register of support.

Remember what we talked about – ‘satyagraha’

Thank you and may the Truth prevail..!

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Digital surveillance – it’s happening now!

The video below at the foot of this article was recorded over a year ago.

To make things clear, if you are a user of Facebook, Instagram and/or WhatsApp you have agreed to their terms of service, which means that you have agreed to them having access to all your data, as well as agreeing they can take pictures with your devices, which THEY THEN OWN. They can also have all your banking and medical history, if you access that on a device, as well as see all your texts and messages from all other platforms.

Even worse, by being on those platforms in your own home, you tacitly agree to letting Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram to also access ALL other devices in your home, AND EVEN WORSE, if someone else uses those platforms within your home on your WiFi, then Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp take that as their implicit permission to then access all your devices even if you are no longer on their platforms.

So, for instance, if for my security, I am not on any of those platforms but a friend comes to my house and uses my WiFi and goes on to WhatsApp, then all my devices, including my router, can then all be accessed going forward.

I am aware that Telegram and other apps ask for permission to access your camera etc, but this is different to what Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram have done, which is complete overreach.

This is the start of the installation of the social credit system and hence if you are still on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp you really are putting yourself at a big risk.

Just imagine, you go on Facebook at home on your WiFi and now all your kids’ devices and everything going over your router, your banking history, anything, can now be accessed by Facebook.

Or how about one of your employees goes on to Facebook in the office. Now Facebook are into your office modem and all your work history on all devices becomes visible to them.

So, I say it again, get off those platforms. Then you will have to change your router or factory reset it, and factory reset your phone and other devices, after downloading all important data onto an external hard drive.

Also be VERY CAREFUL about who you let have your WiFi password and what they access with it if you do.

If you want change and want their system not to succeed, get off those platforms. They are the channels through which the vax passport will be enabled and those platforms are actively taking the steps necessary to usher in a social credit system.

The below video [11 minutes] explains.


Now perhaps you can see the relevance of what Jerome Corsi (qv on Wikedpedia) meant when he told his audience, three years ago –

“every single tap you make on your keyboard, be it your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or mainframe computer, it is all ‘harvested’ by the globalists and stored in some subterranean ‘barn’ where it is being used to create your digital Doppelgänger’”

Please seriously consider that we must use every method possible to evade and defeat this globalist tyranny. If we allow vaxx passports, we are opening the door to 100% digital surveillance and control of our own (and our children’s) lives.

With a hat-tip to ‘Lawyers of Light’ for a timely reminder of this awkward truth

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Thinking ahead

Sitting in the ‘Gary Cooper’ (Wetherspoons) in Dunstable last evening, it was good to see that Tim Martin continues to have a copy of his company’s open-house statement on every table. The clientele may be raucous at times, (the staff are the only ones wearing the facial diapers), but these are the real people, whom we need, to stand with us. As we get them printed, outside (on the street) such supportive businesses will be a good place to hand out the tiny’ AL’ contact cards. Further detail on those when this festive break is over.

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If you were recently handed a small card with 3 RED DOTS on one side – WELL COME and WELL DONE for landing on this site. One way or another there are going to be some big changes on these islands in the near future: it must be obvious to all but the dimmest among us that this present ‘disease’ which is occupying all MSM attention did not accidentally blow in on the breeze. You and I have a decision to make, on which side are we going to stand? If the pill you prefer is RED, then do three things – 1. Keep an eye on this blog, 2. Send your name, street address, postcode, date of birth ONLY, on a piece of paper in an envelope to the address below. NO MOBILE PHONE NUMBER, NO EMAIL ADDRESS, please, the enemy is watching. 3. Make an effort to meet up (Stand in the Park, for example) with local folk who are as fed up as you are with this ‘fake emergency’, creeping across the world like ivy over a wall. By this time next year this nation can be looking much healthier, but we MUST act TOGETHER. Sincerely yours, Andrew.

Send to – 39 Crown Green Huddersfield HD4 5TR.

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We have received information that Dr Andreas Noack died last Tuesday (23rd November 2021) after he had previously given a ‘remote’ lecture interview about graphene hydroxide being an inclusion in the current range of vaccines – which is leading to widespread internal bleeding in the victims. The basic allegation is that:

” They came after it was finished and killed him”.

Dr Noack had written his doctorate on the effects of carbon-nano structures on graphene/carbon materials. In his eyes he saw the messenger RNA as being possibly a cover story, created as a diversion to make us think in terms of pharmacodynamics. For him, it was clear that they have deliberately created this story in order to inject graphene hydroxide into humans – not the same as graphene oxide.

Dr Noack was the only European to have worked on new carbon products in this field of nano carbon materials. He had worked for a company in Houghton-le-Spring in the UK as an ‘application scout’, also visited a world leading company in Pittsburg/PA, which develops carbon membranes that are ‘razor sharp’. One could cut materials with it. Dr Noack described them as ‘microscopic razor blades’.

After that he had built up his own company for specialist carbon products. He said that no normally practising doctors [GP] would be able to assess the fate of the deceased where this type of material was injected as they would lack the chemical know-how to understand it.  They would therefore be unaware of its outright risks and impending dangers to the public at large.

Those who administer such ‘vaccines’ are effectively injecting chemical razor blades into the bodies of their patients. The lucky ones might just have the stuff remain in their muscle tissue where it will not be so very dangerous. The ones whose injection put it straight into a vein would react fatally, with the inner epithelium of the vascular system being ‘cut to shreds’.

Andreas insisted “Every doctor who performs this practice is therefore potentially a murderer”,. Here [Item A attached] he is giving his explanation – by remote video link -of the mechanism of this graphene hydroxide as a bio-weapon (text in German – mp4 file – double-click to start)..

On Tuesday Nov. 23rd. agents of the ‘other side’ [SWFQW] are said to have killed him. No further details are available so far.

Here above is the video (dated 20th November 2020) showing the moment when his property was apparently forcibly entered by police officers, who arrested him and took him away. He was again explaining how graphene hydroxide works inside the body, in the vascular system. People who topple over dead after receiving the jab will have suffered this fate. This was already happening to fit professional athletes and sports persons.

His heavily pregnant wife is distraught, yet courageously spoke out in front of a camera [Item B attached] , confirming the storming of their premises and the fact that Dr Noack has since died. She needs and calls for the support of all of us now… RIP. Andreas…

(There are slightly contradictory dates here which suggest that the actual turn of events was not exactly as they have so far been reported)

Attached – Item A – Dr Noack explains the product and the risk

                 Item B – Dr Noack’s widow speaks about his arrest and confirms his death

As Ian R Crane always used to say ‘Do your own research and get to the truth’

With thanks to our colleague, CH, for this information, received here in the UK 28th November 2021