The Rape of Democracy

It is clear then, that democracy (a system of government by the whole population – Oxford Dictionary) only really matters in London Westmonster. Those whom we select to speak on our behalf are mysteriously morphed into despots as soon as their backsides (that’s me using a polite word) land on the green benches.

We are alerted as soon as one individual out of the 650 ups sticks and shuffles across to the other side, demolishing the ‘democratic’ vote, but we are not supposed to be concerned that 498 of ’em voted to set the wheels in motion with the ‘withdrawal bill’, but that some then changed their minds when they saw the results of Mrs May-be-not’s grovelling..

Isn’t it obvious by now that, as long as we continue to vacillate on what to do, the unelected EU bureau(c)rats will sit rubbing their hands in glee as the ‘funding’ [£millions per day] keeps rolling in.

Those among us who are dead set against leaving such a corrupt set-up are obviously happy that

  • our monarchy was reduced to subservience by the 1992 statute – Douglas Hurd trying to hide behind a joke that he and John Minor had signed us up before reading the damned thing.
  • our judiciary was to be replaced by a dreamed-up European version, which has stealthily imposed on us Brits their mantra of ‘guilty until proven innocent’.
  • they are satisfied if the best military structure in the world is handed over piecemeal to be manipulated by un-authorised  scoundrels.

Also, isn’t it odd that none of their heroes over in Brussels cares to dwell on the  fact that, of the remaining 27 ‘states‘ (notice how that word has been smuggled into our sub-conscious), there are 6 (plus the UK still) who are not interested in subscribing to their lousy dream currency.

Those on the green benches, who today strive as ‘remainers’ to subvert the ‘Mother of Parliaments’, are happy to receive their extravagant annual remuneration (£79,468) in a form of currency which actually runs contra to all they so desire. Every coin in their pockets is endorsed by our sovereign lady, assures us that we all have the right to believe in something, but they want to change that for a currency which will collapse as soon as the UK withdraws its subsistence. What they ought to be thinking about, (if they really wanted to get rid of the interminable ‘National Debt’ and keep our nation on a stable financial footing) is the reintroduction of the ‘Bradbury Pound’ (read ‘Alice & the Money Tree’ by J.M. Weston Briggs) – issued by the Treasury, not by any ‘bank’.

In these circumstances, we, the sheeple, are entitled to ask ourselves whether we want to continue to subscribe to either ‘Old Sarum’ or the ‘Islington Republic’. I am trying very hard to think of anyone (from either Blue or Red) who has faced down the arrogantly false ‘High Authority’ of the European Coal & Steel Community (for me, too reminiscent of the Fuehrer’s ‘High Command ‘ – didn’t he use Juncker aircraft??).

There IS a name, and it might yet prove one which is worth supporting.