Remember, remember…

So, the great blond hope has now shown a different side to his blustering personality. He has presented to the nation a re-hashed version of the TM trap-deal, but with a fresh coat of lipstick. We, the great unwashed oafs, are by now meant to be so weary of parliamentary pantomime that we will finally sigh, succumb and swallow the bait.

How little he knows us. Just about as much as that other chump who slipped up and gave the green light for the Referendum choice in 2016.

As the scramble for places on hustings commences all over again, I ask you to bear these things in mind –

remember who it was who pestered David Cameron so much to get the Referendum vote in the first place;

remember who it was who stood for 20 years in the Brussels bogus ‘parliament’ facing down Monnet’s minions (it wasn’t a Tory, was it?)

remember who it was who arrogantly told Jeremy Corbyn to “go home, man!” because he despised both his dress and his policies (and who DID go home after that)

and then remember that Boris Alexander de Pfeffel Johnson is cut from the Clan Cameron cloth, and

remember to vote to honour Marmite Man’s battle to get the nation back on its feet. You may not like the soldier standing next to you, but, when bullets are being fired in anger, you’d give your life to save him for the cause – freedom from ‘The Great Deception’ of the ‘High Command’ in this Quiet War.



The Slog – Telling it as it is

Finally, it is time to finally lay to rest the myth that the 2016 Betty Chihuahua referendum was, in accepted British terms, a very close result.

In fact, it’s absolute validity is based on several factors.

  • At 72% turnout, it was the most inclusive poll for many years, and by far the biggest referendum in UK history
  • The Prime Minister of the day David Cameron made it crystal clear that the result was mandatory, not advisory….and over 80% of Westminster MPs supported that view
  • The outcome was that 1.3 million more Britons voted to Leave than voted to Remain in the European Union. That is the equivalent of everyone living in Birmingham and Glasgow combined.
  • But it’s when you use the FPTP constituency system so beloved of the 18th century Tories and 19th century Marxists that the full nature of the scale of the victory becomes clear. After all, surely what applies for regular general elections should also apply to once-in-a-lifetime hahaha referendums? Nearly two thirds of all Labour-held constituencies voted to leave. Nearly three quarters of all Conservative-held seats voted to leave. Three times more UK regions voted to leave rather than remain.
  • Spookily, just under three-quarters of all MPs voted to Remain. Just fancy that. Here are the numbers that prove it:


A clear majority of Scottish electors voted to Remain. But then, Scotland represents only 8.4% of the UK population, and a majority of Scots want to stay in the UK. The seats Scotland has in the UK Parliament are 9.6% of the total, and of course they have their own Parliament with devolved powers as well.

FACT: Britain has a Leave electorate, and a Remain Parliament. Parliament continues to use every wheeze at its disposal to revoke the People’s decision to leave.

With the usual hat-tip to JW for his incisive blogging!



It took me a while to understand exactly what the man was saying, who was recently interviewed in a live-stream on YouTube, but eventually I got it:

* Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars     

It turned out to be an intriguing booklet, less than 60 pages long, and I was able to buy a copy online. [ISBN 978-1-58509-380-9]

The first few pages go about debating the origins of the text, the crux of the matter being whether it originated back in the 1950s in the USA, or later. William Cooper, author of ‘Behold a Pale Horse‘ mentions the existence of the text in that book. Cooper, a former Naval Intelligence Officer with clearance to access Top Secret material, wrote

“I read Top Secret documents which made it clear that ‘Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars’ is in essence the doctrine which was adopted by the Policy Committee of the Bilderberg Group at their first known meeting back in 1954. A copy was found in 1969 – in the possession of Naval Intelligence.”

In places the text makes for pretty hard going, broadly with many comparisons to electrical circuitry, to explain the philosophy behind the content. Interestingly, its origins evolved, not across the pond, but right here in the UK, via Operations Research [OR] where it was to form a strategic and tactical methodology, developed by military management in England during World War II – (a bit like 5G, then?).

The theme is that, unlike military weapons, which are intended to intimidate and thus subdue their intended target, it is quite possible to achieve the same ends by setting up and developing a totally predictable economy, which would have the same effect, bringing down the lower class elements of society, to be house-trained, broken and given a yoke to bear, coupled with long-term social duties from a very early age. (Getting any clues yet?)

In order to achieve such docile conformity, the family unit should be broken down, disintegrated by getting the parents increasingly preoccupied with unproductive social and private activities, putting pressure onto them by financial constraints, e.g. by shift work alongside increased cost of living, also then the establishment of ‘day-care’ centres for the young of those families.

The quality of education to be offered to the lower classes should be of the poorest sort, so that a moat of ignorance would isolate them from the superior ‘elite’ class. Such a planned handicap would leave even the brighter of their offspring with little chance of extricating themselves from mundane slavery.

Almost like a type of biological warfare, preoccupation with time-wasting pursuits (MZ – FB?) would be aimed at sapping the vitality, the options and the mobility of such a society by knowingly understanding, manipulating and eroding their sources of natural and social energy, ultimately their physical, mental and emotional being.

If you are, by now, beginning to make some associations with aspects of our 21st century society, you may be shocked to find that this concept was spotted and cunningly exploited some 250 years back. I’m sure most of us are familiar with the name Rothschild [German = Red Shield] which has become synonymous with almost fabulous wealth. Here’s why.

         “Give me control over a nation’s currency, and I care not who makes its laws”

was the maxim of one Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1743 – 1812) . This man was cunning enough to identify a missing passive component of economic theory – ‘economic inductance‘ we call it today, but what Rothschild had identified was the use of the basic principles of power, influence and control – and how to apply it to the financial situation of the sheeple. The principle is – “when you assume the appearance of power, people soon give it to you“. (Do we have a current-day example of this principle anywhere??)

He saw that being able to offer currency or deposit loan accounts afforded him the appearance of status and power that would induce people into surrendering their REAL wealth in exchange for a promise of greater wealth. The ‘client’ would put up real collateral in exchange for a loan of ‘promissory’ notes. (Ring any bells yet?) Rothschild found that he could gamble on issuing more promissory notes than he actually had backing for, so long as he had SOMEONE’s stock of gold to convince his client to invest.

He loaned his promissory notes both to individuals and to governments, which would, of course, create over-confidence. His next step was then to make money scarce, tighten control of the system and collect the collateral through pressure of the contractual obligation.

So much for the background: let’s now fast-forward to the end of World War II, our good King George VI had not been gone three months, when a obscure little Frenchman wrote the following to a personal friend in a letter dated 30th April 1952. The text is well enough known, but we repeat it here as a reminder.

“Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super-state without their people realising what is happening. This can be achieved by successive steps each disguised as having some ‘economic’ benefit, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to ‘federation'” (My italics)

He was Jean Monnet [1888-1979], who came to be regarded as a Founding Father of the European Union. Those of you who are in any doubt that such duplicity could possibly lie behind those lovely souls in charge in Brussels have clearly still to read ‘The Great Deception‘ by Booker & North [ISBN – 978-1-4729-3966-1] – a 615-page crime thriller, where every notion, comment and trick is identified, itemised and verified by date and time.

Just now our nation stands, in a state of complete ennui,  at the conclusion of more than three years of total time-wasting, as all elements of government and opposition, in total disregard for the electorate who sent them to occupy the priviliged green benches, are wriggling vigorously to extricate themselves from a decision hanging over them, like Damocles’s sword.

To put it more simply for the ‘Remoaners’ among us, all those ‘leaders’ who, from Heath, Wilson, Major, Blair and Brown, through to May and Johnson, are STILL wriggling on the hook, truly “the love of Monnet is the root of all evil”. I have a sneaky feeling that very shortly, all the doom-mongers will be crawling back under their respective rocks, as our nation realises that, as in World War II, this Quiet World War III can be overcome – by simply walking away from a bloated, self-important (but right now very nervous) oligarchy, which will then be shown to have absolutely ZERO AUTHORITY .








‘Thought Policeman’ on the Peterloo fringe?

There was a ‘Peterloo March’ in Manchester on Saturday 19th, an inter-group demonstration and march to commemorate 200 years since the Peterloo Massacre. Several groups of ‘Leavers of X’ were there with their banners. A minutes’ silence was held at the point where 15 demonstrators were killed and around 600 injured as the  ‘magistrates’ sent in the Yeomanry with their swords and sabres to cut down and discourage the sheeple from ever again daring to complain against the ruling ‘elite’ of the day. At the end of our march, speakers presented with encouraging words. However, during the speeches, I did notice this guy, standing around at the fringe of the crowd, writing copious notes on a tablet, and, whenever he felt anyone was watching, he covered his face with a scarf. Does anyone recognize the face or have any suggestions whom he might represent – government security perhaps?



There IS a cure for many cancers

For over 10 years, scientists at Immuno-BioTech Ltd have been working to refine and improve on a serous (serum-based) product, originally first developed in Japan; the UK version is now capable of curing more than 120,000 Stage IV tumours per year, when used according to their recommended treatment regime, and, provided that the patient has not previously been subjected to the present ‘standard’ alternative – chemo- and radio-therapy.
It is now a matter of public record that both David Noakes and Lyn Thyer, after working so tirelessly to develop their own product, are being prosecuted to the full extent of both ECJ statute and the Cancer Act 1939, – for not first obtaining ‘permission’ to do so.
This present government has acquiesced to the arrest, trial and imprisonment of both principal company directors at the insistence of the Medicines & Healthcare Research Agency [MHRA].

David Noakes received an 11-month prison sentence in Wandsworth for developing his non-invasive product, with its 89% clear-up rate, proviso as above, and costing just £400 per patient per course, alas, without permission, which is, apparently an offence contrary to the Cancer Act 1939. Lyn Thyer is now being detained in France under the ECJ-conceived European Arrest Warrant (Guilty until proven innocent), with no charges having been brought against her.
By contrast, the regime preferred by the MHRA, is supplied to our National Health Service at a staggering cost of £40,000 per patient per course of ‘treatment’. Their ‘clear-up rate? Just a measly 2.1% ‘success’ rate, where success is defined as prolonging the patients’ agony for an average of 2 years.
The personal and business accounts of the Immuno-BioTech directors have also been sequestered, and of course, the product itself may not now be obtained within the UK.
However, there is better news, after a local friend of mine heard about the serum, he has managed to source it from overseas. Sadly, more expensive, but nowhere close to the scandalous MHRA rate, the serum works, and the patient is recovering.
Those who need the product should write to us in the first instance and we will arrange for you to get the contact details: our email address is at the foot of the page.
We wish to stress that we ourselves are receiving absolutely no financial benefit from sharing this information.

Please see also http://mhracorrupt.st for corroboration of this statement.

Email address: cpr4d@livingstones.uk