The Slog – Telling it as it is

Finally, it is time to finally lay to rest the myth that the 2016 Betty Chihuahua referendum was, in accepted British terms, a very close result.

In fact, it’s absolute validity is based on several factors.

  • At 72% turnout, it was the most inclusive poll for many years, and by far the biggest referendum in UK history
  • The Prime Minister of the day David Cameron made it crystal clear that the result was mandatory, not advisory….and over 80% of Westminster MPs supported that view
  • The outcome was that 1.3 million more Britons voted to Leave than voted to Remain in the European Union. That is the equivalent of everyone living in Birmingham and Glasgow combined.
  • But it’s when you use the FPTP constituency system so beloved of the 18th century Tories and 19th century Marxists that the full nature of the scale of the victory becomes clear. After all, surely what applies for regular general elections should also apply to once-in-a-lifetime hahaha referendums? Nearly two thirds of all Labour-held constituencies voted to leave. Nearly three quarters of all Conservative-held seats voted to leave. Three times more UK regions voted to leave rather than remain.
  • Spookily, just under three-quarters of all MPs voted to Remain. Just fancy that. Here are the numbers that prove it:


A clear majority of Scottish electors voted to Remain. But then, Scotland represents only 8.4% of the UK population, and a majority of Scots want to stay in the UK. The seats Scotland has in the UK Parliament are 9.6% of the total, and of course they have their own Parliament with devolved powers as well.

FACT: Britain has a Leave electorate, and a Remain Parliament. Parliament continues to use every wheeze at its disposal to revoke the People’s decision to leave.

With the usual hat-tip to JW for his incisive blogging!

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