Remember, remember…

So, the great blond hope has now shown a different side to his blustering personality. He has presented to the nation a re-hashed version of the TM trap-deal, but with a fresh coat of lipstick. We, the great unwashed oafs, are by now meant to be so weary of parliamentary pantomime that we will finally sigh, succumb and swallow the bait.

How little he knows us. Just about as much as that other chump who slipped up and gave the green light for the Referendum choice in 2016.

As the scramble for places on hustings commences all over again, I ask you to bear these things in mind –

remember who it was who pestered David Cameron so much to get the Referendum vote in the first place;

remember who it was who stood for 20 years in the Brussels bogus ‘parliament’ facing down Monnet’s minions (it wasn’t a Tory, was it?)

remember who it was who arrogantly told Jeremy Corbyn to “go home, man!” because he despised both his dress and his policies (and who DID go home after that)

and then remember that Boris Alexander de Pfeffel Johnson is cut from the Clan Cameron cloth, and

remember to vote to honour Marmite Man’s battle to get the nation back on its feet. You may not like the soldier standing next to you, but, when bullets are being fired in anger, you’d give your life to save him for the cause – freedom from ‘The Great Deception’ of the ‘High Command’ in this Quiet War.


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