Control without Authority

“When the people fear the government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty!”  Thomas Jefferson – USA President 1801 – 1809

When I began to read ‘The Great Deception’ by Christopher and Richard North, my mind was brought into focus. As far back as 1952, an inconspicuous little Frenchman, Jean Monnet, set out along the road of deception, determined to change European society for ever, and set the bar for the conspirators.

Now, 67 years on, with Boris Alexander de Pfeffel Johnson failing to either secure any sort of severance from the Brussels bullies or to ‘die in a ditch‘, those with any real understanding of the cunning which lies behind their bogus ‘High Command’ will choose to support the only Party which remains dedicated to a full and final departure.

As we are out and about, in these six valuable weeks, let’s remind the voters on the doorstep that the entire structure (tottering as it now is) was devised by extremely cunning minds – by deception and a plotted erosion of true democracy. Only one man has faced these people down in their own backyard for over 20 years, which is why I cannot now contemplate any half-baked ‘solution’ by the ‘elite’, who are patently squirming beneath the ‘Sword of Damocles’.

At any level of leadership, you cannot have control without authority; at national level, it is akin to fascism., and don’t even get me started on Qualified Majority Voting…

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