*’Nil desperandum carborundum’

How refreshing to hear this conversation! Of course, there is nothing here that we have not long suspected, and those of us who have ploughed our way through

            ‘The Great Deception’ – Booker & North – ISBN 978-1-4729-3966-1

that finely-crafted 615-page crime thriller, (itemizing for the first time the inside story of what has been the most audacious political project since the Trojan Horse) are already alert to the plot and its origins.

Right now, in the UK, we have the culmination of three years’ relentless grinding down, exceeding fine and small, of the indomitable British spirit. On a daily basis, we are hearing well-paid ‘journalists’ and ‘reporters’ pumping out the Brussels bilge, at times almost in a jocular way (because they imagine that this ‘leaving the EU’ decision has become a national pastime, and feel obliged to sugar the pill with laconic comments) to assure us that, in the end, we didn’t really MEAN to leave. How wrong they are. I know I have mentioned this before, but the booklet

                          ‘Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars’ – ISBN – 978-1-58509-380-9

serves well at this time to remind us that it has long been the intention of the rich to corral the sheeple into obedient submission. Do we suppose that the Intemperate Seven are not being guided by the same basic mantra.

All things considered, I refer you to Pages 2 & 3 of today’s Sunday Express. With a fake solution being peddled on Page 1, how good that this just happens to appear in the same edition. Don’t be shy, feel free to SHARE..


* Don’t let the b*****ds grind you down



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