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“Keep your eyeball peeled”!!

On 16th February 2023, having asked for a SIM card from SMARTY on a brand-new ‘account’, I was sent a 5G SIM. I contacted them to ask for a 2 or 3G SIM, and I sent to the ‘chat’ person (Yash) some pictures of the handset in which I wanted to use their SIM card.

Yash confirmed that their SIM card was not suitable for such a handset, and he would close the account.

Today, 17th  March 2023 I receive an email (see below) from SMARTY, confirming that they have taken the due monthly payment (doesn’t state how much was taken, nor from where) and that the debits will ‘auto-occur’ monthly around the 16th/17th of the month.

You’re all good for another month
Hi grant-andrew,
Just to confirm, payment for your plan has gone through. Your plan will renew again on 17-04-2023.
The SMARTY team

I contact ‘Sohail’ via their ‘Chat’ box and I say..

“I notice that I have been debited for an account which was CLOSED one month ago. The allocated number (never used) was 07481 004813 but the SIM I requested was to be 3G and SMARTY could not offer such a SIM for a Bea-fon. We spoke to someone named ‘Yash’? and sent him pictures of the handset, and he confirmed that the account would be CLOSED. Please arrange for any funds debited after 16.02.23 to be refunded”

Sohail goes off air to check, comes back to me and says:

I’ve successfully turned Off the auto renewing payments from my end, your future payments has been stopped now and the account will also be Suspended. Also, I’ve refunded you the payment from my end and you should get it within next 3-5 business days

Yes, it will be closed from our end. Be assured – timed at 10.54am

Meanwhile, as this ‘conversation’ is happening with ‘Sohail’,I receive the following from SMARTY via email..

Hi grant-andrew,
Just to confirm, you’ve turned off the recurring payment option on your account.
Your plan is due to renew on 17-04-2023, so if you’d like to stay with us next month, you’ll either have to turn recurring payment back on or submit payment details on or after 17-04-2023.
The SMARTY team – timed at 10.49am

Which is why we know that ‘accounts’ are not what we should be having. These actions are occurring in all ‘corporate’ organizations, just another example as to how we are ALL being regarded as ‘things’ by which profit is commercially generated.

Keep you eyeball peeled!!


David v Goliath

Today, in Newcastle upon Tyne, the Crown Prosecution Service brought a case on behalf of the Gateshead Council, against Mark Steele, a local man possessed of considerable energy, determination and technical nous, who has been ‘getting up the nose’ of the local dignitaries for some time, by persistently complaining that ‘5G’ – a phased-array transmission system, is neither SAFE nor SUITABLE for public consumption.

To the lay-person like you and me, this may be small news, and, because we haven’t bothered to clue ourselves up about it, may seem like ‘much ado about sod-all’, but the fact is that this proposed signal strength (60x stronger than the 4G which you are currently using on your most with-it cellphone) is already being trialled at various townships in the UK without so much as a ‘by-your-leave’ to the guinea-pig citizens affected.

In Gateshead alone, more than 31,800 transmitting devices have been affixed to the top of their street lights.

Now Mark, who has been clued up on this field of electromagnetic radiation for many years, told me that this is not ‘new’ technology, in fact it has been used in military work since 1948. Which begs the question, why is such a powerful signal necessary in civilian circles? The answer is, of course, that, for your cellphone to work efficiently, it isn’t.

When we see medical proof that exposure to this strength of signal is causing an interaction with the human biological system, giving rise to cancers, diabetes and cardiac disease, then we have to conclude that there is a hidden motivation. We leave you to guess what THAT may be..

In the court hearing today, Mark was fortunate enough to find himself in front of a judge who definitely seems to be made of better stuff than the one who ran the ‘kangaroo-court’ against Stephen Lennon in Leeds on 26th March this year. Whilst taking Mark to task and setting our man under injunction for his ‘over-exuberant’ presentation , Judge Nolan made it clear to the Gateshead Council cohort that ‘substantial credible scientific documentation’ had been presented to highlight the risks to public health, that he was ‘going to uphold democracy’ – and sent the local authority away to do a bit more thinking.

As a footnote to this day, we point out that the insurers, Lloyds of London, have recently issued a statement excluding them from

“any liability coverage for all claims directly or indirectly arising out of, resulting from, or contributed to by electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetism, radio waves or noise” (Exclusion 32)

information from CFC Underwriting Ltd, a Lloyds of London underwriter.

All of which, you may feel, shows that our nation needs this level of ‘big brother’ interference about as much as we need the ill-conceived HS2 rail fantasy..