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🆘 ❓Want to attend a protest?❓Want to block entrances to Parliament?❓Want to chain or lock yourself to a building or person?❓Causing too much noise?❓Causing an obstruction to major transport works? You face JAIL TIME.   Well, at least that’s what is drafted in the new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, which is going to Report Stage at the House of Lords where these clauses and amendments will be voted on on 8th, 13th and 15th Dec before going back to the House of Commons where TORIES have the majority vote [in the new year].   

THIS NEW ABHORRENT “ACT” WILL USURP OUR: ❕FREEDOM of ASSOCIATION❕FREEDOM of SPEECH❕FREEDOM to PROTEST❕FREEDOM of EXPRESSION❕FREEDOM from GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE and lastly, our FREEDOM to fight against TYRANNY! THE NEW PROPOSALS INCLUDE: ❌ For “locking on” or being “equipped” to lock on, whether it be a person, object, or land, if it causes disruption to 2 or more people or an organisation, you may spend up to 51 wks in jail❌ New stop and search powers, with or without suspicion [i.e. they need no reason to stop/search you], and, if you resist you may be arrested and can land yourself a jail sentence.❌ For obstructing transport works [i.e. HS2] or block entrances/roads to Parliament – consider a jail sentence.❌ “Serious Disruption Prevention Orders” which would prevent any person or organisation from protesting from 1 week to up to 2 yrs, including using the internet to share or induce others to protesting activities. 

These proposals have been put forward by TORY LORDS and PRITI PATEL; 20 pages of revisions sneaked in at a very late stage meaning there is no full parliamentary scrutiny [again].   THE NEW AMENDMENTS AND CLAUSES WILL BE VOTED ON IN PARLIAMENT BY HOUSE OF LORDS ON: 📌 Wednesday 8th December📌 Monday 13th December📌 Wednesday 15th December Parliament Sq ⛓Confer in small trusted groups and make YOUR plan for the days.  How far are YOU willing to go for the Right to Protest? We need to show them who is the MASTER and who is the SERVANT.  Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill amendments here: #UniteForFreedom

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‘Do we live in a democracy’?

At a public meeting in York recently, the audience was asked this simple question, and, surprisingly, from a crowd of adults, the response was muted – many of us were not too sure..

Using the ‘false flag’ of ‘democracy’, the UK ‘Party System’ has, over a great many years, evolved to become a cancer, a perpetual revolution against the truths of the English Constitution.

Edmund Burke, [1730-1797] a one-time MP for Malton, North Yorkshire wrote:

“Whenever Parliament is persuaded to assume the role of executive government it will lose all the confidence, love and veneration which it has ever enjoyed whilst it was supposed to be the corrective and control on the acting powers of the state..”

Here is another quote to reiterate the present position:

“The Party System does not consist, as some suppose, of two parties, but only of ONE. If there were two real parties there could be no system. In the presence of this inner obstacle, a VOTE becomes about as valuable as a railway ticket when there is a permanent block on the line”

G.K. Chesterton – A Short History of England

We need to learn, and learn quickly, that

the rule of (common) law is the absolute condition for personal liberty and true democracy in a free society. Without it, we will have the rule of tyrants.

Let us assume, as seems extremely likely, that the present Tory leader will NOT achieve any sort of ‘deal’ for her to-ing and fro-ing across the Channel. After the charade which we have witnessed over the past two years, do you honestly think we can trust politicians of ANY colour, to fulfil the terms of the Referendum vote?

Not BLUE, not RED, the SNP? They are all against it; as for LibDems, Greens, even UKIP, – the party which fought for so long to persuade the Tories to ALLOW us to choose by Referendum – can’t now stop fighting amongst themselves. Even recently (July 30 2018) they were still in dispute over the function of their NEC.

So, are you going to mention the newly-formed DVP, or perhaps, FOR BRITAIN? It takes 5 years and around £20m in funds to establish any new party which would even START to make a dent in the Tory ranks.

At that next election, what do you imagine you will really achieve, unless you use your vote to kick the corrupt parties out of Parliament, by the simple alternative of voting for an INDEPENDENT candidate?

The fact of the matter is that we have become a very lazy society, and we have let ourselves, by habit and convenience, be lulled into accepting the adage first promoted by Harold Macmillan

“We’ve never had it so good.”

Many of us have ceased to think very deeply for ourselves, with the result that we have, as a nation, been sleep-walked into accepting what has been published to us, from the end of World War II onwards.

The fact is that, just seven years after we had finally (with the help of our former colonies across the pond, and many brave Commonwealth – and Polish – souls) put the Fatherland back in its place, there was already a plan in hand to achieve, by economic means, what the Austrian painter/decorator (as my now deceased German brother-in-law used to say – ‘der war auch Asylant’) had failed to do with his super-efficient ‘Wehrmacht’ = ‘Defence Force’ – there’s a bitter laugh.

The late King George VI was only three months laid to rest when Jean Monnet, one of the founding fathers of the European Union, was writing to a friend – 30th April 1952:

‘Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super-state (1952??) without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an ‘economic’ purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.’

Now, I could list for you, every single piece of ‘statute’ which has been moulded and fiddled to fit in with that mantra of the unelected oligarchy, masquerading as a benevolent unifying presence, from 1948 right through to 2009 – but you know most of them, don’t you?

What a close examination of the text and purport of all the ‘Treaties’ shows us is, that those who have held the position of ‘UK Leader’, under their version of ‘democracy’, have sold our country’s soul to the devil – as surely as Faust lost his shadow to Mephistopheles..

So, we come, late in the day, to the frightening conclusion that we are in imminent danger of being totally emasculated as a nation, of having a minor role in an ever-growing federation of half-convinced ‘states’ (note how THAT word crept in) – are we to be the Northern Section of some cooked-up French arrondisement?

All of which can still be averted, by simply reasserting our inalienable rights as freemen/women under the Great Charter of 1215, as confirmed by the Bill of Rights 1689.

The ‘Party System’ in UK politics is DEAD, not fit for purpose (never was) and must be removed if our nation is to retain any vestige of status, dignity and self-government.

Forget Facebook, typing and ranting will not save us – ‘Shadowbanning’ is already in hand, closing down your right to think and speak freely. Send an email address today, to

for further action, whilst there is still time.       See also       

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When is ‘Rebellion’ lawful?

What is lawful rebellion? (Or being a ‘freeman/woman’ on the land)

Here, Nancy Baron-Shaw gives a little basic background to it.

(Please note this is not comprehensive it’s just a rough guide)

In the year 1215 the first of our constitutional rights were set down on paper, it was called the Magna Carta, this was basically an oath from the crown (King or Queen) to uphold the rights of the people set down in it, and to look after the people’s best interests. In return for the crown’s promise to the people, they in turn agreed to be ruled by the crown, so it was a contract between crown and people, and it became the law. The crown had a duty to uphold those rights and the Common Law, as did the people, not to cause death, harm, loss or injury to another, nor to be fraudulent in their contracts (in other words be honest and true).

In the year 1689 the Bill of Rights was set down on paper; this endorsed all the rights given in the Magna Carta, plus a few more, both documents containing our UK Common Law, written down and continuing to form our Law.

These two documents are the fundamental parts of our UK constitution, yes, we do, actually, have one. Though many may claim that the UK has no written constitution, this is not true. We have the most respected constitution in the world, which also forms the basis of the constitutions of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India.

Rather than being one written document we have several that make up the UK constitution, the primary one being the Magna Carta, plus the 1689 Bill of Rights. (the freeman movement in Canada seems to be gaining respect from some Canadian policemen).

Parts of both the Magna Carta and the 1689 Bill of Rights state that they cannot be repealed because they are such well-made laws and rights!

Lord Justice Laws stated, on 18th February 2002:

“The special status of constitutional statute follows the special status of constitutional rights. Examples are the Magna Carta, and, also the Bill of Rights 1689…Ordinary statutes may, by implication, be repealed. Constitutional statutes may not….”

Now, our ancestors were not daft, they knew there may be a problem one day, if the ‘crown’ became unjust, or turned into some sort of dictatorship, or if parliament were to act against the interests and wellbeing of the people, or become full of corruption, or not allow the crown to keep its oath.

In Article 61 of the Magna Carta it was written that, if this ever happened, citizens could petition the crown to sort out the problem (crown’s or parliament’s – if it was them), following which petition, the crown had 40 days to either fix the problem – or dissolve parliament.

If, in those 40 days, nothing was resolved, the petitioner could then lawfully go into rebellion against both the crown and parliament, until such a time as the situation was resolved.

Because this is lawful, and the petitioner has the right to do it, he goes into “lawful rebellion”, at that point in time he no longer has allegiance to either crown or parliament, since they have become corrupt. He now becomes a hindrance and a rebel, fighting to end the corruption or injustice within the system. It is law that he can do this, and he is, actually, obeying the law by doing so, because it is the people’s duty to fight corruption and uphold the law.

So that’s the basics of it. Because our constitution can’t be repealed it is still valid law.

Now, to do this today, you must first send an affidavit (a sworn oath of truth, the most powerful lawful and legal document you can get) to our Queen, stating that the crown or in this case our government (and its MPs acting for the crown) is breaking the constitutional contract (and they really are breaking it), and demand it be fixed within 40 days. This affidavit must be witnessed, counter signed and sealed by a credible witness (Nancy Baron-Shaw used a solicitor).

This is then sent to the queen, and, if within 40 days the problem is not fixed, a second affidavit is then sent, this time declaring that the problem is not resolved, and therefore the crown (or the government acting for the crown) has broken the contract with the people, and you are therefore no longer going to obey or be ruled by a corrupt crown or government, putting you in a state of lawful rebellion.

Contrary to what any government official may like tell you, this is a lawful action, and it is a binding oath sworn before God (and the witness), it is my right, it is your right, everyone’s right, to do this, but only if there is a genuine breach of the contract.

The powers that be want us to believe that we have no constitution – that in anything we may be planning to do is based on a law which has long since been repealed, or 90% of it.

It’s in their interests to have you believe this, so they can get away with anything they want to do, without the people stopping them.

As you can see from the statement by Lord Justice Laws, it is our constitution and it cannot simply be scrapped by any parliament, not by our self-serving politicians; it remains a valid law to this day, no matter what our politicians say, they have never ever had the right to repeal any of it.

An example of one of the actual breaches we are using for entering lawful rebellion is – corruption in parliament and our government – we all know this is happening, It’s not just the one party, its all of them. There are 650 incumbents – 164 of them are on the Sex Offenders List, for a start.

The fact is that both past and present governments have acquiesced in allowing foreign powers (the European Union) to rule over us. The EU is a hugely corrupt system, and it is not working in anyone’s best interests except for the EU politicians themselves and the weighty business associates supporting them. The EU is nothing but a dictatorship, being run by un-elected leaders – look into it, and you will see that this is the true situation.

When, in 1992, the Tory government, led by John Major, signed the ‘Maastricht’ Treaty, handing over British sovereignty to the EU, they were committing treason!

This is 100% true, they really have committed treason, (take a look at the UKIP website for some very interesting facts and figures. It is beyond belief what the EU gets up to (and I’m just citing UKIP – as they have collected a lot of factual information, not that they are the exception to any other party).

The EU is our people’s greatest enemy, but second to that, our present government and most of the mainstream parties are equally culpable. I know that the police and the Courts are supposed to be non-political, (did you know that both are today registered as ‘limited companies’ in the UK?) but we all have the right to freedom of thought and I am sure you must realize what a corrupt ‘leadership’ we currently have?

When our government does something wrong, they just pretend they haven’t done it, and, if it gets to be too hot a subject, they simply stick a gagging order on it! .

Lawful and Legal What’s The Difference?

There’s a lot of talk on the freeman sites (and other sites) about being ‘lawful and legal’   and discussing the difference between the two, but as there’s not much in the way of a basic guide, it becomes confusing; some will know the difference but for those who don’t here we go. Basically, anything in our constitution including common law is lawful (true law).

Any subsequent ‘Acts’ that parliaments may have subsequently passed are ‘legal’, these will be in the form of acts or statute laws, these “legal” acts should never contradict common law nor what is in our constitution, some of them do, but we won’t go into that here.

We therefore still have, even today, a system in place, extant for over 800 years, that can neither be challenged nor changed (common law and our constitution), therefore should any parliament wish to pass new ‘legal’ Acts, it is bound, by definition, to find a way of making that Act enforceable, whilst still honouring the constitution.

Now, the Royal Navy had already used a legal system called ‘Admiral Law’ to keep its sailors in check and to make sure that officers and navy rules were obeyed.  All navy members swear an oath to obey it etc, it becomes a legal contract and so it is enforceable. It applies only on ships and within the navy, but it works well. Because it pre-dated the establishing of ‘parliament’, it was adopted (or a version of it), and thus parliament has since worked using that system to introduce new “legal” statutes.

For the system to work, the people had to accept that it was lawful – and, perhaps since the common man did not know any different, it was simply taken as being right and was obeyed – yet none of the general public (naval personnel excepted) has ever sworn any oath to either parliament or crown, so there is no binding contract between legal acts or statutes and the people, rather we have been duped into obeying them.

A statute or act is in legal terms defined as “an act given the force of law by the consent of the governed”, note it says consent, so if you don’t consent to it and there is no contract between yourself and the other party, then it does not become ‘legal’.

So now you see why freemen (and those claiming to be freemen) may say

“I do not consent, and there is no contract between us, I have broken no law”

when the police are going to arrest them or make them obey an act or statute legislation

An excellent summary of the actual legal position of the common man/woman with regard to the Constitution. Used by kind permission of the writer – Nancy Baron-Shaw

 Recommended reading – ‘A Layman’s Guide to the English Constitution’ – Albert Burgess