Video update on Lynda Thyer’s bail situation


Lynda’s brother, Trevor, asked us to share this picture of Lynda – we have all been thinking and praying for both her and David Noakes.

Many of you have been as deeply concerned as we are that neither Lynda nor David (Noakes) have been in a good state, whilst detained in the Fleury-Merogis prison, outside Paris. Lynda is now out on bail, and her brother, helped by Georgia Pouliquen, (whom many of us heard at the Alternative View conference, when she was reporting on the ‘gilets jaunes’ demonstrations), has today released a video to bring us up to date.

Please use this recording to encourage others to support our appeal for donations towards the fees and expenses involved in Lynda’s court trial, due to commence on Monday 22nd March 2021

Lynda’s Brother, Trevor, with a report on her situation

Please do keep sharing the link for donations, even small donations all build up to help Lynda at

Fundraiser by Andrew Livingstone : NATANGOA (gofundme.com)

We do not forget David, either, at this time: he is still detained in the same prison, and would be grateful for any letters, books, etc., to show your support over this time:

David Noakes – Prisonnier No 457501, Maison d’Arret Fleury-Merogis, 70 Avenue des Peupliers, 97100 FLEURY-MEROGIS France

With sincere thanks for all your support for them both through these difficult months.




We are now asking you all to help Lyn, who is currently released on bail from the Fleury-Merogis Prison, outside Paris, where she has been waiting for 19 months to be told that the French court system is ready to ‘hear’ her case.

Here is the link to the page where you can donate – don’t be ashamed to give only a little, it matters that we are all together on this, and together we can make a difference:


Those of us who already know the background story will already be able to share this link. If this situation is new to you, you can find the details in our earlier blog – ‘NATANGOA!’ – (Noakes And Thyer Are Not Guilty Of Anything) Watch the video presentation in that post, or write to us – at cpr4d@livingstones.uk – and we will send a written copy on to you.

On Lyn’s behalf, we thank you very sincerely for your support over the past two years and more: it has sustained her in what has been an awful loss of her Common Law liberty..


Update on the Lyn Thyer situation

FIrst, the bit of good news – Lyn Thyer is out on bail and is being cared for by contacts in France, pending a trial due to start on Monday 22nd March 2021.

Now Lyn needs our help. Because the UK authorities closed her bank accounts, Lyn has no access to her own money to pay for her defence at that trial. We have started a funding appeal. If you can help, even a little bit, please go to – https://www.gofundme.com/f/natangoa

Those who may be reading about this mess for the first time can search out our previous blog under NATANGOA – [Noakes And Thyer Are Not Guilty Of Anything] dated 26th August 2020

You can also go to YouTube and look up the ‘ALTERNATIVE VIEW’ conference where the entire history of their persecution is set out in a 60-minute presentation by David Noakes – see this link:

(21) AV10 : David Noakes & Lyn Thyer : A Life Less Ordinary – YouTube

Please contact us at – cpr4d@livingstones.uk – if you CAN help. There is also a full email detailing what has been going on. We are not publishing this – not wanting to jeopardize the proceedings – but those who would like a private pdf copy can also ask via the address just quoted.

Please SHARE the donation link, to make the public aware of what these people are going through; our fundraising is only needed because, from the beginning, the MHRA made sure their financial accounts were sequestered and sales of their successful serum stopped.



The world has been aware of this ‘virus’ now for around 12 months: statistics are available showing how 156 countries have variously faced and handled the oppression which it has produced. There is a mounting body of evidence to show that the entry onto the global stage of this ‘virus’ is not due to happenstance.

See https://livingstones.blog/blogsearch ‘Who’s telling porkies?’

The writer is presently confined to a small property in the UK, and many of the following comments will reflect this fact; they are nonetheless equally worthy of our readers’ attention, wherever they find themselves today. One Martin Armstrong* has applied himself to raise several queries about this mess, and these are listed here for the benefit of those who are either too wise or too busy to spend all day sitting down in front of a ‘digital reaper’**

We are frequently being reminded, by multiple methods of public information, that we are held in thrall to a dis-ease which is equipped with almost chameleon-like powers to re-invent itself at any moment with new variants, each of which seems to be more lethal than its predecessor. So here are some points to ponder..

  1. If this pandemic virus is so very widespread, so highly infectious and so lethal, why are we not hearing the constant wail of ambulance sirens, trying to gather up all the victims to a place of safety?
  2. If so, why are our undertakers reporting that there is no upturn in their level of business?
  3. Why are our crematoria and burial grounds no busier than normal?
  4. Why then, are the national statistics, on fatalities generally, no higher than in any average year?
  5. How come that alongside these thousands of deaths from COVID-19 there is so little to record about this year’s deaths due to influenza and pneumonia?
  6. Let’s look at ‘lockdowns’ – if the first lockdown here DID work, why is it necessary to have another one?
  7. If the first ‘lockdown’ DID NOT work, why then are we going through the same procedure again? Do we have to quote the old adage that ‘constantly repeating a failed process and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity’?
  8. Why is the UK government so intent on following the ‘advice’ from just two or three ‘experts’ when there are many thousands of experienced medical professionals worldwide who are screaming ‘fake’!? Are the members of the World Doctors Alliance all WRONG?
  9. How is it that all the main media channels repeatedly screen videos of intense panic activity in our hospitals, when in reality, the vast majority of them are running at normal or quiet – and why then are those ‘Nightingale’ units, all prefabricated and installed with such frantic haste (at a cost of zillions) now either standing un- or under-used – or even being quietly dismantled?
  10. If the pandemic is so grave, why are we seeing many thousands of nursing staff either out of work, under employed or ‘whistle-blowing’ about the true state of affairs?
  11. Here’s another one to ponder –World Integrated Trade Solution (WITS) – a trade software provided by the World Bank – reports that already, in 2018, countries worldwide bought in shed-loads of Nucleic Acid Test – Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction [RT-PCR] kits, when the ‘pandemic’ itself only became a public awareness issue at the end of 2019?
  12. If this dis-ease really IS so very highly infectious, why are there many thousands of discarded facial masks littering streets and supermarket car parks throughout Britain?
  13. Another disparity – why do the government’s ‘social distancing’ criteria vary widely from one region to another?
  14. We are being reassured that this monster does not affect children, fine, so, why do all the schools have to remain shut?
  15. Going on the medical experts’ assertion that ‘face masks’ DO work, why haven’t we been previously driven to use them every year as protection from any current variant of influenza?
  16. If this affliction were really so dreadful, wouldn’t we be seeing people dropping dead in numbers on our streets?
  17. Why is it that supermarkets are allowed to open, bringing many hundreds of the public together under one roof, whilst our local corner stores, which have perhaps no more than two or three customers at any one time, have to remain SHUT?
  18. Why does the UK government in their tedious daily ‘bulletins’, insist on referring to daily testing numbers as ‘cases’ rather than just what they are, tests? Not ALL persons tested are POSITIVE, are they?
  19. Back to RT-PCR – On December 14th 2020 the World Health Organisation [WHO] finally issued an ‘Information Notice for IVD Users’ confirming that Nucleic Acid Testing [NAT] is a ‘hit-and-miss’ procedure.

(This fact had also been highlighted several months earlier by two Germany-based medical doctors – Dr Karina Reiss and Dr Sucharit Bhakdi – in their publication ‘CORONA  Fehlalarm?’ – [ISBN 978-3-99060-191-4]. On Saturday 26th September 2020, another German medical doctor was led away in handcuffs from Hyde Park Speakers’ Corner in London when he stood up and tried to speak about this fake virus. He was detained in Wandsworth Custody unit for 22 hours, his copy of the above book was not returned to him on his release, and he again publicly denounced the virus tale as being a false alarm whilst standing in the street outside the custody building. (The writer obtained a German-language copy at the time, but the English-language edition was not released until sometime later (after the dust had settled?). It is well worth a read..)

  • Why, if we are warned that a cough or sneeze can propel minute droplets of this terrible infection over a distance of more than 25 metres, are we told only to distance ourselves by 2 metres?
  • Why are you happy with rubbing poisons into your skin 20 times per day in the name of disinfectant?
  • You may also wonder why, before LOCKDOWN can be lifted, it is now becoming imperative for every person in the UK to accept a vaccine – for a dis-ease which is demonstrating a 99.7% recovery rate, a dis-ease which is SO LETHAL that you have to be tested to see whether you have even contracted it?
  • If this vaccine works, why then can we still catch and transmit the dis-ease after we have been vaccinated?
  •  If you HAVE accepted the ‘successful’ vaccination, why do you STILL have to wear a face mask and maintain social distancing?
  • How many people do you actually know who have DIED as a result of the COVID-19 infection? For the period April to November 2020, there were said to have been 54.478 confirmed deaths in England and Wales, of which, however, less than 5,000 were attributable purely to COVID-19, ALL the rest having perished with co-morbidities. You may also want to compare that figure with the number of people who have previously been damaged by unproven vaccines.

The next time you leave your home, just ask yourself this question –

Am I really witnessing a pandemic here?”

If your answer to the question is YES – I AM, then you probably need to remove the fuse from the plug which serves your television set.

As Mark Twain said,

‘It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.’

*This data is published with grateful thanks to Martin Armstrong, further details can be found on his website  (You may need to open the link below in a separate window)


** Jerome Corsi ( pronounced CorZi) a well-known public speaker in the USA, earlier this past year confirmed the writer’s suspicion, held over many years, that ‘There is no such thing as a free lunch’ when he reminded us that every keystroke we make on our mobile phones, tablets or computer keyboards is being harvested in some vast, subterranean nuclear-bomb-proof digital barn, by those who promise so much for such a moderate outlay, where each one of us will now have a ‘digital Doppelgaenger’. At the risk of being boring, we remind you again of the Jean Monnet mantra, written to a friend back in April 1952:“Europe’s nations should be guided into a super-state without their people realising what is happening. This can be achieved by successive steps, each portrayed as having some economic advantage, but which will surely and irreversibly lead to ‘federation’”                                                                                                                       14 February 2021