We are now asking you all to help Lyn, who is currently released on bail from the Fleury-Merogis Prison, outside Paris, where she has been waiting for 19 months to be told that the French court system is ready to ‘hear’ her case.

Here is the link to the page where you can donate – don’t be ashamed to give only a little, it matters that we are all together on this, and together we can make a difference:


Those of us who already know the background story will already be able to share this link. If this situation is new to you, you can find the details in our earlier blog – ‘NATANGOA!’ – (Noakes And Thyer Are Not Guilty Of Anything) Watch the video presentation in that post, or write to us – at cpr4d@livingstones.uk – and we will send a written copy on to you.

On Lyn’s behalf, we thank you very sincerely for your support over the past two years and more: it has sustained her in what has been an awful loss of her Common Law liberty..

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