Video update on Lynda Thyer’s bail situation


Lynda’s brother, Trevor, asked us to share this picture of Lynda – we have all been thinking and praying for both her and David Noakes.

Many of you have been as deeply concerned as we are that neither Lynda nor David (Noakes) have been in a good state, whilst detained in the Fleury-Merogis prison, outside Paris. Lynda is now out on bail, and her brother, helped by Georgia Pouliquen, (whom many of us heard at the Alternative View conference, when she was reporting on the ‘gilets jaunes’ demonstrations), has today released a video to bring us up to date.

Please use this recording to encourage others to support our appeal for donations towards the fees and expenses involved in Lynda’s court trial, due to commence on Monday 22nd March 2021

Lynda’s Brother, Trevor, with a report on her situation

Please do keep sharing the link for donations, even small donations all build up to help Lynda at

Fundraiser by Andrew Livingstone : NATANGOA (gofundme.com)

We do not forget David, either, at this time: he is still detained in the same prison, and would be grateful for any letters, books, etc., to show your support over this time:

David Noakes – Prisonnier No 457501, Maison d’Arret Fleury-Merogis, 70 Avenue des Peupliers, 97100 FLEURY-MEROGIS France

With sincere thanks for all your support for them both through these difficult months.

3 thoughts on “Video update on Lynda Thyer’s bail situation”

  1. Received such a wonderful letter from Lyn about a fortnight ago. It reduced me to tears but she asked me to pass greetings to all her friends in Guernsey and I will now do my utmost to encourage people to help fund the lawyer. I didn’t have her address to respond but thanks for posting it on here but if you are in touch with her could you send her all our love from her many friends in Guernsey


    1. Judy, picking up on your comment (now 2 months old, my apologies for that delay) I hope you now do have a contact address for Lyn. If not, call me on 01484 461423 and I can give it to you.


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