Saturday 3rd April 2021 – DONATIONS TOTAL:

£ 25,915.82 raised in just over FOUR weeks – WELL DONE and THANK YOU

Thanks to the tremendous generosity of so many of you good people we have succeeded where many said we would fail: in just over four weeks, our team work enabled us to collect the total shown above, which was more than was needed to meet Lyn’s legal expenses. Please note that the ‘landing page’ for donations is now CLOSED. I am sure you will understand that any surplus funds have been passed directly to Lyn, to help her get up and running again.

Now is not the time or place to comment on the actual outcome of those final worrying days which Lyn spent in the Paris Court. Suffice it to say that she has been told to expect a suspended sentence, and that this will be confirmed at a further Court sitting on Wednesday 14th April 2021. Lyn has been told that she need not return to France to attend in person; her lawyer, M. Olivier Forray, will be there on her behalf.

We do not forget David Noakes at this time; that date will be a concern for him, as he has been told to expect a 4-year custodial sentence, although he has 14 days in which to lodge an appeal against this decision.

When we know more about that we will post details. It may be necessary to resume funding for David.

On behalf of Lyn Thyer and her Team, we want to say a special and most sincere ‘THANK YOU‘ to the staff at UK Column for their work in keeping us followers aware and up-to-date on this issue. We will not forget that..

Sincerely yours

Andrew Livingstone – Huddersfield, West Yorkshire



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