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Klaus Schwab’s School for ‘Covid Dictators’

Economist Ernst Wolff believes that a hidden alliance of political and corporate leaders is exploiting the pandemic with the aim of crashing national economies and introducing a global digital currency. We reprint this important article – 12 pages in pdf – here for the benefit of many who do not have full online facility or training. Please feel free to share as a pdf document – see below:

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Stand up to the ‘jabber’ bullies

We have heard that there is a plan to send out teams of jabbers, who may come knocking on my door to ask why I have not been jabbed (how will they know who hasn’t unless they are in cahoots with my GP, who keeps sending text messages about my not having rolled up my sleeve).

Well, a friend has circulated this 4-page advice sheet which should help those who are against the idea of having unproven, experimental material pushed into them – literally.

You will know others who are just as sensible and want to be cautious – feel free to share the pdf with them.

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Changing of the guard

Can you remember the days when our trains always had a ‘guard’? I am about to return from Bedford to Yorkshire, and, when I last did this journey, I found myself in trouble, having mis-typed the return date when booking my ticket. As the ‘guard’ (now styled ‘Revenue Protection Officer’) was getting ready to remostrate with me, I disarmed him, smiling sweetly, with “I’m in my 80th year, and doing my best to keep up with all today’s digital dogma. Now, how would you like to punish me?” I got off with a warning. The young chap one seat forward wasn’t so lucky, a ¬£20 on the spot fine for having used the incorrect ‘discount card’.