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Stand up to the ‘jabber’ bullies

We have heard that there is a plan to send out teams of jabbers, who may come knocking on my door to ask why I have not been jabbed (how will they know who hasn’t unless they are in cahoots with my GP, who keeps sending text messages about my not having rolled up my sleeve).

Well, a friend has circulated this 4-page advice sheet which should help those who are against the idea of having unproven, experimental material pushed into them – literally.

You will know others who are just as sensible and want to be cautious – feel free to share the pdf with them.

1 thought on “Stand up to the ‘jabber’ bullies”

  1. Thank you Andrew. Where have you heard it from, and how reliable is the source?

    It concerns me that we may be creating fear mongering ourselves, thus making matters a lot worse.

    With all good wishes,


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