Update on the Lyn Thyer situation

FIrst, the bit of good news – Lyn Thyer is out on bail and is being cared for by contacts in France, pending a trial due to start on Monday 22nd March 2021.

Now Lyn needs our help. Because the UK authorities closed her bank accounts, Lyn has no access to her own money to pay for her defence at that trial. We have started a funding appeal. If you can help, even a little bit, please go to – https://www.gofundme.com/f/natangoa

Those who may be reading about this mess for the first time can search out our previous blog under NATANGOA – [Noakes And Thyer Are Not Guilty Of Anything] dated 26th August 2020

You can also go to YouTube and look up the ‘ALTERNATIVE VIEW’ conference where the entire history of their persecution is set out in a 60-minute presentation by David Noakes – see this link:

(21) AV10 : David Noakes & Lyn Thyer : A Life Less Ordinary – YouTube

Please contact us at – cpr4d@livingstones.uk – if you CAN help. There is also a full email detailing what has been going on. We are not publishing this – not wanting to jeopardize the proceedings – but those who would like a private pdf copy can also ask via the address just quoted.

Please SHARE the donation link, to make the public aware of what these people are going through; our fundraising is only needed because, from the beginning, the MHRA made sure their financial accounts were sequestered and sales of their successful serum stopped.

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