‘Thought Policeman’ on the Peterloo fringe?

There was a ‘Peterloo March’ in Manchester on Saturday 19th, an inter-group demonstration and march to commemorate 200 years since the Peterloo Massacre. Several groups of ‘Leavers of X’ were there with their banners. A minutes’ silence was held at the point where 15 demonstrators were killed and around 600 injured as the  ‘magistrates’ sent in the Yeomanry with their swords and sabres to cut down and discourage the sheeple from ever again daring to complain against the ruling ‘elite’ of the day. At the end of our march, speakers presented with encouraging words. However, during the speeches, I did notice this guy, standing around at the fringe of the crowd, writing copious notes on a tablet, and, whenever he felt anyone was watching, he covered his face with a scarf. Does anyone recognize the face or have any suggestions whom he might represent – government security perhaps?


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