There IS a cure for many cancers

For over 10 years, scientists at Immuno-BioTech Ltd have been working to refine and improve on a serous (serum-based) product, originally first developed in Japan; the UK version is now capable of curing more than 120,000 Stage IV tumours per year, when used according to their recommended treatment regime, and, provided that the patient has not previously been subjected to the present ‘standard’ alternative – chemo- and radio-therapy.
It is now a matter of public record that both David Noakes and Lyn Thyer, after working so tirelessly to develop their own product, are being prosecuted to the full extent of both ECJ statute and the Cancer Act 1939, – for not first obtaining ‘permission’ to do so.
This present government has acquiesced to the arrest, trial and imprisonment of both principal company directors at the insistence of the Medicines & Healthcare Research Agency [MHRA].

David Noakes received an 11-month prison sentence in Wandsworth for developing his non-invasive product, with its 89% clear-up rate, proviso as above, and costing just £400 per patient per course, alas, without permission, which is, apparently an offence contrary to the Cancer Act 1939. Lyn Thyer is now being detained in France under the ECJ-conceived European Arrest Warrant (Guilty until proven innocent), with no charges having been brought against her.
By contrast, the regime preferred by the MHRA, is supplied to our National Health Service at a staggering cost of £40,000 per patient per course of ‘treatment’. Their ‘clear-up rate? Just a measly 2.1% ‘success’ rate, where success is defined as prolonging the patients’ agony for an average of 2 years.
The personal and business accounts of the Immuno-BioTech directors have also been sequestered, and of course, the product itself may not now be obtained within the UK.
However, there is better news, after a local friend of mine heard about the serum, he has managed to source it from overseas. Sadly, more expensive, but nowhere close to the scandalous MHRA rate, the serum works, and the patient is recovering.
Those who need the product should write to us in the first instance and we will arrange for you to get the contact details: our email address is at the foot of the page.
We wish to stress that we ourselves are receiving absolutely no financial benefit from sharing this information.

Please see also for corroboration of this statement.

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