European Union, Political

” More faces than t’ Town Hall clock”!

This is an excellent article exposing Theresa May’s ongoing betrayal of Leave:

As an example:

“Then, in its edition of Monday October 8, the Daily Telegraph revealed that May’s government, including ministers and whips, had for several months been in covert contact with at least 25 Labour MPs, to push her Chequers Deal through Parliament by relying on their votes against a very substantial minority of her own MPs. We were thus confronted, yet again, with evidence of May’s deceitfully plotting to dilute or even negate Brexit, in secret, against her own Parliamentarians, party and voters, with the shameful collusion of her Cabinet.

A Cabinet, moreover, that appears to have raised not a whimper of objection to the Brexit negotiations not being on the agenda for this week’s Cabinet meeting. Although perhaps we should no longer be surprised at its collective lack of backbone. One of the most nauseating sights of the ‘Conservative’ Party conference was that of May’s Cabinet during her leader’s speech. She produced her ‘Chequers Plan’ in secret behind their backs, then imposed it on them on pain of dismissal, after first clearing it with Angela Merkel, yet just three months later they sit and sycophantically clap her like performing seals.”

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