mRNA – Part 2

Since society continues to be plagued with the false dialogue that ‘vaxxing is good for you‘ we shall be adding comment here from time to time. Hence – Part 2.

A wise man once said, “It is better to get hurt by the Truth than to be consoled by a lie

If the present ‘jabbing’ concept is so marvellous, so essential, so liberating from this ‘lockdown hell’ as one of my neighbours recently put it, then have a little think about this:

‘The UK’s drug tsars who are currently running the MHRA already have more than enough evidence via the Yellow Card system to cause them to declare that the COVID-19 injections are UNSAFE for use in humans. Not a peep out of them.

The Japanese government, having seen the results of analysis (by their own ‘MHRA’), of the contents of the ‘Pfizer’ injection material, have found that it is definitely damaging to almost ALL of the organs within the vertebrates tested – especially adversely affecting the BONE MARROW, the THYROID GLAND and the GENITALS. Very understandably, their decision has been:


Where is the comment from the Westmonster Wizards on this one, then, has anyone heard anything?

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