There is a Spirit behind every Word

Sunday 24th March 2019

Eighty years ago, our United Kingdom was struggling to be rid of invaders, who were determined to show us another way to live. We resisted them then, because it was clear that they were acting beyond the limits of common sense, beyond their authority. By 1945, with help from others (some of which we later omitted to thank) we were clear of the demonic Spirit – we breathed freely once more.
That Spirit did not die, however, and, within eight years, it had assumed another, more subtle guise, seducing those around it, enticing them with the desire for wealth and ease, cloaking everything in tones of ‘economic benefits’ – [Jean Monnet – 30.04.1952].
To quote Calvin Miller [‘The Singer’] –
it “..poses as Terra’s lover, trying to pry us from our track and roll us into some hole filled with putrefaction.” This Spirit is “committed to our last destruction, has infected every corner with the desire for power and greed”, as we have seen. [Macmillan, Heath, Wilson, Major, Blair, Brown]
Today, as we stand at the threshold of the much-heralded ‘Departure Day – 29.03.19‘, the Spirit still has its little demons, scurrying to and fro, desperately trying to persuade the general public (and their democratically selected representatives) that their KitKat offering is better for us than the solid food of good, sound common sense.
Those among us who can still remember ‘blackout curtains’ and ‘ration books’ found that temporary suffering and hardship was a price worth paying, for freedom, dignity, sovereignty, justice, honesty and democracy to survive.
Those among us who cannot remember when there was no ‘EUROtunnel’ are pretty rattled that their easy way of life might be temporarily inconvenienced.
To them we say –
Allow the Lisbon Treaty 2009 to become a reality and you will regret it for the rest of your days‘.
We, the old-timers will be gone – but so will your integrity, your identity.
We end with the words from the mouth of the leading sprite – “No deal is better than a bad deal” – what you have to decide is, what Spirit was that sentence uttered in? Did she mean
“It is better to leave with NO DEAL than have a BAD DEAL”
or was she already, back then, actually saying
“I am going to fix up a BAD DEAL for you and that is the DEAL you are going to swallow”?
Is she a pussy cat, a tiger or a KITKAT? Remember, there is a Spirit behind every word.

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