Small Print – Gross Deceit

The British public is being led astray once more, we are being hoodwinked by the same political conspirators who, in February 1992, publicly admitted that they had signed up to the Maastricht Treaty without having read it themselves or having given our (s)elected MPs the opportunity to read and discuss its contents. Thank you John Major.

We have the same disdainful attitude wherever we look throughout the history of the Blues. The ‘we know best’ Party. It doesn’t pay off.

Cameron – at the Dispatch Box to Corbyn – “Go home, man!” Let’s see, who actually went home?

Now the mendacious tone persists, the ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ has become ‘My Deal’ – (my keyboard can no longer spell the name of the fifth month of the year), so, those elected to serve us best have taken to the pliable political ploy – bending the rules. No wonder my mother used to talk about ‘pie crust’ promises.

To the few within the pack of blind mice who have at least one eye still on the ball we say ‘”STAND FIRM”!!

To the party which has recently wrecked itself we say, “If you wish to recover any credibility at all with your sovereign grassroots foundation stones – choose Sir William Nigel Paul Cash as her successor”

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