Code name – ‘tsaphah’

If we accept with our adult minds that we believers are LIVING STONES, being built up a spiritual house, let’s not forget that any house built on sand will collapse in the coming storm, only the house built on the ROCK will stand firm..

We believers have a storm to confront, and our watchman, (appropriately enough named), is blowing, is sounding the alarm to the people. – Isaiah 21:6.

Those of us with faith will be watching, fasting and praying for him.

“Go, set a watchman!”

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This is an important article. Talk about Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars, (search our separate post – SWFQW) I am thinking that next week will be decisive, for US politics, perhaps for free thought, even for world peace..

I’ve long been impressed by, often quoted, the Rastafarian saying – ‘Those who are in earnest are not afraid of consequences’. We have reached the point in time where we might shortly be deciding where we in the erstwhile ‘free-thinking’ West stand. I hope that our ‘coalition government’ will choose wisely when we have a decision to make. Is the sword about to speak louder than the pen?

What price true freedom?

As the dust begins to settle, following the glorious news of Prime Minister Johnson’s  last-minute ‘Xmas-present’ deal on the vexatious European Union ‘trade agreement’ problem, I was intrigued and not a little perturbed to hear some discussion on last week’s DW News between Professor Tanja Börtzel of the Freie Universität, Berlin and Tim Nuttall of The Economist.

Professor Börtzel smiles indulgently as she asserts that this is really a somewhat romantic notion; since the UK is still subject, indirectly at least, to EU regulations. She states that the EU leaders understand this ‘trade deal’ is allowing UK citizens to believe that they have retrieved their ‘sovereignty’; that, yes, there can be ‘divergence’, but only so long as fair competition is guaranteed. So, the professor seems to know what we don’t – that the EU tentacles actually do still restrain their troublesome island neighbour.

This ‘fairness’, this ‘level playing field’ (oh, how often have we heard this soundbite) is to be decided by an inevitable EU/UK Partnership Council, so it’s NOT decided by the UK government (her words).

Further, Britain will continue to pay into the EU budget, she avers, less than before, it’s true, but Britain has no control over how high these contributions will be. Britain will be very much constrained, the lady says, by what the EU will decide in the future.

Now, I’m very perturbed that these ‘small print’ details have neither yet been mentioned or published here in the UK, and I would like the present Prime Minister to either confirm or refute these statements. I would also like him to be completely honest (yes, I know he’s a politician, but we can only try, can’t we?) as to how many other ‘caveats’ there are in his wonderful trade deal.

I would like him to ‘be perfectly clear’, to quote his predecessor’s hackneyed phrase, beyond just the trade deal itself, as to where we now stand in relation to the European Council on Human Rights [ECHR], as also on the European Arrest Warrant [EAW].

To put it bluntly, are we in England now back under the ‘habeas corpus’ status of our common law constitution, or is the United Kingdom still subject to ‘corpus juris’? I stress this because, as we write, there are still at least two good, British citizens detained, un-convicted, in French prison conditions, who should be repatriated forthwith.

Those of us who carry these people in our hearts and our prayers know their identities. Your comments on a postcard please, oh, all right, online then, if you MUST!

Watch “This is the most HEARTBREAKING lockdown enforcement video so far” on YouTube

This, apparently, is the mentality in South Australia. Original date was May 2020, but things haven’t improved. Our mighty medical mogul here in the UK, came out with this little gem yesterday..

‘Police are correct’ to be arresting OAPs on park benches, bursting unannounced into private dwelling at the behest of the local ‘snitches’ – because this Chinese import, this 21stC ‘Black Death’, becomes grimmer by the minute.
The latest buzzword? “Every fleck can be FATAL” so, presumably, free speech being already gone, liberty being a memory, democracy now being dead (elections are not postponed, they’re CANCELLED) we should all just get Mr Gates’s injection and – LET THE NWO COMMENCE!!

It seems, not all the rats are in Room 101.

Yet, we still seem content to squat in our individual wigwams, serenely believing that its all going to go away soon.

No names, no pack drill as we used to say, but yesterday I had a typical example, someone responds with some frustration to our post, saying “but what can I do”? When we suggest that joining a working group and shouting out LOUDER would be a start, all we got was ‘I don’t need anyone, I look after my family and do my own thing “- which must be music to the ears of the Outer Party ferret, who’s recording every word, every keystroke, in that great subterranean digital barn, where all our digital Doppelgängers are being created..