“There’s a war going on”

The extract published at the foot of this page is taken from a manual, said to have been found by accident in 1986 by an employee of Boeing Aircraft. At a government surplus sale the finder had apparently bought a surplus IBM copier, intending to use it for scrap parts, and when he dismantled it, the manual had been left inside. In its 55 pages (as printed out here in this A5 format) is the layout of a sophisticated plan, designed to enable the ‘elite’ to stealthily gain control of the masses. By quietly manipulating areas of industry, education and politics,  the conspirators saw that they could keep the general public’s attention focused elsewhere, lest they should realize what was really going on.

The more astute reader may feel that much of what was conceived those many years ago has taken root and grows wherever we care to look today. The SWFQW theme is mentioned in a book published by a former Naval Intelligence Officer – ‘Behold a Pale Horse’ by William Cooper, who states “I had access to TOP SECRET documents in my service, explaining that ‘SWFQW’ is no less than the doctrine adopted by the Policy Committee of the Bilderberg Group as early as 1954. Certainly there was a copy of the pamphlet in the possession of Naval Intelligence back in 1969.”

The extract I attach is entitled ‘DESCRIPTIVE INTRODUCTION OF THE SILENT WEAPON’ – feel free to SHARE this extract for the benefit of others who may still be unaware of what is really happening all around us.

SWFQW – PP 8-9