The times, they are a-changing!

There is a war going on – and not, this time, with ballistics.

After the past two years, there can surely be no-one in the nation who is unaware of the dilemma which the present Prime Minister has created for herself, and her hapless ‘Party’, in trying to find a solution which can marry the result of their own much heralded ‘Referendum’ vote with maintaining support from their big business sponsors.

It is clear that ‘democracy’ has become a walking shadow in Westminster, except when it suits any given political agenda moment. The ‘party system has long shown itself ‘not fit for purpose’ – it must be changed, if real local democracy is to survive.

Overnight, Sloths became Leopards, and the PM gets her jogging suit on once more and goes for another jaunt around Europe at the tax-payers’ expense.

How long will it be, before Yvette Cooper morphs back into Ed Balls?

Soon, folks, the EU Constitution (aka The Lisbomb Treaty 2009) will take over your lives and you will never again have the ‘once-every-five-year’ privilege of being a sovereign people. Now, where did I leave that pitchfork?



Keep a close eye on this development, started in 2018, but given a public airing yesterday in God’s country.

The Irish Freedom Party is led by Hermann Kelly MEP, who, in stark contrast to that other Irish MEP, who was uttering standard EU-speak ‘dribble’ on QT last night, has finally seen that the precious identity of the small nation should NEVER have been surrendered to the EU machine, and is, belatedly, worth fighting for.

For myself, I wish the IFP ‘g-d speed’ and look forward to the day when there is no need for any sort of ‘border’ with King Billy’s six counties. The way the devious quisling is performing in London, that day will probably dawn first.