Why is your PM still misleading you?

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi explains how our own IMMUNE System creates different types of ANTIBODIES to counter Viruses, depending whether it is meeting the incoming Virus for the FIRST time (i. e. a NEW one) or one which has attacked our body before. Against NEW Viruses, it creates IGM antibodies (Immune Globin M), but against RECURRING Viruses, it creates IGG or IGA antibodies. Recent laboratory tests in USA have shown that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is DEFINITELY a RECURRING virus, and that the information which the Downing Street muppets have been peddling to camera for months is INCORRECT. We, the people, have to decide what to do about that.. Is our government being ‘conned’ by false information from the World Wealth Organisation, or is the PM ‘complicit’ in a plan to RESET our society. Please go to – https://brandnewtube.com/watch/quot-proof-that-puts-a-end-to-the-sars-cov-2-narrative-quot-professor-sucharit-bhakdi-895vxLrSVgHYH7y.html/ – and hear it for yourself.

GOOD NEWS & BAD NEWS – July 10th 2021

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi gives us the good news – and the bad news.


This is one of the most important videos to be made on the subject of the ‘pandemic’. It is both heartening and alarming – please do watch this 17-minute video right to the end.

Here, Professor Sucharit Bhakdi (co-author of the 2020 publication – German-language version ‘CORONA – Fehlalarm’? – ISBN: 978-3-99060-191-4) explains the mechanisms of our in-built immune system in layman’s language. This is fairly easy to understand, and it is very informative.

Proof that puts an end to the Sars-Cov-2 Narrativeby Professor Sucharit Bhakdi.

Here is the link: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/quot-proof-that-puts-a-end-to-the-sars-cov-2-narrative-quot-professor-sucharit-bhakdi_895vxLrSVgHYH7y.html

Recent studies show that over 99% of people already have the antibodies to stop the Sars-CoV-2 virus (and any of its variants). The good news is that the ‘pandemic’ is now at an end. The bad news is that the ‘vaccines’ can lead to auto-immune disease  – especially for those taking a second ‘shot’.

At minute 10.05 onwards –

“isn’t this a piece of wonderful news? It causes us to realise that we can cast the dread of this ‘pandemic’ away and return to our wonderful world… return to our friends, our loved ones, join hands with them and rejoice… The ‘pandemic’ as it were, is not existent as a mortally dangerous new disease.

Now, the second piece of (potentially bad) news I have for you is that this will not only cause the ‘vaccination’ to be unnecessary, but, if the injection causes any danger whatsoever, it must be stopped. It must be stopped because there is no benefit, and, if it only contains danger, it is the duty of the doctors and the authorities…not to undertake further vaccination”.

At minute 11.45 onwards – the bad news is explained in detail.

“The genes that have been injected are absolutely certain to enter the walls of the blood vessels, where they will continue to create spike proteins. The body’s immune system may very well interpret those blood vessel cells which are making the spike protein as being ‘foreign’ invaders – to be therefore destroyed. This will lead to blood clotting and auto-immune disease. In other words, the body may turn on itself.”

Please read, mark, inwardly  digest and SHARE this defining statement from one of the world’s most eminent researchers in Micro-Biology and Infection-Epidemiology

With grateful thanks to our co-warrior, Helen M, for her diligent research and sharing of this important update.                                                                                              10.07.2021


At the risk of sounding a bit Groundhog day-ish, we bring you further recent information relating to the ‘Pfizer’ version of what is being pushed into us in the UK as the panacea for a disorder for which there is already clear evidence of a 98+% recovery rate WITHOUT any need for the said ‘injections’. You won’t like this one, perhaps we should even give a Certificate X warning about this post, but it needs to be addressed.

We tender this for your information with a grateful acknowledgment to Dr Jane Ruby, who has confirmed to us by email her extreme concern that these products should be being offered to the general public prior to the requisite testing protocols, which rightfully take many years.

Those of us who are refusing to be duped, drawn or dragged into accepting these untested, unsuitable chemical formulae will probably also be the senior citizens who remember the German company ‘Chemie Gruenenthal‘ and their wonder drug ‘Contergan‘. This little beauty was introduced to our expectant ladies who were being troubled by ‘morning sickness’ . Now, being a mere male, I have little actual experience of this problem, beyond witnessing my own wife’s unpleasant vomiting , a daily occurrence in her case, right up to her delivery date, when she produced a splendid howling daughter..

The ladies who succumbed to the temptation of Contergan, however, were not so fortunate. Their gestation ended with the arrival of grossly deformed offspring, and the poor little infants (around 10,000 of them across 46 countries) became known as ‘Thalidomide‘ babies. That was in the late 1950s through to the early 1960s.

Now, in 1977, I was working in Whitefield, north area of Manchester, popped out to get a sandwich one lunchtime and coming towards me was a petite young lady in a pretty summer frock, pushing her baby in a perambulator. The baby was fine, the mother, well, not so fine, she had no arms at all, just her hands – protruding from her shoulders. .

Thalidomide effects.jpg

The polite term for this condition – phocomelia – is taken from the Greek word for a ‘seal’ with its flippers. You don’t forget a scene like that. Now, I don’t know which of these poor souls survived, nor how many of them never got to meet their parents, but that, ladies and gentlemen, is just the fourth reason that the writer will not be coerced into accepting any of their unproven concoctions.

Incidentally, have you noticed that there isn’t any mention lately of the medications – such as Budesonide, Ivermectin, (even the resident puppet in Downing Street was said to have been helped away from ‘death’s door’ by) Hydroxychloroquine or have these words been deleted from medical jargon?

No, but instead we are being bombarded night and day by propaganda, yellow signposting, lines of traffic cones – this way, folks, roll up for the Covid Clinic Show… I rest my case..


Doctors for Covid Ethics has written three open letters to the European Medicines Agency regarding COVID-19 vaccine dangers. In those letters we have insisted upon evidence that risks of clotting, bleeding and platelet abnormalities were appropriately ruled out in legitimate empirical trials prior to human use. We foresaw deaths and harm from clotting, warning of these dangers before blood clots led to vaccine suspensions around the world.

The first letter, emailed February 28 and hand-delivered March 1st, can be found here. The EMA’s reply of March 23rd can be found here, and our rebuttal letter, of April 1st, here, all summarised in a press release here. Our most recent letter, warning that “cardinal symptoms of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) dominate the list of adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines” is here.

All this for a disease which is not even scientifically PROVEN to exist – has never been fully investigated, and from which, whatever they think it is, over 98% of patients (Latin – to suffer) are recovering, without the need of graphene oxide injections.

As if in the nick of time, along came the untested, unproven ‘miracle’ solution. The UK PM hails it as the panacea – you’ll soon be able to get on those beaches again, folks – and the unthinking hordes are queuing to have their genes altered for all time.

After the recent shenanigans of the former Secretary of State for Health & Social ‘Care’ I am having the greatest difficulty in hearing any more about this charade.

For the full story on protests from REAL medical professionals, who’ve got their heads screwed on the right way round – go to:

Urgent Open Letter from Doctors and Scientists to the European Medicines Agency regarding COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Concerns – Doctors for COVID Ethics (doctors4covidethics.org)