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This is the full version [1hr 28mins] of the video from which an extract was released earlier this week.

It is clear that Reiner Fuellmich (and Viviane Fischer) have realised that the United States Grand Jury will ALSO now be under the control of a Democratic Party, which is in league with the WEF-controlled United Nations, and therefore they now open their investigations to world public scrutiny. The truth needs no cloak.

Those of us who know Fullmich’s pedigree can be sure that he is not the type to be side-lined or brow-beaten into silence, having successfully confronted and exposed both industrial and financial criminality (Volkswagen Group and Deutsche Bank).

We recommend this lengthy but very significant recording for your serious consideration. You will know how to read this:

http : / / odysee dot com / @ Banned You Tube Videos : 4 / Grand – Jury – Day – 1:2

It is set out here as the first of a series of public hearings, to show beyond reasonable doubt that there has been a long-planned scheme to deceive the common wo/man and gain illicit control of society.

It is intended that the subsequent weekly hearings will also be made fully public since the truth needs no protection from scrutiny.

Let us all unite in the prayer that this brave work will not now be scuppered by the black hearts. We note that one of the nominated witnesses – Dr Luc Montagnier – is reported to have died recently (since February 6th)

12 February 2022

Published with grateful thanks to our fellow-warrior [PD] who brought this to our attention

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This is the presentation, delivered recently at Clay Clark’s ‘REAWAKEN AMERICA’ tour in Dallas Texas, which Dr David E. Martin refers to in his later one, at which he went on to identify all the 28 leading shadows of the present ‘globalist’ regime.

I remember him saying that THIS speech was permitted to be published by exception, because of the importance of the content.

“Dr David E. Martin is one of the best public speakers I’ve ever seen. I’m somewhat of a professional in the area and have had lots of training on speaking. David Martin is seriously at the top of the best in the world.”

Just one of the many plaudits from those who recognise the importance of his words, and who respect him for his determination to shine a light on darkness

What a brave man he is – may he be protected – to show evil up for what it is.

It is not an exaggeration to say that this is a global problem, a plan to depopulate the globe. The agenda was planned decades ago, and what the speaker here is addressing to American citizens is just as valid this side of the Atlantic.

As the BBC starts to rubbish our efforts to use ‘government-made’ statutes to expose government puppets, we need to stand firm and use the Doctor’s words to awaken the ‘constables’ to their duty to protect the people rather than strutting up and down in the service of the Home Office. Let’s use these words:

“From this day on, every injury, every death which occurs as a result of your failure to CLOSE DOWN all Covid injection centres is on your hands. This is a ‘criminal’, not a ‘political’ issue. So, constable, when you are clearly operating outside the scope of your oath of promise, realise this: you are then no longer protected by public indemnity insurance. The people will hold you, each individual one of you, privately accountable and personally liable for any harm or loss caused by your unlawful conduct.”

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We draw the attention of the general public to the verdict from the International Common Law Court of Justice, in a trial hearing commencing September 15th 2021 and concluding on January 15th 2022, held at Vancouver Kanata.

We publish for your consideration three documents , issued by the ICLCJ, as follows:



PUBLIC STATEMENT from the Public Affairs Office of the COURT as to the scale, details and number of defendants named and prosecuted ‘pro confesso‘ in the absence of any defence offered by those persons arraigned.

We commend these three documents to our readers for attention and action as we see fit in line with our mutual understanding and confidence in common law, which is shared by all, owned by none and which remains superior to any man-made statute.

Please feel to SHARE this information and these Court Warrants and to COMMENT as appropriate. We have reached a point in our society where democracy and the due process of even ‘statutory’ instruments is being manipulated to the advantage of those who do not have the welfare of the people at heart. Our individual reaction to the validity of these decisions, and the actions now duly consequent as a result of them, will determine whether those constables already sworn under oath to protect the people will now become either WITNESSES or DEFENDANTS.

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Weh dem, der aus der Reihe tanzt**!

How many of us knew that Obergruppenfuehrerin Merkel was actually born Victoria Kastner – in the USA? Nothing these days is ever quite what it appears to be at first glance.

In truth, I am less interested in her than I am in the New World (Dis)Order of which she is just one of the many pawns on the board. What to do about it all?

We now have a police service more interested in what we British sheeple are thinking, rather than concentrating on their historical (since Sir Robert Peel – 1829) role, viz:

“The primary object of an efficient police is the preservation of life and property and the prevention of crime”

The primary object of today’s police is now bordering on the Orwellian Room 101 (if you don’t comply we’ll let rats eat out your eyes) mindset.

All of us, uninvited immigrants, as well as polite septuagenarians who can remember Ration Books, are walking around with coinage in our pocket, every piece carrying the image of our Sovereign Lady, plus the pledge, which she made, back in 1952,

Dei Gratia (D,.G.) by the grace of g-d (let’s not offend anyone here)

Fidei Defensor (F.D.) – defender of the Faith – the right to believe, (if you find that easier)

yet we hear that it is ‘offensive’ or ‘inciteful of racial tension’ should a follower of the resurrected Messiah (= R.C. – Jesus) dare to stand on a public street and read aloud from his Bible. However, if you are an Islamite, it is tolerated that you go around randomly stabbing people, whilst screaming out that ‘Allah is the greatest’ – just because we don’t happen to share the same view of g-d as the Prophet would have it.

Either way, Jo and Joe Public are now being straight-jacketed, told what to think, what to say, where (and where not) to say it, all against a backdrop of egotistical Tory treason, where the only place in which Democracy survives intact is – the Cabinet Room.

Here is today’s example, (with a hat-tip to the DFLA) and published online, thanks to the courage and determination of the editors at Kipper Central..

Editors Note: Facebook have continually censored this post.

“I guess, like me, you will have heard of the case involving Tommy Robinson. Not just Tommy of course, R B Inman, Darrell Goodliffe etc who have all had their Facebook pages taken down.

Other groups have also been taken down. It seems we are entering into a new a dark era in the history of our country.

The darkness is that of the Silencing of speech, the Silencing of communication. There is a reason behind this.


This has been a peculiar week for those of us involved in the struggle to keep our nation afloat. (This is not an elitist article, if you are reading this you are involved in that struggle and I count you as a fellow soldier.)

From the Labour Party and Corbyn announcing he is wanting a second referendum to the formation of an undemocratic political party in the Houses of Parliament. (Did anyone vote this new party into place?) From worrying signals of Brexit not being carried through to the exposè of the criminals behind Panorama to the closing down of TR and company on FB and Twitter, something tells me they are all linked.


For me this is textbook tactics taking place. Those who have military experience will understand straight away.

If you go to war you can paralyse the enemy effectively by taking out the leaders, then communications. The enemy can then be dealt with in a piecemeal fashion.

Are we seeing this happen as we speak? Leaders taken out, groups taken down. There can be no denying that this has happened. The question is why. Why now, when there are ominous warnings about Brexit, when our government are turning their back on the people, when the EU are insulting the English people in ever growing malice.


Communication is the key to any idea, to any movement. If you stop people communicating you have a free ride and can rule in peace.

Over the years we have seen politicians clamp down on free speech. They have done this in many ways: Sexism, racism, hate crime, hate speech, Islamophobic, homophobia, femophobia political correctness. Then when Facebook came along, it all went on line. People thought they could speak freely. Not a bit of it. Cyber police, online crime hub, censorship.

Just why is it if I say something on line I get the police doing a raid (Trust me, 12 coppers at 6am for me saying that Corbyn and Fascism are the same and quoting a speech from Hitler to prove it) when 20 miles down the road over 200 girls under 16 are being raped by Muslim rape Gangs and nothing is done.

You explain.

No, the facts are there. Freedom of speech is being removed.


Throughout history freedom of speech has been an essential part of any race and its development. Freedom of speech has been the prerequisite of all idea and expression. Without freedom of speech there would be no art, no music, no film, no Facebook, no pyramids, no Eiffel Tower, no London Bridge, Stonehenge, football, cricket, theory of evolution. You name anything and it only became possible through freedom of speech.

Without freedom of speech there would be no moon landings, no flight, no science, philosophy, exploration, cures in medicine, romance, drama, all would be gone.

According to Liberties International, “Some EU governments are not respecting freedom of speech. Some of them put pressure on public service media to report in a way that is biased in favour of the government.”

You want to tell me the BBC or Facebook are not undergoing this pressure?


Without freedom of speech there can be no functioning of society, there can be no democracy. Galile Galileo was placed under house arrest and described as an insane heretic in his day. Yet now he is considered the father between philosophy and Modern science. There are many cases of this nature, from Martin Luther King who challenged and threatened the modern society of his time. Can you imagine if America had treated him the way our Government and media treat Tommy Robinson?

Imagine everything that we would miss out on, the years it would have set us back in terms of progression?

I am no direct fan of Tommy Robinson. I respect the guy and admire his courage but it is plain to see that if you criticise the religion of Islam you are labeled as a racist or Islamophobe, there is no middle ground. Indeed people have died at the hands of the followers of this religion for being critical.

Any views that challenge the current political stranglehold are not allowed and you will instantly be shouted down and again labeled as racist etc…… Say anything that contradicts Labour or Conservative or that is critical of the system and again you are right wing.

Your words are watched daily, your actions monitored on CCTV. You are only one step away from being locked up.

Criticise Khan on crime, you are racist, criticise Muslim rape gangs, you are racist.

Your opponents cannot debate, they cannot rationalise, they merely shout and use slogans, why?

Because they have lost the ability to use freedom of speech.

When we lose the ability to debate, we lose the ability to reason and thus the ability to use free speech.


It is only too obvious that society as a whole, can only function when allowed to practice freedom of speech.

Now Freedom of speech does not give you the right to insult. As Plato stated: “When one resorts to insults one had lost the debate already”

This is something I agree with. However When speaking out against politics or religion, are you insulting an individual or the political belief?

An insult on a belief is not a personal insult, I wish people could tell the difference! In today’s society they cannot. They do not get the logic of debate or the understanding of cut and thrust in debate.

If we take today’s society and apply its logic what would we have?

Well based on Tommy Robinson Lenin would be called a racist: “Religion is the opiate of the masses”

Well that is hate speech. Saying that Islam is a drug that enslaves people and will kill them is hateful and Islamophobic.

But no, What Lenin said is OK, as long as you apply it to Christianity.

Karl Marx said that mankind will only be free when it emancipates itself from the jew.

(Hitler called this final solution).

This is hate speech. Yet millions follow this line of thinking.

Jeremy Corbyn who gave money to a holocaust denier, friends with Hamas etc…. Well, he has not got into trouble has he?


This is a Chinese curse. It is always the interesting times that cause the most difficult lives in history.

In a week where a black Christian preacher was arrested but Muslims praying on London Bridge (Scene of a violent terrorist attack) were not arrested at all despite seizing up traffic. In a week where a political party is formed to go against the Democratic rights of the people, in a week where Corbyn calls for a second referendum, we have the UKIP activists shut down on Facebook.

On a week that Tommy Robinson smashes the BBC in public and blatantly calls them liars Facebook closes down his account and several Facebook people and groups pages.

When did Facebook sell out and become the informant for the Government?

You have the right to be worried. You have the right to take action.

Take action or take slavery.

Your choice.” end quote.

There is a pressing need for fewer ego-trips and greater unity of purpose; which is why we offer, via ‘’ a rallying point for all of us, as this oppression continues to escalate. A way forward DOES present itself; it will take more of that courage and determination, but the time is near when you will be arrested…

** translation ‘ “Woe unto him that steppeth out of line!”

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The Chartists Revisited

“When the State calls for defenders, when it calls for money, no consideration of poverty or ignorance can be pleaded, in refusal or delay of the call. Required, as we then are universally, to support and obey the State laws, both nature and reason must entitle US to demand that, in the making of those laws, the universal voice shall be implicitly listened to. If we perform the duties of freemen/women, we MUST have the privileges of freemen/women”

Cited here as an extract from the original Chartists’ petition of 1836

Whilst here, at LIVINGSTONES UK, we are busy drawing together INDEPENDENT candidates, for every constituency seat in the UK, we confirm that we are also happy to endorse and support the work of The Harrogate Agenda, in continuing the cause of our 19th C predecessors, to once more reform the now crippled democratic system in the UK.

It is clear to most mature UK citizens that there is public anger at the brazen betrayal, over the course of the past 40-odd years, of our nation’s sovereignty, democracy, judiciary and military status – to an unelected body of intruders. Understandable too is the desire of many thousands to ‘storm the ramparts of Westmonster’ and ‘sort things out’.

We should, however, also have a clear Plan B in mind; exactly what is our next step, after the ‘pitchforks and scythes’ brigade have done their worst? The following SIX DEMANDS are here presented, to show what is needed, if the nation’s wounds are then to be healed.

  1. Recognition of our sovereignty: the peoples of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland comprise the ultimate authority of their respective nations, where they themselves are still the source of all political power. That fact shall be recognized by both the Crown and the Governments of our nations, as by our Parliaments and Assemblies.
  2. Real local democracy; the foundation of our democracy shall be the counties (or such other local units as may be defined) which shall become constitutional bodies, exercising, under the control of their local peoples, all those powers of legislation, taxation and administration, which may not otherwise have been specifically granted, by the people, to national government.
  3. Separation of powers; the executive (the Government) shall be separated from the legislature (the Parliament). To that effect, prime ministers shall be elected by popular vote; they will then appoint their own ministers, (albeit with the approval of parliament), to assist in the exercise of such powers as may be granted to them by the sovereign people of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. No prime minister, nor their ministers, shall also be members of parliament or of any legislative assembly.
  4. The people’s consent; no law, treaty or government decision shall take effect without the declared consent of the majority of the people, (by positive vote, if so demanded), nor shall any such decision continue to have effect where that consent may have been withdrawn by the majority of the people.
  5. No taxation or spending without consent; no tax, charge or levy shall be imposed, nor any public spending authorized, nor shall any sum be borrowed by any national or local government body, except with the express approval of the majority of the people, to be renewed annually on presentation of a budget, which shall first have been approved by their respective legislatures.
  6. A constitutional convention; Once members of the executive are excluded, Parliament must host a constitutional convention to draw up a definitive codified constitution for the peoples of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It shall recognize their sovereign status and their inherent, inalienable rights and shall be subject to their approval.

Please give serious thought to these Agenda demands, and make contact  for further details via


or the website address

We also recommend that you follow the daily blog of Dr Richard North – to be found at – for a grown-up approach to sorting out this confused mess.