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Klaus Schwab’s School for ‘Covid Dictators’

Economist Ernst Wolff believes that a hidden alliance of political and corporate leaders is exploiting the pandemic with the aim of crashing national economies and introducing a global digital currency. We reprint this important article – 12 pages in pdf – here for the benefit of many who do not have full online facility or training. Please feel free to share as a pdf document – see below:

Globalist, Political

Wires have ears

So much as time, Xmas fever and family demands permit, I will start adding some posts to the blog à propos the thoughts which I began to share on Saturday. We are, each of us, fellow soldiers in this Quiet War, and let’s never forget that the enemy is much better prepared than we have been. The first point which needs pressing home is the need for care in what we share and how we share it. Some two years back I heard a piece to camera from an American, Joe Corsi (pronounced Corzi), who seems to be on our page, having received a typically scathing report on ‘Wickedpedia’. (qv). He was telling us in no uncertain terms, that ‘every time we touch our keyboard, be it pc, laptop or smartphone, each action is recorded -‘ harvested ‘ he called it – in some vast subterranean’ barn’ where, he assured us, a digital ‘Doppelgänger’ is being created for every citizen using such devices. You will see on the ‘THREE RED DOTS’ post that I asked for personal contact details to be sent via snail mail: the above surveillance condition is the reason why this may become necessary, as our present ‘government’ is, even now, plotting to keep all the sheep penned in.. The more senior ones among us will recognize the title to this post as a parody from the dark days of WWII. The next quote to which I draw your attention is from Jean Monnet, on 30th April 1952, when, writing to a friend, he said “Europe’s nations should be guided towards a superstate without their citizens realising what is happening. This can be achieved by successive steps, each disguised as having an ‘economic’ benefit, but which will, slowly and irreversibly, lead to federation. ” It was in the following year that Harold Macmillan cheerfully reassured the nation that” we’ve never had it so good! “so, let’s not pretend that our entry, on 1st Jan 1973, by Heath, into the then EEA was merely a coincidence.. I hope that we, as tiny a squad as we presently are, will stay on the ‘qui vive’, and prepare to work under their radar: this will be a marathon, not a sprint, some of us may not see the finishing line, but younger souls must keep up the struggle against those whom I refer to as having hearts blacker than a witch’s hat. More later. Andrew L


EU Anthem – Subliminal inference

Recently, I have noticed that the ‘EU Anthem’ is being played several times per day in our town centre bus station.
Some other tunes are played, the kind of thing which is heard at airports, soft tinkling on piano to soothe the traveller on the impending journey, but, in our bus station, what the public address system regularly gives out are stern advisory ‘notices’ in a very loud and almost threatening male voice.
Which leaves me wondering, how, and at what level, was the decision taken that this ‘anthem’ should be played, in a country which has democratically chosen to leave the corrupt ‘union’.

(WordPress does not accept m4a files on security grounds – if anyone would like to hear the evidence, please email us on – info at livingstones dot uk – and we can send you a copy. It may be happening across the land)

If BoJo can’t be honest enough to say whether our nation is finally free from the damnable ‘European Arrest Warrant’ [EAW] , what chance do we have that many other deals have not been done under the table to keep us tied to their apron strings?
Here is another example, new high-quality planters set up in Cloth Hall Street, but, when we look closely, it’s EU funding which the Kirklees Council has accepted to get them installed.


What’s in their shots?

We’re not saying that everything we’re sharing here is necessarily 100% accurate, but there are more and more reports emerging of employees within these manufacturing companies who are going against their Non-Disclosure Agreements [NDA] and are making admissions which, at the very least, run contrary to the daily dogma which comes dribbling out of the Palace of Westminster.

Here below is quite a lengthy document (10+ pages) which not only signposts the bad news but also points down the road towards recovery and minimizing the gruesome effects of the injections which have made whole nations into ‘guinea pigs’..

We’re not assuming that ALL of these treatments and remedies are going to be affordable to everyone, nor can we guarantee their success, but it would be remiss of us to have the information to hand and not to share it.

As Ian R. Crane used to say, “Do your own research!”

This is a useful reference list of protocols compiled by a member of the Freedom Network., whose work we gratefully acknowledge..

Jab Detox Strategies

The so-called ‘vaccines’ from PFIZER, ASTRA-ZENECA, MODERNA & J&J are not vaccines at all but are toxins designed to genetically modify the recipient’s DNA and :

  • Program people to produce synthetic, toxic spike proteins, 
  • Turn humans into walking Antenna linked to the ‘Internet of things’


  • Graphene Oxide nanoparticles (all 4 suppliers)
  • Synthetic MRNA in PEG liposomes (Pfizer & Moderna)
  • Parasites in an aqueous solution (Pfizer & Moderna)
  • Chimp & Human adenovirus with Covid spike protein (AZ & J&J)
  • Fragments of other viral DNA (AZ & J&J)
  • Aborted human foetal tissue (AZ & J&J)
  • Iron, Nickel, Chromium, Aluminium Oxide, Copper Oxide 


  • Graphene Oxide acidifies & thickens the blood and causes clotting 
  • GO nanoparticles resonate & become ‘excited’ with 5G
  • GO nanoparticles damage the haemoglobin in red blood cells
  • GO nanoparticles destroy cell membrane
  • GO nanoparticles use up our Glutathione reserves
  • GO nanoparticles seem to assemble ‘intelligently’ in the body.
  • GO nanoparticles are now found in chemtrails i.e. in the air we breathe.
  • If accumulated in the lungs, GO can cause loss of taste and smell, shortness of breath & combined with parasites in the lungs can cause pneumonia. 


There are billions of Synthetic MNRA nanoparticles in each injection which enter the bloodstream and end up in tiny capillaries throughout the body. Once there they program the cells’ DNA to produce synthetic ‘non-human’ spike proteins which make the hitherto silky-smooth lining of blood vessels become ‘spiky’ and cause platelets in the blood to believe that the blood vessel walls are damaged, so they create microclots around the spikes. Many of these spike proteins end up in the reproductive organs, causing experts to believe they are programmed to do so, where they cause bleeding and infertility. According to Dr Charles Hoffe, these microclots are found in over 60% of vaccine recipients within a week of the jab (D-Dimer test). Also according to Dr Hoffe, these microclots are also found in the capillaries that feed the lungs, making it harder for the lungs to exchange CO2 and O2, so the heart has to pump harder and blood pressure goes up. 


Reduce EMF exposure

Exposure to man-made electromagnetic radiation (cellphone, Wifi, smart meter etc) works synergistically with Graphene Oxide to thicken the blood, deplete the liver of glutathione, damage essential detox enzymes and cause massive oxidative stress throughout the body. IF YOU WANT TO DETOX, TURN OFF YOUR MOBILE & WIFI. To increase body protection, also take RAYWAVE tincture from KI science and apply E-Shield cream.

Clear the lungs:

Detox the lungs of graphene oxide by inhaling HOCL (Hypochlorous acid) in a hand-held inhaler for 10 mins a day.

If someone already has a lung infection, alternate the HOCL inhalation with the inhalation of propolis: i.e. day 1 inhale HOCL, day 2 inhale propolis, day 3 HOCL etc

Taking Andrographis + tincture keeps mucous membranes ‘slippery’ and makes it harder for spike proteins to latch on.

Detox the body of Graphene Oxide :

Detox the body by taking NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine: one 600mg capsule 3x a day away from food)

Detox the body of the other metals in the shots:

Detox the nanoparticles of Aluminium, Iron, Nickel, Chromium, Copper and other metals found in the shots with Coriandolo tincture to mobilize, Chlorella and Zeolite to bind and an ionic footbath to support excretion. As long as they are in the body these metals will also work as neurotoxins and antenna for EMF/5G.

Detox the spike proteins

Dandelion tincture (4 pipettes of aqueous dandelion leaf tincture 4x a day)

Or Dandelion-DMSO tincture (1 pipette twice a day) to simultaneously thin the blood

Bromelain or digestive enzymes away from food to soften the spike proteins

Thin the blood

As Graphene Oxide, the synthetic Spike Proteins and EMF (3G, 4G & 5G) all thicken the blood and Graphene Oxide & Spike Proteins also cause micro-clotting,( keeping blood fluid and clot free is of paramount importance). Best strategies for this seem to be: Gingko Biloba tincture supported by MSM & Magnesium Chloride.

Reduce risk of autoimmune reaction to foreign human or monkey DNA with:

Lumbrokinase: 1 or 2 tablets twice a day away from food

Galactose: one heaped teaspoon 3x a day before meals

Inhalation of medicinal Cannabis

Suppress Retroviral activity & activation of reverse transcriptase

With Vitamin D3 + Chondroitin Sulphate + Olive Oil as well as RetroV powder from and organic home-grown broccoli sprouts.

Detox Glyphosate 

Glyphosate deactivates key detox pathways in the liver and weakens essential digestive enzymes, so eliminating toxins becomes very difficult. Detox with a combination of humic & fulvic acid plus Glycine.

To generally strengthen your immune system, also take

Vitamin D3 (ideally with Vitamins A & K2)

Zinc plus Quercetin

High levels of Vitamin C (2 grams or more of ascorbic acid powder 3x a day)

Hydrogen Peroxide or CDS following a precise protocol

Epsom salt baths (Magnesium sulphate) 

To detox parasites

First do the above strategies for 2 weeks to reduce levels of toxicity.

Then, once you have reduced your toxic burden, gently clear (intestinal) parasites with a mix of yoghurt (cow, goat or sheep i.e. animal to attract the parasites), chopped, dried figs and the contents of 2 mimosa pudica capsules. Take this on a completely empty stomach to make sure the parasites will be hungry. Do this daily for 7 days ideally around a full moon. NB. If the parasites in the shots live in the blood and not the gut another strategy may be necessary. An individual A.R.T. consultation (for example at our clinic) can identify the best approach for this.


Martin L. Pall, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University has provided the FCC with evidence that the existing RF exposure limits “are approximately 7.2 million times too high.”

Commonly experienced symptoms of excessive RF exposure include headache, skin irritation, poor sleep, insomnia, anxiety, depression, poor cognition and memory, cardiac arrhythmia, endocrine disruption and various neurological effects including tremour and pain.

As protecting your brain and body from man-made EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) is so important for healing, here are some strategies:


  • Supplement with organic Rosemary and Bee Propolis, two of the most powerful EMF protectors in nature (or take Raywave tincture from KI Science).
  • Supplement with Magnesium: Magnesium Threonate or Chloride to protect the brain, or have Epsom Salt baths (2 or more per week) to reduce the effects of high intercellular Calcium.
  • Take a natural ‘binder’ such as organic Chlorella Pyrenoidosa to help mop up radiation and synergistic toxins. 10 tablets before each meal i.e. 30 tablets a day.
  • AT NIGHT take liposomal Melatonin plus a powerful toxin binder such as Takesumi or Zeolite to bind any released toxins.
  • Also apply CIRCULATION CREAM (Ki Science) onto your neck at night to help mobilized toxins drain successfully from the brain.
  • Have Amalgam fillings removed by a biological dentist and take Chlorella & Vitamin C before, during and 2 weeks after to mop up any released toxins.


  • Use laptop on table NOT on your lap. 
  • Keep your mobile switched off as much as possible and in a Faraday pouch.
  • If you must speak on your mobile, wear plastic (metal-free) Airtube earpieces. 
  • Get rid of the Wifi router at home and use wired using ethernet (D-LAN plugs). 
  • Get rid of any smart meter and get your home properly earthed
  • If you live near a mast or neighbour’s Wifi and cannot move, paint your home, above all your bedrooms with EMF-protective carbon paint, wear EMF protective clothing and use a protective cream such as ‘E-Shield’ from KI
  • Replace cordless with corded landline phones (around £10).
  • Move out of a high rise. The radiation increases the higher up you go. Radiation from the floors below accumulates, and radiation fans outwards like a funnel.
  • If you MUST use Wifi during the day, wrap the Wifi router in copper or silver netting. The radiation from a router is as powerful as that coming off a mast.
  • Do not wear underwired bras, as the metal acts like an antenna, attracting radiation to the breasts and heart.


  • Turn off ALL mobile phones entirely and unplug the Wifi router at night.
  • Sleep on a mattress without metal springs (metal conducts EMF).
  • Use a battery-operated alarm clock (NOT your phone and not an electric alarm).
  • Make sure the bedroom is dark and FREE of electrical devices (this helps stimulate melatonin production).

Remedy List

To protect against ambient Wifi & 5G

RAYWAVE TINCTURE – 2 pipettes 3 times a day before food

E-SHIELD CREAM – all over exposed skin


To clear lungs

HOCL – Inhale for 10 mins using a handheld inhaler every other day

PROPOLIS TINCTURE – Inhale on other days: 10 mins using a Propolis inhaler 

ANDROGRAPHIS TINCTURE – 2 pipettes 3 times a day before food

To silence retroviruses & prevent activation of reverse transcriptase

RETROV POWDER – 1 heaped tsp 2xday in yoghurt or juice

BROCCOLI SPROUT POWDER – 1 tsp 2xday on food or fresh broccoli sprouts

To soften spike proteins & support blood flow

DANDELION TINCTURE – 2 pipettes 3 times a day before food

GINGKO BILOBA TINCTURE – 2 pipettes 3 times a day before food

BROMELAIN – one capsule 2 or 3 x a day

To break down graphene oxide

NAC – One 600mg capsule 3x a day away from protein or just on empty stomach

To mobilize & eliminate graphene oxide and toxic metals from body

CORIANDOLO TINCTURE – 2 pipettes 3 times a day before food

ORGANIC CHLORELLA – 10 tablets 3x a day before food

ZEOLITE – ½ tsp 2x a day on empty stomach (ie before bed & upon waking)

IONIC FOOTBATH – 30 mins 2x a week

To detox glyphosate

GLYCINE – 1 tsp 2x a day away from protein or just on empty stomach

HUMIC  HYPERLINK “”& HYPERLINK “” FULVIC ACID – 1 tablets daily in water

To reduce risk of autoimmune disease from AZ or J&J

GALACTOSE  – 1 heaped tsp 3x a day

LUMBROKINASE – one capsule 2x a day

To clear parasites from gut

YOGHURT + FIGS + MIMOSA PUDICA – on empty stomach for 7 days 


Take Vitamin D3, Zinc, Quercetin & Vitamin C for general immunity. 


Quote from Dr Charles Hoffe

Typically, there are 40 trillion rna in each shot, 75% do NOT stay in vaccine site, they go into bloodstream and are absorbed into the vascular endothelium, genes are released and body gets instructions to manufacture many trillions of spike proteins. The Spike protein becomes part of the cell wall of our endothelium, so blood vessels are no longer smooth, they have spikes sticking out. When platelets pass by they will find  spikes in the blood vessel wall and so form clots to block the capillaries. Blood clots are guaranteed. Microscopic blood clots all over the body. The D-DIMER test which shows recent blood clots, after the vaccine confirms this. (within 7 days of injection 62% of vaccinated have blood clots). The most alarming thing about this is that heart, brain, spinal chord lungs cannot regenerate, when they are damaged they are damaged forever: Dr Hoffe has clients whose physical performance since the shots has plummeted. Thousands of tiny capillaries in their lungs are blocked off – so heart must pump much harder to pump blood through lungs, causing pulmonary artery hypertension: people with this condition usually die within 3 years. The tissues that cannot regenerate are permanently damaged – and all the damage has knock-on effects. With each successive shot the damage increases.

Scientific sources

Stephanie Seneff PHD

Dr Dietrich Klinghardt PHD

Dr Robert Young

EMF Resources publishes research papers and plays an active role in encouraging safe use of technology.

www.acoustic2com – to measure wi-fi emissions (not necessary with Blushields)

Article on 5G issued by Alliance for Natural Health April 2018

For parents

These are pressure groups campaigning for EMF-safe schools:

The entire document in pdf format is here for us to share with those who may need it:



Here are two links to give us an idea what is going on across the world;

China flexes its missiles. The bad relations between China and Australia took an unbelievable turn this week when China fired a ‘Long March 3B’ nuclear-capable missile, directly over Sydney, Australia.

The corrupt leader of the New South Wales resigns on an allegation that she and others in the government were receiving millions of $ from Pfizer to push draconian vaxx rules..

Whilst we’re talking about Pfizer, was it a slip which revealed that around 20% of their ‘jabs’ have been ‘placebos’ – which is saying that 80 out of every 100 may be lucky enough to survive?

If we still think that we ‘proles‘ are NOT being used as the ‘lab rats’ it’ll be because we’re still taking TV misinformation as gospel..