COVID-19 Booster shots are bad news

An in-depth investigation of 5 months’ worth of official UK Government data published by the UK Health Security Agency seems to confirm predictions previously made by The Exposé that the Covid-19 “booster” dose would provide a very short-lived temporary boost to the immune systems of the vaccinated population before decimating their immune systems much more rapidly than had already been seen in people who had received two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

In short, official UK Government data strongly suggests that the Covid-19 vaccinated population are developing some new form of Covid-19 vaccine induced acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

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Good news

After 18 months in the Paris prison, David Noakes was yesterday told that he will be released, with immediate effect, under certain terms, which will involve him remaining on French soil until the 28th February 2022, when he must be back at the Assize Court, and the final verdict is to be confirmed. David will be lodging with supporters in Paris, so as to permit him to ‘sign in’ at a local police station on a weekly basis. David is also permitted to return briefly to the UK later THIS WEEK, to attend his mother’s funeral, this on the proviso that he is back in Paris by the 23rd December.. Once again, we want to express our thanks to all those who have worked, prayed and donated to the joint causes of Lyn Thyer and David. We especially thank the UK Column team, who have consistently kept this issue in their agenda. Their, and your, commitment to them will not be forgotten. As a colleague said recently, our two friends have suffered, yes, but their work is done in the sense that the ‘genie is out of the bottle’ the world is now aware of a new approach to the ‘C’ problem which will not be obstructed by malevolent greed. Sincerely yours, Andrew Livingstone