European Federation – the road to Perdition

LIVINGSTONES UK, working in conjunction with DEMOCRACY 17.4, is dedicated to the exposure of corruption, lies and treasonous collusion, as it has occurred both in the ‘Palace’ of Westminster as among the unelected, self-seeking  oligarchy which has , over a period of some 66 years, conspired to surreptitiously denude this nation of its democracy, its sovereignty, its judiciary and so much more.

“Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super-state without their people realising what is happening. This can be achieved by successive steps, each disguised as having some ‘economic’ purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to ‘federation’’

Written by Jean Monnet (a Founding Father of the European Union) in a letter to a friend, dated 30th April 1952.

This is the mantra which has fuelled the development of the unelected, bloated, self-seeking oligarchy which today sits, brooding like an inoperable cancer, in the belly of Europe.

Just think back –

1945 – the end of fighting in World War 11

1948 – the Treaty of Brussels – Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands and the United Kingdom –with a mutual defence clause against the threat of further hostilities. [Attlee – Labour]

1951 – the Treaty of Paris – Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands and  West Germany, established the ‘European Coal & Steel Community (ECSC)- ‘economic benefit’ [ Churchill – Tory did not join]

1957 – the Treaty of Rome – the same six countries – the European ‘Economic’ Community was founded.

1965 – the Brussels (Merger) Treaty – combined the ECSC, the European Atomic Energy Community (EURATOM) with the EEC into a single institutional structure [ Wilson – Labour]

 1973 – the United Kingdom was ‘taken in’ to the EEC (still ‘economic’) with Parliament in recession, without full and open debate – a less than honest, if not downright illegal move.[ Heath – Tory]    

[FO30/1048- a secret government document, released on the 30-year rule, shows that Heath was fully aware, at the time, precisely what he was doing.

A letter from Lord Kilmuir, dated 1960, had laid out all the aspects and the risks of this undertaking, which is in itself indicative of the fact that this thing was not done hastily, nor ‘in a corner’. The links for both these documents are appended in ADDENDUM at the end of this article.]

1975 – the (European) Council Agreement on TREVI – after the Munich Olympic Games (hostage taking) – benefit? – countering ‘terrorism’..[Wilson – Labour]

1986 – the Single European Act – establishing a single market (economic benefit). Also, the European Parliament can now legislate, and the Council of Ministers can overrule that Parliament, when it votes against what the Council desires – neat, eh? [Thatcher – Tory]

1990 – the Schengen Agreement – internal border checks would now be abolished – hurrah, an uninvited terrorist can now travel from Italy to the UK, hidden in the back of a commercial vehicle, with less likelihood of detection. [Thatcher – Tory]

1992 – the Maastricht Treaty (formally, The Treaty on European Union – TEU) would finally integrate Europe (politically and economically, not geographically) into a single entity. Also started off the € EURO currency as a concept. Also reduced Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to EU citizen status. [Major – Tory]

 1997 – the Amsterdam Treaty – members agree to relax legislation on ‘immigration’ ‘ (after they had all surreptitiously signed up to the ‘Barcelona Declaration two years earlier), accept new civil and criminal laws – and open the door to further countries being admitted to the EU [Blair – Labour]

2001 – the Treaty of Nice – supposed to reform the EU’s structure to withstand ‘eastward’ expansion (what happened to THIS notion, then?). The Irish tried to disagree in a Referendum (where have we heard THAT word before?) but were told to vote again, until they fell in line [Blair – Labour]

2009 – the Treaty of Lisbon – the stated aim of this one was ‘to weaken democracy by moving power away from national electorates. Its supporters argued that better ‘checks and balances’ would be brought into the EU system, with stronger powers for the European Parliament and ‘a new role for national parliaments’ – how does THAT work when Brussels has assumed authority over those parliaments? [Brown – Labour]


In conclusion, we now have the situation where, the UKIP party, (under Farage, having manfully pestered the Tories to ALLOW a UK Referendum), cannot stop its in-fighting, which has reduced them to the point of ridicule, the present LABOUR position is risible, so desperate to be in control, they are talking about offering the vote to puberty, the Liberal Democrats have shot themselves in the foot, thanks to no stable policies at all. The Tories have egg on their face, (David Cameron is on record as promising to implement the result of the Referendum), showing total disdain for the majority electorate by ensuring that another ‘REMAINER’ tries to ride the Brexit unicycle, along a DUP tightrope, whilst balancing a large BANKERs’ balloon on her head.

Every effort is being made by this government and Brussels to dilute the EU exit catastrophe, to reduce the public perception of it to a family ‘tiff’, as the EU house of cards realises that, without UK funding, its unbalanced finances will come crashing down to nothing.

DEMOCRACY 17.4 now calls on all those who truly love their sovereignty, their right to self-determination, their own, 1,000-year old judiciary, their outstanding military prowess and discipline  – in short, their international dignity – to commit to a programme of INDEPENDENT candidates as the only feasible and affordable way to unseat this unsuitable government system.

We offer a sensible, financially-feasible solution  –  local candidates for local issues.   

Join DEMOCRACY 17.4 today, let us work to the only sensible outcome.

Thank you. There are various ways to enlist:

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With reference to Lord Kilmour’s advice to the Tory government Heath, please see:

 With reference to Ted Heath’s deliberate deception, please see:


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