Militant or Unit-ant?

Back in 1992, whilst I was working on a hospital site, I watched in admiration as a colony of ants ‘moved house’ across a public pathway. Some new kerbstones were being laid, and the work had disturbed the site of their nest. Within 20 minutes, literally thousands of eggs had been shifted to a new underground home. Each individual insect, able to carry more than its own weight, working as part of the team, they had soon made a clearly visible path across the soil.

Now, in 2018, we have a similar situation in European politics: some unforeseen upheaval has occurred, some unauthorized bullies have been scheming to alter the pathway, putting down some new boundaries. It has been a long time in the planning, the changes are almost complete, but the upheaval has aroused the populace.  In dozens of countries across Europe, in thousands of cities and towns, there are millions of resid-ants who now see that the restructuring was not a sound idea.

Here, in the UK, the nation is angry. There’s a groundswell of discontent, but what can be done about it?  If we start punching each others’ noses on the street, yes, that’ll make us all FEEL a lot better, but you do realize that TM is already squirreling our own military off into PESCO , so that a milit-ant rebellion can be squashed?  We need to work as a team, just like that team of insects, each of us capable of carrying part of the load..

Here, at LIVINGSTONES UK, we are the ‘northern’ arm of DEMOCRACY 17.4, bringing together all those who know that this 60-odd-year conspiracy is just plain WRONG. If you will work with us, please send an email to ‘info@livingstones.uk‘, leaving your NAME, and your CITY/TOWN , so that we can put you in contact with others in your area, who feel as we all do about our lousy government system. There is a plan, there is a manifesto. Party politics is dead. We are doing this another way, and we need you to join us, to help us succeed. Thank you.

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